Atomic Purple PS5. #shorts

Atomic Purple PS5.

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This short might as well be muted compared to everything else in my feed, it’s so quiet.

Blumex AI

Dude.. $100 for two clear pieces of plastic and a sticker 😒 that’s ridiculous because we know it cost about $3-4 to actually make all of this. Ridiculous

    Aryan Gupta

    Right 👍

Andrew Serña

Classic Nintendo is gray

Jakob Grene

Did you say 100 Dollars???


    Yeah, right? I’m sorry, but that’s completely nuts.
    But I’m sure, there will be plenty of idiots spending that amount of money for 2 pieces of plastic.

    Cody Corley

    Cough, cough* say what!

Leon S.

That looks absolutely atrocious

Jeremiah Anderson-Ferguson

Bruh, you could have all the money and this seems like such a scam. 😂

It also looks tacky as f.


What has become of this channel?


I’m so glad PlayStation sued DBrand and won. They literally dared them to and then complained when they did.

These plates would be kinda nice for someone wanting that look, but as others said, $100 is crazy for something made of cheap plastic they mass produce.


    someone seems sour lol. Dbrands darkplates are amazing.

Ben Pauley

Whoever does audio at The Verge needs to be fired. Consistently awful audio in every single video


This is tech journalism?

Ray Skinner

Is this sponsored?

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