My heart rate went beyond the limits #shorts

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Faisal Bakhalah



What’s so scary?


    This guy 💀

    Life with autism.. please be kind

    @Cow 🔫🚬🕵🏼X

    gelly yama

    is this rhetorical?





Sandra Josephine

*Even with the current dip in the financial Market am still glad i can smile back at my portfolio of $ 400,000 built from my months of weekly trade*

    Edgar J. Witherspoon

    Please how does that work?

    Sandra Josephine

    I invested with Mr Brewster Moore, he is, sincerely i tell you, the best.

    Andrew Joseph Cohen

    Same here, a transaction of €4,000 to €17,400 in just two weeks, he is really a good broker

    Ruben Lane

    I heard a lot of investing with Mr Brewster Moore how good is he, please how safe are the profit?

    Queen Rooney

    I trade with him, The profits are secured and over a 100% return on investment directly sent to you.

2 sinfulsans gaming actor

By which delirious put links to the videos?

    D reynoso

    Usually top right of screen if on phone. There is 3 dots in a vertical line.

toy bonnie


Josh Watson

What is this!?!

    D reynoso

    Conjuring house if im not mistaken. It was an awesome video of his

nate gamer tv


Boss LeveL

How did he make himself animated? That’s so cool 😎


    On the contrary.


what it is like if that one kid runs from that neighbors dog.


Glad ur not sick anymore also love the animation

thee space god

bro got so scared the animation glitched💀


I feel like all the people talking about the “animation” don’t know what a Vtuber is


    Hopefully it stays that way.

Zmbi Frik

That’s a nice fear animation for the vtuber model.

Samuel Dausab

Seriously, in this game. I hated that demon creature thing, always appeared on the worst times

Daniel Mohave

Holy crow


Hes played this awhile ago like years ago did he play it again??

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