I Played in the World’s BIGGEST Pokemon Tournament!

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In this DanTDM video, I go back to my roots and re-learn the Pokemon TCG. How did I do? Watch to find out..

James Cox:
Pablo Meza:
Tord Reklev:
Isaiah Bradner:
Ian Robb:

Edited by: & ME, DanTDM

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{ Dyslexic Bee }

i havent watched dan in so long, but he still reminds me of his old self. hes still enjoyable.

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    He never fell even if he considered himself a dead channel the gas made him da otherwise


    He never stopped being enjoyable

Ezra Studios

Always feels good when Dan uploads

    Clck C

    A very underrated statement


This is actually really cool, and I’ve been collecting and selling for a while and would love to go to one of these, good job Dan

The dude from bloxy cola

Dan, hope your doing great with your family :D, know that you have made alot of people’s childhood and be proud of that.

Aušrinė Merkelytė

Congratulations on hitting the 27 MILLION SUBSCRIBER MILESTONE! 🥳🎉🌟


    Yeah! Congrats on reaching 27 million subscribers, Dan!


So happy to see TCG here! Keep up the amazing work, Dan! 🎉


He started off his YouTube career with Pokémon (Pokemandanlvl45) and now he played in the world’s biggest Pokémon tournament. I’m proud of you Dan 🙂


    Yeah it’s been a long time


    I honestly think he’s the best

    Yovanni Ramirez


    Mayushii Shiina

    @Aniranci nice joke

    Eee Mozley

    It all comes back around

Captain Swagger 2.0

27 million subscribers! 😳
Congratulations Dan, keep up the amazing work!



    The EeryTeacher

    @ThePlagueDrFrost XD


    @ThePlagueDrFrostlol you also have 27M 😂


I’ve been watching this guy for 8 years, it’s great to see how far he’s come.


It’s always great to see the old guard coming back to the PTCG Community. I started back up myself after worlds 2022, and managed to claw my way to the invite after a similarly steep learning curve. I wish we could’ve caught up in person at EUIC, but if you’re going to be carrying on into next season i’m sure we’ll have that chance.

Wishing you all the best moving forward.
Your friend, (and former content writer if you remember that from 10+ years ago lmao) Oliver Barnett


I’m proud of Dan becoming the best YouTuber and the best Pokémon player aswell ❤


This video was great! I’ve always loved watching Dan’s Pokemon content and this was no exception. The pixelated Pokemon themed editing was also kind of fun

Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Dantdm and the pokemon cards return dantdm is a legend nostalgia memories he brought the pokemon cards channel series back yess😄😄 only ogs remember his pokemon channel before he changed it to DanTDM




    We aren’t buying the only fans hun give up 😊

    Jaxon Anderson

    Silence Bot!


I love thematic decks and the “lost zone” Giratina strategy looks super fun AND totally fits the character of Giratina. Shame it didn’t do better but glad to see you getting into the TCG 🙂


    Hi Pat!!

Clck C

Congrats on 27 million Dan! You deserve it and much more, so glad to see you getting back into one of your passions!


DanTDM going back to his roots and attempting to become an IRL pokemon master. Something I didn’t expect, but absolutely love. Keep up the work Dan!

Dougless Mcchugless

Congratulations on 27 million subs. You raised a lot of us during our childhoods. I’m glad to see that you’re still growing

Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Dan, my brother and I grew up watching you for the longest time and the fact you are still making videos is crazy! Keep up the great work!!!

    Jaxon Anderson

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    l bot


Thank you for all you do Dan! From all of us in the comments whose childhoods you have made! Hope you and your family are doing well <3

Homer Simpson

Congratulations Dan, thank you for being so great!

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