I should stop building computers.

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We built a crazy expensive portable NVMe video editing server earlier this year, but then ASUSTOR launched this, a substantially less expensive machine that does basically the same thing.

Buy an Asustor Flashstor 6 Portable NAS:
Buy Crucial 3200MHz CL22 2x16GB DDR4 RAM:
Buy SABRENT Rocket 4TB NVMe M.2 SSD:
Buy an Ubiquiti Switch Flex XG:
Buy an Apple Macbook Pro M2 14":
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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 ASUSTOR did it better than us
0:54 Specs and IO
2:07 Let's look inside
6:00 Adding RAM and SSDs
10:20 Testing




Thanks Linus for taking a look at our All-NVMe NAS! It was a pleasure getting this out to you and taking a selfie with you at Computex! If anyone has any comments, questions, praise and criticism, feel free to reply to me and I will reply to you! We do have to notify you that the Flashstor is not drop proof.

Thanks again! -Marco.

    The Archive of History

    ​@Noob gamer cloud PC’s the future

    Mārcis B

    ​@Noob gamer cool story bro


    @Noob gamer kind of a L opinion tbh


    how much time of development had this project?

    Rachel Harper

    _We do have to notify you that the Flashstor is not drop proof_ 🤣


I wanted to build my own storage server (despite only having used half of my 512gb drive) but I think this might be better


    a 512gb drive? in 2023? You absolutely do not need a NAS lol


    @KermitTheFrag everyone could use a nas for backup


    512? And here I am setting at almost 5tb and need to expand lmao


    Sad that unless you want to pay like over $1K you’ll get a Celeron or even just an ARM CPU. Why is it so hard to put in an i3 or ryzen 3? Those CPUs are really cheap and so much more powerful… There’s no need for i5 and up either.

    Edit: I think I should add that those ARM CPUs are extremely basic and slow, these Celerons are much better if you have to choose between one or the other. You won’t get some flagship snapdragon within any of these pre-built NAS systems.

    Mijc Osis

    Theres a real advantage to using an actual server/server board – remote management and headless video from bootup, even in the BIOS

The Polish

I wager there’s a mistake at 1:07, should be 32gb kit instead of 2gb

    Mike D

    I ran into the comments to say this too lol, glad someone else caught it not just me

    Euritha Musara

    Eagle eyes😂😂😂😂😂


    That’s just some Canada math….2×16 = 2

    Jesse Y

    How do they keep missing things like this 🙁 I get it that most of the folks there are working at a “media” company, and not a “tech” company, but there’s just too many slipups.


    so asustor has 2x more ram 😂


It was tripping me out. It’s not “ASUS Store”… but “Asustor”. Never heard of them before, but I’m really impressed.

    Garrett Turner

    One has to wonder that’s where they wanted to go when choosing Asustor as their brandname, Literally sounds like Asus Store with all the accent ive heard on it

    nhac lly

    They splited from ASUS after all. The name really not that important when split in 06.


    @Garrett Turner Either that or “A sus tor”? XD


    @nhac lly Had no idea, but that certainly explains the similarity.


    We were spun off from ASUS in 2011. In practice, we’re nearly entirely independent.

Jeff Geerling

This NAS is currently a little pricey all in, but with how quickly NVMe prices are dropping, I think it will make even more sense for those who want a quiet little NAS and don’t only need maximum capacity.


    Do you think it would be possible to do this on some sort of Pi? I’m not sure if you’d have enough PCIe lanes or enough performance for the RAID

    shep husted

    no this is extremely janky for the price perf – compared to what even red shirt jeff could do


    @Pipe0481 Jeff does have video about NAS made using Pi, although he used 2.5″ SSD’s for it

    Sakthi Vel

    Hello there

    James McJamesington

    I think you’re imagining a market for this. The percentage of people that purchases a NAS? 0.2%

    The percentage of thos that would pay extra for silence? 0.2%.

    The market for this is apparently 0.02%.


It’s always nice to see Yvonne’s husband and his husband working together in a video.

    David Asselin

    Does Luke know he’s cheating on him?!

    Nuclear Geek

    Yeah I though Jake was Linus & Yvonne’s um…what’s the non-BDSM/Canadian version of “gimp”? He’s whatever that is.


    @Nuclear Geek Are you imagining Jake in bondage?

    אילן מרגלית שמעוני

    @Mynt Stop! stooooop!

    Nuclear Geek

    @Mynt I WASN’T…now I have to get that out of my head, gee thanks.

Hank Sanchez

Is anyone else in the same “I love building computers but haven’t played many games in recent years and I know I’d be wasting my money and/or feel immediate buyer’s remorse” boat?

I built computers every few years since 2000 when I played lots of mmorpg games and I now have zero time, but the itch to build a computer is always there.

    cameron frye

    I went through a looooong stretch of this. I almost completely stopped gaming in maybe 2004 or 2005? had nothing but laptops until about 2018. The bug bit HARD at that point, and I now have a gaming rig, a low power “content” PC just for streaming, an HTPC in the living room and a server running in the basement with my networking gear.

    Steven Crisp

    Yup me – to be fair though when I play I play Cities Skylines more than any other game and with the sequel coming out I may be able to justify a new machine to get decent performance out of it (my current one runs it but once the city gets up to 100K+ population it can be very, very slow)

    Then I can semi-retire the current one to be the media mule in the corner of the living room (and if NAND prices keep dropping maybe even retrofit as an entirely SSD based machine for the quietness benefits…)

    Gabriel Guedes Balogo

    Building the computer is half of the fun in having a PC to begin with.

