15″ MacBook Air M2 Review: The Obvious Thing!

The bigger MacBook Air made too much sense.

15" M2 MacBook Air:

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Shrikant Pawar

Using M1 Air since launch battery life is just amazing.
Can’t wait to try this battery beast 🔥🔥


    I’m also using the M1, I love it!


    Dave Lee’s video says it’s basically the same battery life as the 13″

    Dale Cooper

    @CAM But in reality, it’s not. The display is a huge upgrade.

    Marsul Gumapu

    As does the apple comparison tool on their site

    Meh, shut up

    ​@Dale Cooper i know apple users dont see new thing very often but damn. 1 inch screen different is a “huge upgrade” these days for y’all 😂


5:08 kudos to editors for this stellar editing, the graphs are well done and the intro is spectacular, Marques’ reviews are dope


    It never fails. Always droves of fanboys in the comments sucking off marques and babbling about transitions and editing as if they’re doing something revolutionary. The meatriding and ball gargling is insane.


    ​@danceyrselfkleenwho hurt you😭😭


    only problem, there is no 14in mba


    @Viky it’s mostly just praising him for random stuff that I kind of cringe at


    It’s a professional Youtube channel about tech with literally 17 million subscribers. If they don’t do it nicely, then who would?

Srikar Durgi

I bought my m2 air few months back (which has a notch).
I would routinely search for faceid options within the mac settings.
It did take me a lot of time to figure that there is no faceID, just the notch 😅😂

    Ram Kumar R

    How come you buy a newly launched product months back


    @Ram Kumar R m2 air came out last year


    Could’ve used google


    Yes! That’s a bit silly for apple doing that kind of stuff. Like in an iPhone, why don’t they add an in display fingerprint instead of only relying on faceid 🥲


If Apple standardized on 12 or 16GB of RAM and 512GB or 1TB of storage these laptops would be killer. There would be little reason to recommend a Windows laptop. Microsoft really needs to ramp up their ARM development if they even want a chance of competing.


    then look for pro versions

    Cameron Bosch

    ARM is really not the future though. That would be RISC-V. See Qualcomm v Softbank (ARM’S parent company).

    Dimitris Sartzetakis

    In which scenario of using this laptop would 8 GB not be sufficient? I have the base M1 MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar and 8 GB and I’ve never had issues

    Cameron Bosch

    @Dimitris Sartzetakis  First of all, you don’t have a system with the slower SSD, which means your system will use it as swap, which does somewhat mitigate the issue at the cost of a shorter SSD lifespan, which once it fails, makes the machine a brick…

    Also, I’ve used Chrome and Chromium browsers and macOS takes 4 GB of RAM alone on a cold boot. With 4 – 5 Chrome tabs open, I’m past 8 GB of RAM. For $1000+, that should be 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of not slow storage.

    Dimitris Sartzetakis

    @Cameron Boschright forgot about that thing with M2
    Used chrome on Apple silicon or Intel Macs? Cause I mean I don’t use Chrome obviously but when I have recently with 4-5 tabs it was still fine, didn’t notice anything

Alica – come into my body

Always enjoy your honest reviews of new tech! From a college student it means a lot.

Tanvir Tarwani

I decided to go with 14-core Lenovo Slim 9i, when it comes to MacBooks I never see recommendations for running VM’s. Maybe when discounts start for new Air I’ll give it a try.

Steven Wyatt

I like how with this 15 inch, by configuring more memory and storage, it doesn’t automatically make the MacBook Pro a no-brainer in terms of price comparison. I love my MBP 14 M1 Pro, but at the time the new MBA Air came out, it was too close in price to the MBP to justify it once I had selected 16BG memory and more storage, especially with the superior screen, performance and speakers of the Pro.

If I was making the same decision now, I would opt for the 15-inch Macbook Air with 16Gb memory and the 512GB storage.

    Christopher Arzu

    That’s the exact reason why I choose a 14 M1 Pro. The ports and the screen make it way more for me.

