I wasted $485 on “Tech” from WISH

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 Ordering from Wish
1:45 Bitdefender
3:22 Something Sus
4:33 The Big Chungus
7:22 Don't Tell PETA
8:11 I'm Getting Sleepy
10:10 The Laptop…?
11:08 My Wish Fit
12:46 It's About to Get Messy
13:33 Electricity is Bad
16:13 You got the Juice



Cameron Mitchell

This one goes out to the editors, for putting up with austin’s levels of random


    It makes me cringe when he starts going random sometimes. It’s too much sometimes.


    I’m surprised a channel this size uses cap cut


    @GarAct they def dont use cap cut

    Doran Conall

    They’re the real heroes of this channel


Not a waste when you get enough views hopefully to cover the cost. Saying that I absolutely love these vids you all do 😊


    plus the money he got from the sponsor


‘Only’ $485 Austin is becoming sensible.

Comma Man

“Extra! Extra!! Read all about it.” Austin was a lad for half a second.


Not gonna lie i think Austin could totally rock the hat lmao

    Brian Crosby

    I wouldn’t hang out with him but it looks ok

Stephen Poltorak

Why does Austin pull that jean hat off so well🤣


The neck item is kinda useless for its purpose (pain relief) since it creates overextension in your neck…which is constantly overextended due to our daily habitual posture. So you try to reduce pain by doing exactly the thing what creates it in the first place xD

Wandile Matsebula

Austin repacked that wish dress code, i think thats his style just like Mat said 😂😂


no joke that battery bank thats also a phone would be incredibily useful is many emergency situations .. , i can see so many uses for it


I legit want the old school cell phone. My dad had a Motorola one from his company. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen at the time….a phone that didn’t require being attached to the phone jack in the wall

Brad Fogle

Austin needs to be forced to use the brick phone as his phone for a week!


If there’s one content creator I would watch for eternity it’s this guy’s content. ♥️ Love the vids, keep up the good work 💯

Jimmy Dali

Would be nice to have links to these items. Some items are really interesting.


I actually own the sleep earbuds I’ve been using them for like a month or so at this point they’re good if you just wanna listen to podcasts while napping or sleeping but I’ve also lost each bud more than one time lol

Ignis Hikari

The battery cable is actually super useful for diagnosing charging ports, I’ve seen TronicsFix use a similar one while testing Nintendo Switches

Cecil Groomed

The waiting montage, where Austin tries to launch his music career.


Feels like we can do a deep dive into the retro phone and have our minds blown.


7:05 “charge baby” is a translation of “充电宝” which means battery bank. This phone may have reverse charging capability. 充电 means charge while 宝 means baby. “XX宝” usually means “XX tool” or “XX helper” in chinese.

Early Grayce

I have never seen Austin styling so hard as when he had the black and gold shirt on as well as the denim hat.


The Chinese on the phone’s box says “Retro Big Brother Big Cellphone”(大哥大=Big Brother Big/Big Brother Prime is how Chinese people used to call these 1st gen cellphones since only the richest aka. big brothers could afford one). I believe it shares motherboard and programme design with function phones intended for old people, that’s why it is so loud and plays the strange music every time turns on.

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