    Steven Crisp

    @Gabriel Guedes Balogo agreed – also planning the build is a good part of that – sitting on partspicker and other websites shopping around for deals and planning and scheming 😛


Can you guys start testing transcoding performance in Labs? It would be cool to see how smaller chips like this handle 4K transcoding in Plex and that kind of stuff…

    vadim negru

    In that case its quicksync. But still, rundown of what it can/can’t handle would be appreciated


    @vadim negru I did some googlin’ and it seems like this chip actually uses a cut down version of 11th Gen UHD IGP, so that means it can probably handle 4K transcoding…

    Ryan _

    @nathanddrews It does 4K transcodes just fine, but 4K HDR with subtitles will wreck transcode speed on my N5105 mini pc.

    Eric E

    ​@Ryan _ yeah those can of transcodes (subtitles seem to be a cpu almost by itself then add hdr of any type and the cpu is going to feel like it’s getting waterboarded, because it can barely bread and it’s getting weat from it’s “sweat”.


    I’m running jellyfin on a Celeron 4125. Quicksync is a lifesaver.


this is super cool. would love to see one with a beefier cpu
the screwless m.2 quick release is really cool but i would hope that it’s a small replaceable part so that if one breaks you don’t have to replace the entire thing.


    @Scott Myers until you realise that the CPU is only capable of 10gbps…

    For this type of application you need at least 1 thunderbolt 40gbps port

    Cus otherwise your stuck using IT instead of an attached device cus that speed sucks

    Even if it was populated with 12x 512GB drives it would still take at least 102 minutes to read the full capacity and thats assuming it maintains 1GB/s the whole time


Fun Fact: At 2:20 Linus says Unraid doesn’t support TRIM, but as of Unraid 6.11 it does support TRIM 😀

    Jared Tashjian

    Yep it fully supports SSDs correctly outside of the main array. So you can do an xfs, btrs, or ZFS array with ssds. And as of yesterday those arrays can be up to 60 drives!


Now, imagine this device with a socket in it and cooling for a 65W CPU. That would be a hell of a barebones NAS.

    Marco Genovesi

    you need much better colling than this for 65w


    Imagine all the people.


    65 watt cooler probably makes it 50% bigger and twice as heavy 😶

    Bolt in a bottle

    So I should imagine a completely different product? First thing that comes to mind is The Throngler.


    Yeah…a Core I3 or I5 would have been a game changer as far as performance, and worth the extra $


This is such a awesome way to have a portable NAS. Small, lightweight and no risk of disks failing due to bumps.


If I didn’t have a solid NAS already and a requirement for it to be able to run an MC server, I would seriously conisder this for home use. it’s small, customizable and has a crapton of capacity. I like it a lot!


I like this tech of using m.2’s x 12 for a NAS. You really don’t need much processing power when you are just using it to view movies on local LAN etc. Nice! Thanks for bringing this to our attention Linus.


    yes, but to be fair if all you’re doing is watching movies then any ssd, especially nvme drives are extremely overkill. even 4k full quality movies run just fine on a hard drive.

Marco Genovesi

It’s always good to see a father-son bonding over a common passion


    I always love seeing the biggest tech youtube channel in the world have errors in their video when they pay people to prevent that very thing, and my main problem is that they pay them very well to make these simple mistakes. Like 1:05 it says their PC has a 2gb kit of ram.

    Lind L. Taylor


    Marco Genovesi

    @PCMasterRaceTechGod and look at how much nobody gives a sht about that. There is a reason if they don’t implement stricter checks. It’s because it does not matter

    Letstryandseehowlongicangetthisnametobe Judge

    @Marco Genovesi Heh if it was MY company I would make them check the videos 100x before publishing it. Mistakes are not allowed!

    Marco Genovesi

    @Letstryandseehowlongicangetthisnametobe Judge that’s why Linus has a successful media company with 100+ employees while you are here ankle biting. Time is money and they are on a very tight schedule to produce so many videos per week. If it does not make an impact on revenue it does not matter. Welcome to “making money 101” crash course

Nuclear Geek

This is like SO close (may still be worth it). Loved everything but the processor. I hope there is a Rev 2 with a processor that can last.
It’s a NAS so it’s not something you want to replace in a year or two. I want it for a decade. Everything else is great, but that processor is just gonna get worse and it seems too strained doing some things now. It may certainly be worth it for some people that just want a new NAS and don’t stream from it, though. I hope enough people to get an upgraded one.

P.S. I would really like LTT too spend more time in the “mid-tier” space again with things like this. It’s fun looking at $100,000 servers but it doesn’t really help most people and prices are running so high right now, we need more practical idea coverage.

    Gabriel Guedes Balogo

    It’s really something beyond my understanding how these companies insist on using slow Intel CPUs on these products – did they fall off a truck? Also, the latest N-series processors aren’t much faster than the N5105 either.

    Péter Friedrich

    ​@Gabriel Guedes Balogo energy efficiency.
    These mobile Celerons are great. They have a decent igpu with support for Hardware HDR tone-mapping, the compute power of a 7th gen i3 while sipping power.
    Compared to the J-series desktop ones they’re better in every aspect, but they aren’t as popular on desktop board unfortunately.

    Gabriel Guedes Balogo

    @Péter Friedrich You mean fortunately? They only match the slowest 7th gen i3s performance, and only in multithreading (the i3s are dual cores, a sin in 2023) – keep in mind those same chips still can’t match 2nd gen i7s.
    Sure, for energy starved applications these cpus make sense, but do those 10-20W REALLY warrant giving up on 500% performance or more?


those subtle banters like at 13:06 are what i live for on this channel. takes away a too serious note in general, jake being just absolutely unbothered and stress-free and linus slowly looking like christian bale in the mechanic because he’s the head of everything. a nice clash.

Jack Stocker

As a casual computer enjoyer, the little popups explaining uncommon terms was very helpful. I now know roughly what JBOD means and what a docker is 😀

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