Apple Vision Pro’s Biggest Cringe Factors

The new headset from Apple is a technical marvel — and yet, there are some unsettling features that need to be addressed if this is going to be the future of computing.

0:00 Apple Vision Pro Announced at WWDC 2023
0:44 Cringe Moments From the Apple Vision Pro Announcement
1:34 See the $3500 Apple Vision Pro
2:27 Vision Pro is an Apple TV for One
3:57 How Apple Can Justify the Vision Pro's Price
4:48 Addressing the Isolationism Problem with Vision Pro
7:29 Apple's Virtual Avatars Verge on Uncanny Valley Territory
8:27 Vison Pro Eyesight Feature Isn't Strange At All
9:34 Will Apple Developers Make or Break Vision Pro?

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The Apple Vision Pro Is a Dystopian Device for a Dystopian World

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Gregg Johnson

It seems obvious that it will be able to 3D scan a room at low res in real-time, then high res when the 3D video is post processed with photogrammetry. And you’ll be able to design cabinetry, etc. in 3d. As someone with an architectural background, I see this as the greatest design tool since the advent of AutoCAD in the 1980s.
It’s not merely a VR headset. It’s a standalone spatial computer.
But that’s why it’s called Pro. It’s for design Professionals, not the average consumer.

    Graeme Johnson

    Just buy a insta360.. does the same..


    With augmented reality, one could live in an unfurnished space with just a comfortable chair and a side table. just think of the money one could save on home furnishings.

    Elijah Oshatz

    My cozy apartment is furnished for FAR FAR less than $3500…


Well, at least it’ll “validate” that segment of tech. Anytime Apple does something, everyone else follows it. That’ll ultimately give us the innovation. And, maybe in 5 years, Apple will make a Google Glass and act like it’s the newest thing. Either way, we consumers win.

ryan gosling

This is the beginning of the future of computing. As tech gets better, we can have more natural headsets like glasses. I see it enhancing vision for night vision or super zoom thanks to its integrated cameras. With AI it can show me in the real world how something works or how to fix it. This is the start of AR.

    Smitty Vanjagermanjenson

    I wish other people would realize this and not default to “it solves no problems” these devices have so much potential yet uninformed people treat it like a firecracker when in reality it’s a nuclear bomb.


    not addressed is the potential of vision correction and filtering, not to mention enhancements like IR and thermal imaging.

    Sam Strider

    That would be cool. Get them half way to glasses and with bigger fov i might wear them as cycling goggles. Biggest problem will be reducing the battery size. Maybe they’ll get it in the strap one day.

    Xavier X

    What we can’t wait for is to see through clothes, apparently some of the IR sensors can already do that but they disabled it so they can get to market it as a major selling point later. Can’t wait!

Juvenal Burguillos

I guess the whole interplay between extra/introversion may explain how people see this device. And as someone who really enjoys being alone for a long period of time…this product is revolutionary and leaves me in awe of the possibilities. I see it and it makes me feel happy…and fills me with an almost giddy abundance of optimism and hopefulness. But I haven’t tried it…and also you haven’t tried it. So I guess we all need to take that into account.

    Bridget Carey

    Good point about introversion. I think there’s some new quirky areas of socializing we’ll be questioning until launch. I would never say it would fail or not until we actually see this in action and see the demand beyond the first year. It’s a lot of new territory to navigate.

    Jack Alope

    @Bridget Careyyeah as an introvert film lover who’s tried other vr solutions to the home theater this one made the best version of it. Obviously I have to experience it myself to know if the image clarity is what I’m hoping for but this could solve my sadness around how sad it is to rewatch films made for IMAX on even a very nice OLED TV, which I do have. They are probably are going to sell one to me purely on the notion that I can watch Avatar: The Way of Water in a bioluminescently lit forest clearing on Pandora in 3D. It also make me imagine someone like Christopher Nolan or James Cameron who are famously nerds about different film media making content tailored to a VR/AR viewing experience that’s not even possible at the cinema.


    Tell us all about how big of an introvert you all are when you no longer have any human contact.

    Jack Alope

    @godswittness69 I’m an introvert who’s deeply into technology. I spend tons of time by myself – happily. I work from home. I’m a software engineer. And yet every time I’m around other people they’re all just staring at their phones while I put my phone on do not disturb and try to pay full attention to these people who are supposedly more connected to others than me. So excuse me as I scoff at the idea that this will generate some new divide between me and others when I use it in my personal time and continue to not use it around others while they stare down at their phones compulsively.


    @Jack Alope the vision pro will create a divide between you and others the same way you described phones do, but probably even more.
    All this technology makes us dumber and less connected, less human, and more unhappy than ever…. if this technology was so great people would at the very least be overall happier, smarter and more fulfilled but this isn’t the case. Mental health is at an all time low, people are getting dumbed down, and people are more unhappy than ever, and connecting less and less in real life, whereas nothing can replace genuine face to face human interaction. The vision pro will just amplify these sad but true facts.

