What the hell is happening with Reddit?! Our Jay Peters explains. #shorts

On the first day of a sitewide protest at Reddit’s planned API changes, the website experienced a major outage.

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kirk white

Ok that explains things, I tried to view the Hunt Showdown sub reddit earlier today and I couldn’t. I didn’t know this was the reason why.


No offense but who cares lol

    N O

    Actually tons of people


    A lot of people tbh


    Millions of people


    Reddit is literally the 20th most visited website in the world. It’s not a small amount of people that are mad

Rudolph Beasley

Ahhhhhhhh this actually makes wayyyyy more sense.


How is reddit gong to stop AI models using its data? AI companies aren’t reading reddit using an API, they use web scrapers. There’s nothing reddit can do to stop AI makers from accessing reddit data, as AI makers can just make their scrapers behave like regular users.


    Agreed and the huge reddit corpora has already been scraped over the past few years. This was a move to kill off 3rd party apps plain and simple Jay.

    Chris M

    ​@virtuserable can you explain why they would wanna do this? i dont know anything about this and cant make sense how reddit would benefit from shutting down these apps

Desmond Hawkins

It’s not mentioned directly but shown in one of the articles on screen, how much the Apollo developer would be expected to pay with the new API pricing: it’s estimated to be *$20 million per year* in API costs alone. It might be the #1 Reddit app on the app store, but it doesn’t bring in _that_ kind of cash.


I hope Reddit fails. The moderators have superiority complexes.


When Apollo goes I’m leaving reddit


Gonna go the same way as photobucket.

Richard C


Captain Picard

AI training data was generated by the people. The income from that belongs to the people.

Hans Hudyncia

“Its not what you think” proceeds to be exactly what you thought

Peeyush Gupta

Reddit is also a business, they need to make money as well. Seems very logical to me that reddit wants money for its data.


    Nobody is saying they shouldn’t be charging money it’s how costly it is and also the way they handled everything.

    tony delamancha

    30 day warning is not how you do business


    Look at the whole picture. Apollo’s founder has been on record that he is open to negotiating prices with Reddit. The notice Reddit gives Apollo is also so short, they don’t even have time to raise prices to account for the massive hike in costs. End result, they will have to shoulder the losses.

    Apollo is also a business. With what’s Reddit has been doing, they’ll literally be out of business.

Eric Estes

I used reddit for 16 years. They lost the narrative.
Moved to Twitter. The speed of improvement has been crazy to see play out.

Red Button TV1

do… we… get… money???

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