How Wing’s Drone Service Will Deliver Your Coffee, Meds and Groceries

A new AutoLoader feature makes deliveries more seamless — all without spilling your coffee or squishing your burrito.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Wing's mission
0:50 How the Wing AutoLoader system works
1:50 Wing Drone overview and capabilities
2:20 Wing's delivery partners
2:30 Wing's drone security and privacy

Read the CNET article for more information:
Expect Smoother Drone Delivery With Wing's Autoloader

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Michael Bernard

I think something like this would be more useful for store deliveries. We have too many delivery trucks on the road. Imagine a supermarket restocking items delivered directly to thier roof or parking lot where clerks can unload it. Or, maybe have another machine take it into the store and restock the shelves.

U Me

Finally!!!! CNET is covering something else


Autoloader – like T-52 tanks ?

Walter Herrera

How does it hook

E. v. K.

But isn’t this pretty expensive?


I’m from Wv and I would use it. I love technology.


I don’t need to explain why these would never work in places like TX or FL 🤣

    Tim Kemp

    You don’t need to, but I’d be interested to hear why you don’t think they would work.

oxygen barez

Would still have some problems like stolen goods and stilen drone.


    well at least the drone itself wont be factor in possible theft unlike human deliverers

Paty M.



Great until drones are shot down by teenagers, items stolen, and drone crashes into personal property….. RIP Wings Drone Service 💀

    Graeme Johnson

    Let alone Poor shift workers trying to sleep..
    A mate here in Australia has a bird feeder in his backyard. Now these annoying things are around. The birds have bugged off..
    He is a ex veteran sniper.. him 1, drones zip..


    Amazon home delivery would never work ppl would just steal all the packages. This it what ppl said about Amazon delivery 15 years ago.

sue jackson

Skeet shooting with prizes!

Kindell Armstrong

I would love it


No mentions of noise?


Drone is the future

Nerd Pirate Radio

I saw, thumbs up.

dhirender sahani

So amazing way to deliver products 😊


I don’t want noisy, fly-like sounding, buzzing drones everywhere interrupting a peaceful hangout in my backyard! If they can be silent = great, but they don’t discuss that concern.

Tsar Hare


Thomas D. Kearns

Perfect location: vacation spots with heavy traffic during peak periods . Amagansett New York for example.

Isla Sprollie

What about when it’s windy and the hook can’t attach to the loop ?

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