Biggest One More Thing Moments From Apple #shorts

We look back at five of the biggest 'One More Thing' moments from Apple. #apple #iphone #macbook

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Tyler Hollingsworth

One more thing is the usually the BEST part about any Apple WWDE Conferences! I almost just skim through most of it and then start to actually play it after I hear those sweet sweet words. “One more Thing..” The company won’t be the same now that both Steve and Tim will no longer be there. Excited for the future though.


    Tim is leaving?


Live events better than life ones

Lyndon Macaraig

What about the iphone x lol


$3499 and no controller

Abd El-Qudus

Really the « We have one more thing » is so iconic and was really satisfying when I ear it in the recent Apple stream presentation lol (even if the info already leak about this one more thing before).

Clark B. Bravo

The iPhone X totally did not exist(Where is the iPhone X)?

Nawaz Sharif

2023 is best for that moment…

Dimitris Christou

What about iPhone X??!! That was ICONIC

Brotha Neo – C.R.S.A Channel

CrackBook Air lol! 😂


Didn’t even include the OG iPhone omt??

Mayur M

One more thing – we’ll add chargers in box 😢

athan zulu



You missed one of the most important ones: iPhone X 😂

Hu qjt

2025 one more thing , Apple car .

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