Here are our thoughts on the new MacBook Air 15 in 60 seconds. #shorts

Apple’s first big-screened MacBook Air addresses a long-standing need in the company’s laptop lineup. And it comes with zero surprises and no sticker shock.

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    Thomas Bowers

    Yes. 👍

Nicolas Silva A.

unless it drops to $899 i’m not buying it, this is stupidly expensive and offers nothing different from the macbook i own right now


    Nobody asked you to and neither are they gonna sell it new for $900. This ticks the box for a lot of people that finally have a large screen macOS option that isn’t overkill like the Pro 16in.


    You will after Apple drops support for your device and you can’t even browse the web safely


    Cool story bro


    Then dont buy it damn

Malcolm H

It gave you 14 hours?? Or did you read that off the stats?! because that doesn’t seem true to reality


    The website said 18 hours, so I would believe the verge


    But these m series chips are crazy efficient! Don’t doubt them

Thomas Bowers

Apple tens, to do these mild refreshes in hopes to get people to buy what they call a new machine. This is just like when they released a new Apple the yellow iPhone 14..

Jody Newell

“Without having to pay thousands of dollars?” It is not exactly cheap at 1700.


    Beats the alternative of needing to get the $2500 Pro if all you want is a big screen and macOS. The base model 15in Air at half that price will be fine for most really, this model is a great upgrade from the old 2016 era Touch Bar 15in Macs, leaps and bounds ahead of the Intel MacBooks in battery, thermals and performance, same quality screen now on the Air line. Honestly a question of why they didn’t offer this sooner as it’s been a big missing niche of a large screened non-Pro device.


8GB memory and 256GB SSD in 2023…. STILL

    Qasim Hassan

    Should be base 16gb and 1tb ssd for the price.

Sam Sung

The battery is going to burn up without a sleep option




I want it 😮


They can’t make it good to beat the pro

    Muhammed Shanif

    They won’t obviously 😅


    If they did then it wouldn’t be for this price

Martin Střálka

Just buy a 14″ Macbook Pro base version, it will be way better and cheaper lol


    Isn’t that a lot more expensive-?

    Martin Střálka

    @xLeafy_y Its not, if you get the same storage and RAM as the cheapest MB 14″ M1 Pro, thats 512/16gb, the MB Pro is cheaper. At least in my region it is. I know it isnt M2 but M1 Pro is still better than base M2, it has far better speakers and display with 120Hz, also you get more ports. This Macbook Air makes no sense when you compare it. Buying it over the Pro is just stupid.

Hemanth Reddy NALAKONDA

They nerfed the battery. Sabotage indeed😂


The problem with that $1699 price for the 16gb/512gb model is that you can regularly find a base model 14in pro for $1750 or so on sale. $50-$100 more for a better (if slightly smaller) screen, more ports, and the M2 pro.

Apple needs to stop nerfing the ram and storage on the base models. Nothing should be less than 16gb/512gb.


No way, that’s way too expensive. In the EU, the 8GB/512GB model goes for about €1800 ($1950), and you can’t even find the 16GB/1TB model because it doesn’t make any sense to sell it.

D. F.

want more ports but also want it lighter….

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