Baby in Yellow: The Black Cat

Baby in Yellow has received a substantial update and this time I actually play the correct version! Let's see what kind of torture this cursed baby puts us through this time!

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Mark always seems so confused, but at the same time knows exactly what to do


    Yea man.


    there are absolutely no thoughts in his brain



    Joseph #Biden2024

    Mark said my content is better, who else agrees?

    The real Jamin Animal

    @Joseph #Biden2024If you go to a mental hospital, then you’ll find people who agree with you.


Mark being disappointed by the lack of infinite rubber ducks is such a mood tbh

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Mark said my content is better, who else agrees?

    Tuna Sandwich

    ​@Joseph #Biden2024 me. Cause why tf not?

    Brian Fluu

    @Joseph #Biden2024 does your content have infinite ducks though?

    Chicken Nuggiez

    ​@Brian Fluu you have your priorities straight


    i was literally watching that part when scrolling downstairs to see the comments and read this 😭

Ignacio Diaz

Mark’s unjustified hate towards the cute robot who only wanted to help is hilarious

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Mark said my content is better, who else agrees?

    The Random Man

    @Joseph #Biden2024 no one, quit the dumb self promotion and just make decent content.

    Nadia Cho

    That thing is not cute 😫


    Noou it is

The Master

Mark and Lixian did us dirty with the jumpscare,what a team work😂



    Kayla DaRocha

    I screamed so loud. Lixian, WHYYYY ?!!!!!!


    Thankfully I only flinched but still it got me 😂

    Noah Ó Mórain-Rush

    I played this video while cooking food, and leaned over on the counter to get closer to my phone RIGHT as the jumpscare happened, I was so salty 😂

    Spoopy McSpoops

    it was one of those jumpscares that left me calm afterwards and not mad. thats how you know it was a good one 🤣


markiplier sending the baby through the tube had me DYING🤣



    Artemis Rain

    Bruh laughed so hard 😂


    The cannon got me good like I couldn’t contain the laughter and just typing this is making me laugh lmao

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Seems like Mark went to the store and asked for the shirt with just the widest neck opening possible


    discretely advertising his of 🪭

Jessica Bennett

Mark: “I’m not going to put the baby in the oven!”
Also Mark: Puts baby in a tube and drops it from a tall height

Shachar Edelstein

Mark: “It’s like a baby”
Sign: *No babies allowed*


    Tim Hyde

    The second I saw this comment I saw this part

    Fatima Pavon




Karver Nevermore

I love mark’s relationship with newt throughout this entire game

Cole Kiesler

The whole time Markiplier still being unfazed for what’s about to scare him always seems to somehow make the video a lot more scarier than the horror game itself.

    Fatima Pavon



    I mean it is mark sooo….




Marks hate towards newt is so sad and funny at the same time- it’s the least scary character we’ve seen in a while and yet marks distaste for it is so hilarious

    chaos kid

    and near the end of the video he misses Newt 😭💀

    Fatima Pavon


    Rebax Bayushi

    Well, let’s be honest, Mark often get highly suspicious of the wrong characters. Another good example of that would be the teddy from Among the Sleeps, he hated the little guy for almost all of the game too.


    @Rebax Bayushi Weirdly I remember being mildly suspicious of him, too. Then again, maybe I just watched Mark play it and it rubbed off on me, but I don’t think I did.

    Rebax Bayushi

    @Lucifronz Well, I’ll admit he is suspicious for a while, but after maybe 30 minutes, most people get he isn’t a threat in the game. The fact he shine when you hug him is a good indication of it too. But for Mark, if I remember correctly, he only realised he wasn’t a bad guy when his arm was ripped off.


Poor Newt, he had so much to live for.😢



    James Todd

    He could have tried restoring Newt with the camera


    Rip newt, you will be missed 🪦😭


Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Lixian has to sit through every second of every video, and cut what is probably over an hour of footage into what we see every day while finding what to meme up and when?

And can we also thank him and his parental instincts (and common sense) for stopping Mark from nuking an infant? xD


    Lol the last para has sarcasm in it

    Cid Aulstyne

    He didn’t stop Mark from putting the Baby in the cannon to blast it into oblivion!

Romy Schouten

Mark: “I would never put the baby in the oven!?… Who would do that!?…”
Meanwhile Mark: *trying to put the robot in the oven*

    Anastasia Klyuch

    And that being after saying that Newt is “like a baby” and basically being told off by the sign like that’s NO BABY and thus using it as an excuse XD

Ronald Lopez

Mark hating NEWT at the beginning then loving him when he lost him was hilarious

Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

I love how mark routinely chooses a random object to bring with him through the game and then forgets about it immediately


    click on the account > about section > report account

El Nero Habanero

23:50 Mark would totally be the kind of dad that throws a cheese slice to a baby’s face if he ever have one


If nobody’s connected the dots yet; “Baby in yellow” is somewhat related to Hastur, “The King in Yellow” by Robert W. Chambers, and in extension H.P. Lovecraft. You can see drawings of Hastur throughout the levels as well as the big black star in the sky referenced in the play itself: “Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies”

    Luke Egdorf

    Not to mention the multiple mentions of Carcosa.


Mark hating on Newt in the beginning and then getting sad/not believing it when he died is peak character development

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