Ban me, Twitch! – WAN Show June 9, 2023

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Lol, woke up at 8 (I’m somthing like 8hrs ahead) and WAN Show was still going. My first thought was
“OMG the 24h WAN Show is here!”

    dom hill

    They should do this as a charity event, they can have rotating guest hosts, the only rule is that either linus or luke always has to be on camera

    Dr. Hamza د. حمزة

    @dom hill that’s actually a great idea


Hope Luke gets better soon.


Apple didn’t “invent audio raytracing”
It’s been a thing for a while


    Apple didn’t invent a lot of things, they just have good PR.


    @GalliaNarbonensis I think you meant to say “Apple doesn’t invent a lot of things, they’re just really good at implementation—the integration of various technologies into a single product with a unified software architecture—as well as how to package that together and market it to consumers within a unified ecosystem.”


    @2nd_place Nah. They have good marketing


    ​@2nd_place sure but it’s mostly marketing.


Not even death can stop Linus, from running the WAN Show.


    What were they using for Luke’s stream/audio? The delay was terrible, why didn’t they just use discord or something where there is zero delay


    @PCMasterRaceTechGod Discord isn’t zero delay lmao

    Carl Aagaard Madsen

    ​@PCMasterRaceTechGod i don’t know if you have ever heard about the internet, but it is essentially a lot of cable buried in the ground. It makes you able to send data to a different place in the world. Unfortunately we can’t all have our own cable to every place in the world. Therefore you have to encode the video and audio before sending, which takes time even though you are using discord. Do this two times, and it’s quite impressive that it can be done in under one second.


    @PCMasterRaceTechGod name does NOT check out.

    hi hello

    That comma is killing me. Why ???


I can’t even imagine the stench that a 7 day LAN party would bring 🥴


    I remember years ago when I attended Dreamhack. 10,000 people, €1 showers, day two crew got on stage and said they had earned €100.

    AMDKilla Plays

    Give people 7 tokens when they arrive with their assigned IP address on it. When they don’t shower by midday, block their IP until you receive their next token 🤣

    Upcycle Shoes

    Hello McDonalds….ill like to order 500 McDoubles


Time stamp guy takes a day off and it’s like the Youtube version of ‘A Sick Day for Amos McGee’


Sounds like LTT Labs is gonna be the DXO Mark of computer components and I am SO here for it!


    Computer components & other accessories/devices


Good morning everyone from Denmark.
After a night with partial insomnia and work related worries it’s nice to clean up in the kitchen and listening to our favorite show of the week

    Richard Davis

    Hope you rest up and your worries fade my friend.


    ​@Richard Davis thanks, it got so bad that I started reading through the Trump Indictment.
    Its not a short document…

    Jonas Hermann

    Godmorgen 👍


    Stay strong there bud


Depending on how low the gift cards go in price, you could totally just buy a few small gift cards to get one item, letting you send more merch messages. More bang for your buck


Twitch is trying to find out if they really are “too big to fail” with the stunts they are pulling.

    Kristoffer Egilmar

    i wish it did fail, the amount of ”cult communities” worshipping medicore people and how they behave is disturbing


    Doesn’t YouTube have a similar policy that Twitch is implementing?

    Laughing Orange

    @Tazdingo On paper, yes, but they never act on it so it’s effectively not real.


    @Laughing Orange so Twitch could selectively enforce it and be the same as YouTube then.

    Laughing Orange

    @Tazdingo The difference is people don’t trust Twitch due to their recent actions. YouTube added those policies long ago, and people have forgotten if they ever even knew.

Esa Edvik

Twitch is still all over the place with bans. Big streamers get a complete free pass most of the time as there’s no limit on bans, it seems. Now they’re suddenly claiming they take feedback etc. from Ambassadors, which is just complete bullshit for the most part. Ambassadors have been frustrated for years as Twitch just asks for feedback and the release the same bullshit features they would anyways.
“Kick has a toxic chat problem” almost like it’s not about the platform but the people in the (mostly) gaming community. Take reports of toxic users seriously and ban them from the platform – make it better. Stop hate raids etc. It’s insane they still happen on Twitch too. Twitch has actually sued a few hate-raiders, which is amazing. Just not enough.

Mirko Passoli

1:18:27 biometric verification, in Android at least, doesn’t give to apps fingerprint data, it only tells “the system has verified the user”.
This means that could be possible to have the system hold the information “you’re 18 years old” tied to a specific fingerprint saved on the device, and have the system tell to some app “the user is verified and is x years old”. Totally feasible without any online db


    How does registration for that work? It needs to reference something to verify your age on registration…

    Fredrik Tedgren

    Some kind of digital id system would be preferable, I think. I would prefer it had different levels of verification, so for age restricted content it would just say this person is of age, but nothing more, but if used for logging in to your bank would say this is the correct person. Of course, all ids can be stolen or hijacked, but not all sites or services need to know everything about you

    Mirko Passoli

    @SteltekOne Idk, maybe you can have some government app vefiried by Google/Apple that can provide those info. This app scans your gov id and tells to the os the age, sex and whatever.
    For example here in Italy we have the CIE, an gov id card that has an NFC tag protected with a PIN and a PUK. You can use it to log into gov apps. The gov app would need only to tell some data to the OS and the OS need to save it in memory. It’s 2023, this is totally feasible.

