I tested the NEW MacBook!

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Failed opportunity to rickroll the entire apple HQ by playing the rickroll on it

    Rayeed Brawl stars

    He really should’ve rickrolled us by that


    The curve is too sharp to be actually the apple hq

    A random person

    ​@Nyllits the apple hq showroom its not in the donut

    Vortex Norman

    Yes definitely

    Jaime Reyes


Preston P.

I like these short styled reviews, quick and sharp. This style of formatting would be a great one to add amongst all your other awesome uploads you do.


Good work arun you are the best tech youtuber I know


Bro called me broke in 5 possible ways 😢

For those who don’t understand, I’m saying I’m broke enough to buy it whether he liked it or not 😅




    No he didn’t

    8XUS Tech

    Fr apple can make any product and price is the only thing anyone will ever talk abt


    He owns a device shop or whatever its called💀


    Buying a gaming PC is better than this lol (unless you’re productive this is better)

Nabeel Ali

18 hours of battery life is crazy

Seth’s Stuff64

even the laptop has the notch on the top of the screen 😭

Bob Theben

Also don’t forget, No Man’s Sky is now available on Mac!

    Andre_Victor Gonçalves

    I don’t see how having the worst rated game of the 2010s is a good thing.


    @Andre_Victor Gonçalves imagine not knowing how good that game is


    ​@Andre_Victor Gonçalvesmany people like it my man🤷🏽‍♂️

    52_ Ronin

    ​@Andre_Victor Gonçalves It got better apparently since launch and we are living in 2020’s

    eye em aych

    @Andre_Victor Gonçalves 😐


The laptop with the same specs, windows operating system and a better build quality would have been a steal for me. But alas we could only imagine it.

    Air Freshener

    m-series chips are exclusive to apple

Harnai Digital.

I really love this Editing style and a New Tone of using Voice. WE WANT MORE OF THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS.

Abinu Udakara

Imagine the editor misspelled “hate it” without “rate it” 💀

Portman Z.

This is the first time in my life I actually considered a MacBook, solely because my current Windows laptop is 15 inches.


Imagine my guy rickrolled the entire apple hq

    Jaime Reyes


Dark Gaming

Brands: *trying to make their laptops lighter .

Tim Cook : “remove the fan”

Ps: it would still work and not completely meltdown after running high duty code.

life watch

Will 2 kidneys be enough for this?

Cool Yeah

Yo that’s sick imma get one soon

0 To 100k Without Any Video’s

My man just flipped the Macbook inside out..


The levels u are achieving are really very inspiring ❤


Don’t drop it. I had a computer that had a paper thin sheet of metal as the only thing protecting the metal, and when it dropped from the desk thw entire thing was just gone. Motherboard completely totaled

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