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Chapter Titles:
0:00 This Took a Turn
0:37 What's VIP Outlet?
1:39 The Deals
2:53 Who are VIP Outlet?
3:24 eMachines Netbook
5:09 Windows XP in 2023
6:30 PS5
7:44 Which PS5 Is It?
8:58 Xbox Series S
9:48 Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller
10:47 Does the Xbox Work?
11:44 ROG Gaming PC



Michael Livote

I have bought a ton from VIPOutlet, especially headphones. Great deals and good support. Highly recommended if you don’t mind refurb’d, it’s as good as it gets. Thanks for letting folks know about them Austin!


    i dont mind refurbished products ether

C luckern

I’ve purchased so many of my electronics over the years from vipoutlet and secondipity (another large company that handles a lot of Sony returns) it’s not even funny


i would actually use this site but now i feel like after this video prices are gonna end up skyrocketing and not be as much as a deal as before

    Sean M

    Yeah, the site is definitely chugging rn from all the traffic lol


    Austin essentially exposed a gold mine of deals


    I dont really think it will they are trying to liquidate there stock in my opinion


    Yeah it won’t even load lmao


    Eh unless they have to hire more people to keep things in stock, I don’t see the traffic being a problem after a mass number people stop finding this video. So maybe a day lol so I wouldn’t imagine a big enough hike to really notice

Mike Harless

Great job and congrats on the stellar finds! I caught myself smiling the proud smile of a father watching his son knock that first big home run out of the park! 😂

Toby TV

Thank you for this video. I now know where I’ll be buying my next computer. I usually get good Open Box deals from Best Buy and New Egg, but this place looks better. So excited. Now all I need is money lol

Philip M

The xbox series s often sells for around $210 during the holidays. Not a huuuuge deal, but not a bad one

    Collyn Playz

    It’s great gift for a kid with a older model laggy Xbox one

    Thunder Arch

    Not all prices are great, as always
    Need to dig quite a bit, like you would with Amazon warehouse

Ryan Kiehl

I bought that exact ROG PC from their listing on best buy a few months ago. Works like a dream. Another website similar that I can vouch for is Back Market. Legit bought a refurbed pixel from them for like 60% of msrp


I’m glad to see the refurbished and secondhand markets get some love. Even though our economy is built around consumption, not everything has to be brand new and it’s good to keep as much as we can out of the landfills.

    Petra Tóth

    Exact reason why I always build my PC from used parts, and drive a 72′ Firebird. 1-2 year part are still good, and a 70’s car still gets the job done ( + has some V8 cool factor to it ).


    ​@Petra Tóth it’s gotta have the bird on the front right


I got my current HP Gaming desktop refurbished from VIP Outlet in 2021 and looked mostly new. Some components weren’t oem but it was packaged really well and it worked perfectly, I was really satisfied and impressed with the quality

Jose Torres

I’ve been buying from VIP outlet for a while.They’ve always had good prices and the items were in great condition.


The asus pc side panel issue was because when you buy that prebuilt new, it comes with a metal side panel and an acrylic side panel


I actually have that ROG PC, but I bought it fresh. It actually comes with a glass side panel that you can swap for the metal one so that you can see the insides. Bummer that this one doesn’t have it, but still a great deal.


I vote outcome 2B:
Austin discovers great bargains, makes a video. Demand for VIP outlet becomes crazy high, prices go up and bargains disappear.

First Name Last Name

VIP outlet sells refurbished products. Oftentimes some of these refurbished products are actually new returns. I bought a TV that had a missing leg stand and they credited the amount I paid on eBay for the leg stand since they did not have any. The TV was mint and I ordered a two year warranty with it.

Jaylen Gregory

I used to work at Walmart, and as an employee they gave us deals for VIPoutlet all the time


Walmart employee here, they actually push vipoutlet internally on the benefits page. They have it under discounts and savings section of the benefits so I assume they work with them as a third party to handle their returns. They’re a really good place to get deals so it’s good to see them getting some recognition

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