    EDIT: and the government couldn’t see for what the user uses these infos. Obviously the gov app would share only some info, not all your gov data…

    Mirko Passoli

    @Fredrik Tedgren Yes, I imagine a system popup that says “this app want to know you’re age, give access / deny”. The “bind the age (or any info) to a fingerprint” is so that the system can distinguish between a dad and his child, so if the child uses the phone the reported age would be 10, idk.
    Then you can implement all levels of strictness to this, as the os tell the app the minimum amount of info and always have the user select the level of granularity of the data to share

Heinz Gericke

Linus just casually posting enough of the Labs dev link so that you can actually go and search for it and Luke losing his mind is so brilliant. The Labs site looks sleek af!!


    Meh. If you can access it just with the link they’re doing it wrong and should learn how to do it right.

    Shreyam Adhikari

    whats the link?

    Andrei Tache

    @Shreyam Adhikari labs-web-bay DOT vercel DOT app


    ​@jfolz while you could bother hosting it internally and rely on VPN for work, or restrict access via IP, it probably isn’t something that they care much about.

    Often even large companies will have non-prod versions of their sites externally exposed anyway to allow easier device or third party development/testing.


    time stamp for this moment?

Nedim Mutapčija

I love Luke’s hand gesture it fits perfectly in so many cases. It’s so funny

James Dark

It’s wild that with all the new competition in the streaming platform space, instead of giving people reasons to stay on Twitch, they’rejust pushing more and more away