    Kyle Newberry

    See I would get the 14. The screen quality and speakers and better processor make it worth the extra 100ish bucks.


    Agreed! I got lucky and found an unopened air around with 16gb of memory rather than the standard 8 they switched to. And it has 512gb. Only “problem” with it now is that it’s an M1 instead of an M2

Daniella_miranda’s Ways

I remember lol’ing when my grandma showed me her new 15″ Macbook Pro because she needed the bigger screen to check email. This is the right machine for 95% of people out there.


    Good for her


    Imagine if apple made a Chromebook which connected to their ecosystem

    Ibrahim Al Atrash

    @BLVcKsmitHnah bro that would be the Safaribook

    Asesh Shrestha

    Why not get an iPad Pro instead?

    Parwin Poonez

    @BLVcKsmitH isn’t that just an iPad with a Magic Keyboard attached


15″ macbook air is great. I always thought the small screen size was macbook air’s biggest problem. I wonder if they will ever increase screen refresh rate for the air?

Ludvig Oftedal Vinje

I’m struggling to believe that the larger 16 and 15 inch Macbooks’ sells more than the smaller models. Do you have any numbers to back this up?


I decided to go with the 14” MBP at 16gb, little extra but better screen and ports for my business use.. When can we see your take an DX 12 gaming on Mac studios? Love to get your input.

Tomas Rimkus

M2 is one year old chip by now, my guess is that M3 will come out in Spring next year, and this laptop will get a updated in less than a year.
M3 might be a huge upgrade, especially for laptops as it is built on 3nm process and should be much more efficient. Hopefully Apple updates both sizes at the same time.


Having no front firing speakers despite the extra room to do so seems like a missed opportunity. Would like to see more tests to see how well the 15″ Macbook Air performs for longer periods and how it handles throttling and high temps compared to the 13″. There’s also the M3 that’s coming which if rumors are true, can be even more a big boost in performance and efficiency.

    John Doe

    Well I saw the Dave 2D review on it, and it sounded pretty similar to MBP 14inch.


Honestly, with this computer being added, I think this is the most cohesive their laptop line in particular has been in quite a few years, it really has something for everyone now. And the prices aren’t as bad as I thought they would be. Makes me think of the old 4×4 consumer/pro quadrants they had back in the original iMac G3 days. I might have an easier time recommending something to people now 😅 Great video 👍🏾

    Tricks of the Trade

    The notch ruins it


I currently run a 13in Macbook pro (late 2016 model) and have been thinking of upgrading. Seeing a 15in Air come out really makes my wallet happy because I was going to go for a 15in pro
simply because I want the size.

Yahya Baig

Now I’m so torn between this 15” M2 Air and the 14” M2 MBP. I always prefer bigger screen but the 16”MBP is too much for me and 14/15” is perfect imo. If i spec the 15”M2 air to 16gb unified and 512ssd it’s 1700$ and the same spec for 14” M2 MBP is 2000$ so it’s gotten real hard to choose between these two. My workload is programming and developing apps along with some YouTube and reading comics. Please help me select between these two laptops, much appreciated thanks you


It’s fun hearing statements made during the most recent Waveform episode in your reviews. Also a good nod to the current events with the AQI map b-roll.

Regarding the MBA: the deal breaker for me is the 14″ M1 Pro MacBook Pro you can still sometimes find for $200 more which includes a VRR display, extra I/O, and double the storage & RAM.

But I guess if you just want an off-the-shelf 15″ Mac, this is still the go-to over that. I’m very curious to see if the 15″ actually outsells the 13″ now.


So stuck deciding between this and the 14/16 pro and what upgrades to choose. I mainly just need it for Lightroom & Photoshop; no video editing or 3D modeling or gaming.

World of Ozz

Anyone know if this would be a good upgrade from the 16 inch MacBook Pro that is just prior to the m1 version that was made.

Is the m2 chip going to be faster than that intel chip with 32 ram.

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