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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
3:05 The first look
4:15 How we're gonna move it
5:07 The drives
6:24 What is a SAN?
10:41 High availability
14:27 Other SAN benefits
14:54 Why hasn't LMG used a SAN before?
18:58 They try to sell us more stuff
19:47 Loading up & debrief




It’s awesome how pumped Linus and Jake get about this random enterprise tech.


    It’s pretty basic acting really

    Andrew Clement

    Yeah. This is pretty normal data center stuff. They need more data center tours

    tom bruton

    Think you massively overpaid. I’d of asked for it for free

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Seeing Linus outside of his office is like seeing your teacher outside of school


    i came

    Le Docteur Gonzo

    this video is just two guys looking for white Castle and on the way they are going to buy a server because, why not! it was only 5000! …..seriously, the ravages of pot in canada man ..


    @Radin same bro


    ​@Radin Ayo chill


    ???? OwO


Bruh can we take a moment to appreciate how immaculate those controllers were after 10 years of operation.

    Mark Manderson

    the way server rooms and infra should be kept, when in a controlled env dust isnt a thing with Hepa filtration.


    When you buy from a data center, servers normally come dust free in my experience


    That’s what they should look like in a proper server room.


    @rustler08 Our san is even older than that and there’s like 0 dust on it. Saying that I can’t wait to get rid of it

    Daniel M

    The proper datacenters I’ve worked in are humidity and temperature controlled with lots of filters on Hvac equipment.

Salad Greens

It’s not often you find a negotiation where one side is thinking “are we basically stealing from them” while the other is thinking “I’m just not going to question why they are doubling our asking price”


    They are probably happy for someone to get that stuff of the building ASAP. I know i am when we rotate our hardware out of the server room.

    D827 Kelly

    ​@Doso777especially as they are at the end of their lease. Getting rid of it quicker might save them potential extra fees and they get something back that can be allocated for fixing the building before handing it back etc


    @Doso777 e-waste handling fees are no joke

    Rahul Shah

    The book high fidelity has this kind of scenario.

    Friendly Unit

    He offered 1k they wanted 5k. They didn’t double anything


ive been working in cloud computing server testing for about a year now and its so fascinating seeing linus and the team do these kinda vids, cause i actually know whats going on now!!

Don F

This just makes me want a scrapyard wars server edition. Just find two small business’ that need some IT infrastructure upgrade and send two teams after them. Linus/Anthony vs Luke/Jake.


    Would be Linus/Emily now! But definitely could be interesting, especially after he said on WAN Show that they would bring it back.

    Don F

    @Adowrath oh whoaI was wonder about the recent absence. I had to look up what you meant as at first, I assumed there was some newly spawned solo ASMR channel stealing her away! Looking forward to her return to spotlight when she feels ready. Retro gaming wouldn’t be the same without her.

Daniel carr

Ex NetApp employee here!

Really cool to see Linus and the team get their hands on a Netapp system. These systems don’t just do SAN, they can can do NAS AND SAN AT THE SAME TIME.

In his controller and JBOD setup, it looks like he has a single IOM module per shelf (think of IOM as a SAS shelf). This only really gives a single path per shelf to each controller, so while the overall chassis would have “dual path”. He would need an additional module where that blank was situated.

As for the OS, while it is propriety (called dataONTAP) it’s actually based on freeBSD, so it’s a lot more akin to TrueNAS command line. There is no on device GUI though, you need additional software and licenses from NetApp to give a GUI from it’s web port.

He’s about to get himself into a whole world of cool and interesting! I’d love to see where that content leads him to.

    wobbly sauce

    When it was working … it was a dream to use.

    David Dzien

    Just coming across your comment now seeing his own just now seeing the video. I emphasize strongly knowing what he is not fully explaining, but it is sort of a rabbit hole trying to explain it in proprietary terms.

    NetApp has some really nice stuff going on, but this is one of their old systems as compared to their all flash FAS that they have been pushing since 2016.

    This brings me back to all my certifications for the technology and gives me a little bit of a chuckle at the same time.

    bim bar

    Should be 7 mode?


    ​@bim bar If the DataOntap is 8.2 or below, Yes its 7-mode. Anything above 8.2, it would be cluster mode.

    Bastet Furry

    My hubby and i rescued some Netapp equipment from the dumpster. Sadly they don’t give any support, not even updates, to enthusiasts. Just my opinion, but they at least should release some enthusiast/home lab version of their software for reused systems, see it as a form of advertisement, if a tech savory admin uses that stuff at home the chances are higher that they pester their boss to get one for the company.
    Maybe one day i drive down to Düsseldorf and pester them to hand me an USB stick with the last update for our junk. 😅

Alice Bogosian

That is an awesome rack! Also, props to the company for letting them film and all that help. They seem like really nice people <3

Cameron MacMartin

I loved this format, really scrapyard wars-y. Linus’s energy is unmatched too!


I’m sure this was honestly entirely impromptu, but I love the old feel of just, “Go, go, go!” but with everything Linus has learned over the years.
Hoping to see more stuff like this as Linus gets more “freedom”!

