Best Android Features Apple Had First #shorts

But who did it better? #android #apple #smartphone

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#android #androidfeatures #shorts



Rushabh Shah.

Android takes a couple years to bring those features ios takes 7


    And that was back then. In more modern times apple still takes like 5 years and Android adds it in a mid year update


You forgot airdrop!!!!!!! The most important one in my opinion.


    Android doesn’t do that…


    @rcastorena i thought that Samsung had a similar feature. But still airdrop is like 10 years old


Incoming triggered fandroids

    Rushabh Shah.


    Rushabh Shah.

    It’s totally fine that they all copy ideas of useful features so everyone can have the best experience regardless of the phone they use

Tekel Abraha

Open up iMessage and give it to them.


Make a video about all the things Apple stole from other tech companies.

    Andrew Kimani

    Yess yesss😂😂

    Rushabh Shah.

    It will be 4 hours long


Let’s make a list of all the things Android had first… NFC? Widgets?…

Cooper 109

there’s always a way to find apple having android stuff but why can’t I ever find anything for Apple stuff that was first


This was a complete waste of time.

Richard C

Android beta tests features for Apple. Then Apple perfects them

Gianni E.

Yeah but if you made a video of what Apple copied from Android it’d be a movie not a short

Portman Z.

It’s cool Apple was first to some things but the thing here is that Apple takes a while until they do it the “Apple way”, while android doesn’t waste any time into doing it the “Android way”.


Go girl

Promote Plus

30 features or 3 😅


Samsung makes the screens for apple


Hard pass on cnet


Screen recording was on Samsung first.

William Sheridan

These aren’t true… Badges were available on Samsung first, and actually on Windows Phones much earlier. My pocket PC had them. DND was on Samsung first, as well as Screen Recording.

Dimas Setiawan

Im not surprised people are missing the point. Yes there are android phones that had these features before apple, but those features are added by the manufacturer, they were not baked in to the base/stock android.


Who cares

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