Luke lost a lot of weight the last week – he’s even thinner than cardboard!
[0:00] *Chapters.*
[2:01] *Intro.*
[2:28] *Topic #1: Twitch’s updated TOS.*
> 3:21 Branded content policy, Linus recalls YouTube’s changes.
> 7:05 Simulcasting policy extended, Twitch’s history.
> 10:49 “Consistent with other services,” backlash & Twitch’s response.
> 11:52 Discussing Kick, platforms throwing away their goodwill.
> 16:45 Twitch’s partnership fee for leaving, LTT will simulcast.
> 18:52 LTT’s meager revenue earnings on Twitch.
> 20:59 Google signs out Linus out.
[21:16] *Topic #2: Apple’s Proton-like tool runs Windows games on Mac.*
> 22:30 Github’s statement, Luke thought this was a joke.
> 23:45 Linus on M1 Ultra gaming, “this is for developers.”
> 25:01 Linus & Luke recall issues with running games on Linux.
> 26:47 How involved would Apple be? Discussing contribution.
> 30:47 “Devs can run unmodified games on Mac,” what motivates Apple?
> 34:26 Linus’s response, porting games.
[37:51] *LTTStore’s new button-up shirt.*
> 39:49 Last chance to grab Labs #FIRST merch.
> 40:16 LTTStore weekly deal.
[40:30] *Merch Messages #1.*
> 40:34 What’s happening with Intel’s workstation CPUs?
> 41:46 Thoughts on Jim Keller’s RISC-V?
> 45:58 Do you think Apple can compete with Valve’s Proton?
> 46:40 Advice on securing long-term IT jobs? ft. Luke’s history, movies.
[1:04:42] *Topic #3: Jake Simmen’s review on LTT stick locks.*
[1:06:25] *Topic #4: Louisiana’s age verification law.*
> 1:08:26 “This makes internet unsafe,” what is PH right about?
> 1:12:54 Luke’s alternative solutions, Linus on regulations.
> 1:16:35 What Linus does/doesn’t agree with PH.
[1:24:13] *Topic #5: Subreddits protest Reddit’s API costs.*
> 1:25:09 Reddit’s exception to accessibility focused apps.
> 1:25:30 Apollo, Sync & RIF to shut down, Reddit laying off 5%.
> 1:25:50 Linus mentions Christian’s Reddit post.
> 1:27:58 Moderation tools rely on API, Reddit’s statement.
> 1:28:40 CEO’s post on Christian & phone tapes.
> 1:31:16 The instability of internet services.
> 1:35:24 LMG’s past, Linus on inheritance tax.
> 1:37:24 Reddit’s stock evaluation dropped by 40%.
> 1:42:50 Reddit’s terrible self-hosted images & videos.
[1:44:52] *Sponsors ft. In-The-Zone-Dan, Dennis Spots.*
> 1:45:11 Zoho One.
> 1:46:15 MSI.
> 1:47:06 Corsair.
[1:48:14] *Merch Messages #2.*
> 1:48:37 Any progress on the Labs website? ft. Linus leaking.
> 1:55:46 Products in development hell you want to come out?
> 1:58:16 Did you do anything crazy to test LTT products?
> 2:00:58 Why are USB 20GBPS & DP 2 missing?
> 2:03:34 News for virtual LTX for FloatPlane?
[2:06:52] *Topic #6: Logitech retires Blue & Astro ft. LukeCam.*
[2:14:50] *Topic #7: LTT is in Bluesky…?*
[2:17:16] *Topic #8: Apple’s Vision Pro.*
> 2:18:14 Pricing, specs, audio raytracing.
> 2:19:55 On-board M2 & M1 chips, mixed reviews.
> 2:21:26 Linus & Luke discuss the specs & power.
> 2:25:51 Enterprise V.S. consumer pricing, mentioning HoloLens.
> 2:27:24 Linus recalls VUZIX’s glasses.
> 2:28:32 Voice control, Linus doesn’t get the sales pitch.
> 2:30:33 Linus discusses web surfing, Luke on Index 2.
> 2:33:00 Linus & Luke on the use cases of the Vision Pro.
> 2:38:09 Apple might not know what the Vision Pro is.
> 2:41:11 Linus’s house pool update.
[2:41:57] *Topic #9: Linus Sebastian, CVO of LMG, “died.”*
> 2:42:34 Dan proves Linus passed away.
[2:42:49] *Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark.*
> 2:44:47 Will you change what you make with the new CEO?
> 2:59:05 What would get you to upgrade from Z Fold 3?
> 3:00:10 What piece of merch inspired you to make LTTStore?
> 3:00:44 Any upcoming Lab tests you are excited to get running?
> 3:01:30 Is AI far enough to help me raise children?
> 3:02:31 Good graphics cards with bad drivers in the past?
> 3:03:22 Is info gatekeeping a problem at LMG’s scale?
> 3:04:52 Advice for struggling with growing up?
> 3:05:52 What was your first experience hacking?
> 3:08:17 Anything that you’re excited about on LTX?
> 3:10:10 Would LTT lose money if all got the largest size deskpad?
> 3:12:45 Luke’s beard care.
> 3:13:31 YouTube pushes smaller channels to buy ads.
> 3:16:54 Backpack zippers replacement table on LTX?
> 3:18:25 How do you all keep yourself grounded?
> 3:20:18 Should job seekers question the morality of working for big tech?
> 3:24:11 Frore Systems’s AirJet on Framework?
> 3:24:47 “Dan, if you curated this, I’ll buy more stuff!”
> 3:25:00 Is FP profitable enough to get exclusive content?
> 3:26:51 What’s your advice for building a portfolio & skill sets?
> 3:28:36 Annual payment option for FP Grandfather tier?
> 3:29:04 What’s the best tech flex you’ve ever had?
> 3:32:28 Anyone in the staff that changed your mindset?
> 3:33:30 How can you get LAN parties to play together?
> 3:34:28 Was Linus ever invited into Hot Ones?
> 3:36:10 Any plans to release short length PJ pants?
> 3:36:46 If someone at LMG had a channel blow up, would they partner with LMG, or leave?
> 3:39:33 Has Sony responded to LTT’s video? any company reacting negatively?
> 3:41:37 Favorite movie or TV show to watch after a media set up?
> 3:44:19 Do you plan on doing a SC on ROG Ally for an SSD upgrade?
> 3:44:58 Is LTT still working on the Deck carrying case?
> 3:45:15 Gigabyte graphics cards cracking.
[3:45:36] *Outro.*

    Tevin abeysekera

    Thanks! I was going to wait until tomorrow to watch 😂


    Horaaaay, thank you so much for your hard work

    Anas Malas

    Woooo timestamps lets gooooooo

    Nick Warr

    You’re my hero.


    Finally! Thanks, you are awesome

Elliot Kaufman

Luke’s fake arms are hilarious when Linus has thoroughly explaining or even ranting about things

Sascha Siemens

Thanks to Dennis, I now love watching the sponsor spots. Never let him go!

Tyler “g0ated”

🤣🤣🤣 Let’s be honest streaming with licensing issues with IP that isn’t something you own makes it hard period. It’s a faith based and trust that it is mutually beneficial PARTNERSHIP. Its….a big leap the more the both grow together. I am grateful for every software company that left me use there ip and I hope that it did you well as a company that has to employ hundreds of people. That’s a big responsibility and I hope I did everything that I could to keep an industry that I love better. ❤️


I’ve been watching WAN Show for about 2 years 9 months, and I think the streak goes all the way back to before I started watching. Don’t remember a Friday without WAN.

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