Gear Seekers

Seeing Linus and Jake excited over NetApp gear warms my heart. This was my daily life a few years ago.

    From the Catacombs – Goblin Tech

    Same homie <3


    Now you’re at home with Klaire and Bindi making content that you want to. Living the dream, mate!

    Fity Bux

    Same. I was the disk swapper guy that swapped your drives. (And troubleshooted things when things went horribly wrong, very infrequently. When I wore this hat, I was basically the sysadmin’s sysadmin. Kind of cool.) My boss was literally a computer system that told me where to drive out and go to work that morning. 😆 We were cogs in the machine and kept the gears of corporate giants oiled. It was an awesome job, but kind of thankless.


    In fairness, my garage server is always from old server racks I pick up on eBay. I have a 64 core monster with 32gb ram and 4 bays. Clearly, it was designed before virtualization was a hot mess. It runs plex and the house apps flawlessly!


    I always wanted a NetApp at the company I work as Admin. But now it got really obsolete.

Bjørn-Oskar Rønning

This needs a sequel! A buy like this isn’t unattainable for us normal folks, so seeing what you can do with just this hardware would be really interesting!


    scrapyard wars “enterprise edition”


    @crEEz0 I WANT THIS

    Milko Owen

    But you need a server room, this isn’t really for home use because of the power consumption and noise.


    @crEEz0 This is so underrated. I want to see this!

    Toni Ivanov

    ​@Milko Owen i mean.. Its not like there aren’t people with server rooms


Small mistake at 9:27 : iSCSI *does* run over TCP/IP (the i stands for internet). To be fair though, there are non-TCP/IP protocols that are commonly used for SANs, such as Fibre Channel.

    Fity Bux

    Special award for getting “Fibre Channel” correct! 👏 🏆

    Chris Crowther

    One my systems still has a Fibre Channel controller in it…I just don’t have anything to connect it to anymore: I used to have Sun StorEdge A5200 which, while cool to have, was ridiculous on power usage and has the same “the discs are eye wateringly expensive and you can’t even get that much capacity out of it” problem as the SAN in the video.

    (I think the A5200 could take a maximum of 22 x 300 GiB discs. And that would probably cost you over £3,500, which is not a great price for 6.6 TiB…)




    Likewise, the performance limitations of SMB don’t come from running over TCP/IP. It’s from limitations in what SMB lets you do, e.g. resulting in having to do many more protocol transactions than to do the same thing in other remote filesystem protocols e.g., NFS.

    Chris Crowther

    @TOT3m1c SMBv3 introduced a lot of improvements, iirc. Although the file copy performed by SHFileOperation – which is what you’re effectively using if you drag and drop files in File Explorer – is crap at actually taking advantage of them.

    Which is why people end up using robocopy for doing batch copies over the network (largely because it can actually take advantage of the multichannel capabilities by using multiple copy threads).

Mark Mayhew

I just want to thank the owners of the hardware who accepted a real low ball offer and then had to stand around for an hour or more. Just for us all to get a rundown/tutorial on the equipment. Also shout out to the Fab Rats swag on one of the owners hats. 18:40

    Gaston Cerioni

    I only came to the comment section to see if someone mentioned the Fab Rats hat. Thank you, you good citizen c:.

    Patriot 03

    At the end of the video Linus says the listing was actually supposed to be $500, not $5,000. So Linus offering $1,000 wasn’t exactly a low ball from the seller’s perspective all things considered.


    ​@Patriot 03 yeah and given he’s never featured one on the channel before, I think the way he presented himself lowballing is how it feels to get that content

    Nathan Woo

    Besides getting a better price than meant to this is a form of networking. They might have no intentions of working together but sharing knowledge can be extremely useful.


    Why not just make it quick and convenience for the seller by taking everything back to LTT before filming all that?

Denis Ruskin

Linus seems as excited as a kid around a christmas tree full of presents…and I love it.

Damian Guppy

Speaking from experience, depending on licensing level, that kit probably was closer to $500k-$1m brand new. Also while they are using “raid 10” netapp has an overlay file system called WAFL (write anywhere file layout) which is very write optomised. When the netapp has something to write to disk, it will write it wherver the heads currently are, and then sort out optimising later.

Respectable Username

For a video filmed on an iPhone, it sure looked pretty damn up to spec! Great work David and the editing team making cameraphone footage look so good!

    Maciej P.

    Also shows just how capable cameras are in modern smartphones

Tomasz Kamiński

As a storage engineer this video was a blast 🙂 It looks like a great deal, but consider power consumption. I recently replaced 2 similar storages around 70TB each, with 1U IBM FlashSystem 5200. Old storage needed 2800W, and new one is only 300W 🙂

    Sarah Cartwright

    That’s a large room heater!


This was so cool to see. LTT has many great videos about their own server implementations, but those are necessarily specific to their circumstances. They also have many great data centre videos. But seeing how other small (no that LTT is “small” anymore) companies deploy enterprise hardware is really amazing.

Michael Minier

I want an American Pickers type series where Linus and Jake(or mix it up!) do things exactly like this. I’d also like to see Linus visiting some of the more historic tech related sites and things like that.

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