Garry Isaac

I bet that 3d video is going to be priceless to deployed parents and just dads or moms that are working out of state or country so they can have a realistic memory to relive 😢

Tyche Tychon

I remember watching this woman when i was like 14. Glad to see she’s doing well and continuing create great content after all this time. Keep up the great work!

    Boomerino Kripperino

    How old are you now?

    Boomerino Kripperino

    Damn she looking finnnee for her age. 😂

Mauricio Yanez

The price is the only thing I’m not okay with 😂. Other then that I think they are pretty cool


Amazing Review Bridget as always. There is some voice sync issue on this video, unless it’s just me getting it.


    not just you


Will be interesting to see what meta learns from this for their vr headsets


For me the only useful use of this tech is actually, using it for reading scientific papers, writing, coding analyzing data… I’m used to work on dual displays which is something difficult to do anywhere… in a library at the lab, on the field, at a cafe on a beach… or jungle but with the vision pro I could have portable displays to work anywhere and this is a problem for me since I tend to loose concentration, needing to rotate between places due to concentration and distraction issues… i could use this to work.

Lucas alves da silva

I think comparing the headsets with a TV was a really bad comparison, the headset will allow so much more than a TV and you can have a TV any size you want and many of them at once for productivity, and much more immersive,

About using the headsets in family moments I agree but I think you’ll have the options to take the 3D pictures without having the headset on, you don’t need to wear it all the time only when you want it…

And indeed this is just the first version, soon they will become smaller and most likely you’ll have the option to connect those headsets with other people around you and have a shared virtual reality experience,


I really love how you logically describe the new tech. Not worth more than $700 or so for me and probably many others. You put it just right when you said they took all the existing headset technology and put the Apple spin on it. I don’t know who would really want to put that much weight on their head and work through a headset. Having several windows open all around you is not really helpful to be productive. Just takes your attention and focus away from the task you have on hand.

    Clive Matthews

    You get it, I agree


We made an edit to the video around the 8 minute marker and it’s still processing on YouTube in the background. Apologies for the audio sync at 8:54. That’s YouTube encoding the edit in the background. It should fix itself, eventually. Thanks for watching!

    Sam Strider

    The review was so good I thought it was a running joke about eyesight being out of sync 😆But what about the games (that we know nothing about)!

    Nerf Corp

    Ok love the video though

    Michael Arnold

    Its STILL not right 3 hours later. 🙁

    Jack Alope

    @Sam Strider I think Apple is going to try to let games and game peripherals be third party led with first party SDK support like we saw with same of the stuff from the Metal 3 announcements.

David Woodbury

Great review and comments! It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Apple definitely created something worth criticizing.


This is an excellent objective, realistic look at future possibilities. The reason that FACETIME looks weird is because the micro-expressions are lost. 90% of communication is body language. Compare your own expressions in this video with the same done with FACETIME. You will note the difference.

Ali Ettienne

This is understandably a remarkable creative headset to experience or use occasionally. But I’m a bit skeptical why one would believe it can replace our phone entirely. There’s no doubt it’ll be nice to wear the headset to check out some awesome features but I don’t see it as a device to wear all day long. What’s about eye fatigue? Would it damage my eyes with longtime use? These are some questions to be answered. I haven’t figure it out yet but I believe it can be useful for certain productive things. I need some time to think and give my opinion on what productive things it can be use for. But for now it appears that it’s a very enjoyable gadget. 😎💯👍

Jerry Caddie

its amazing and unsettling all at once. unsettling only cause I’m convinced this wasn’t ready to be released….its seems 3 years behind introduction. As a VR enthusiast I am immensely excited that they pushed this out in the wild to set a standard going forward for the VR world. Its amazing the true presence you get in the VR community as if your truly in a social environment and apple will push that so much further

raheel sarvana

When you’re a kid, new technology is normal. When you’re an adult, new technology is cool and cutting edge. And when you’re a bit old, new technology is strange and maybe a bit dystopian.

    Zorba Kaput

    Maybe because when you become older you understand what Dystopian means to you and those who don’t.


    bruh you aint gotta be old to understand this is insane

    Raj Oswal

    I completely agree. Learn to embrace, not live in fear

Mike Coshan

I think the vision pro is an incredibly innovative design and one persons cringe is another persons idea of awesome. I’m waiting for the price to come down & for more apps & uses to be introduced, as I’m really excited to see where this tech goes from here

Yugo Risfriwan

one of things i noticed right away in the demo video was that the people that are wearing them are all alone experiencing it by themselves, it might become more “collaborative” down the road sure, but that would also mean everybody would have to be wearing one in the same room, or be the odd one left out on the experience by not having one, its a remarkable device but only for the people privileged to actually own one at the moment

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