I bought the most CURSED Tech on the internet.

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Download Arun's tech configuration on Operas Desktop 

If you already have Opera Desktop on your computer, then follow the quick instructions below to set Arun's configuration on it (not applied if you downloaded Opera Desktop for the first time with this link):

– Download Arun's build from the link provided
– Unzip the download file and launch the installer
– Once you see the installer, select Stand-alone installation in "Install for"
– Select an install path for the folder where you want to keep Arun's version of the Opera browser
– Once the installation is complete, go to this folder and launch the application from there.

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Joseph Edwards

With all these cursed tech videos… I’m starting to get concerned about Arun’s safety here… 😄

    Aleena Malik

    Same… 😀👍

    kinda sus ( COMMENTER )

    R/cursed comments


    I was so scared when he was wearing the Lighter Watch bro! 😰
    Thank god he did not wear it while trying to light it up

    Super Nostalgia

    The Lord came as Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the cross so we can all be saved. We just have to put all our faith for salvation in Him and repent, and then we are saved. Repent means turning away from all sin and feeling sorrow for it. God is so good that He gave me eternal life despite me being a sinner. .



    @Super Nostalgia what


did you ever anticipate how bad this was going to get? 😢
If you liked this video, you’ll love my playlist all about the most Extreme Tech I’ve bought on the internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOfGZC6xEb8&list=PLflqtq8EOGAL_OmnMixISKvdDwvWvoQGs&index=2
Download Arun’s tech configuration on Operas Desktop https://opr.as/Arun-Opera-Tech-configuration


    I can’t even imagine how bad it’s gonna get lmao

    Darth Raider

    Please do a full kitchen gadgets video

    EVERY one sub me I sub you

    Tanks for 200 sub🎉🎉❤🎉❤


    I’m not sure but I’m going to watch it now


    Mr whose the boss can i get a heart?

Syed Bilal

Didnt expect a cursed edition in this series but im all for it.


    we can all agree that this is very cursed


    I like cursed memes
    (But only funny ones)

    Sakthipriya G

    Yes sirrrr

    kinda sus ( COMMENTER )


    CowboyHunter ROBLOX&more

    Last one is too cursed


Okay, so now all you have to do, is attach that umbilical charger to that Nintendo plush baby and you’d actually have the creepiest charger ever 👍🏼


    That’s horrible, thanks I hate it

    Floppa gaming

    Aw hell nahh


    What the hail


    Helll naahhhh man wtf maaan




We definitely need a part 2, I mean there are many the most cursed items on the internet!

    Denis Gavrylenko

    I remember there was a cube of human like skin with an eye that opens and closes

Kasper Jensen

Not gonna lie, those finger-extenders actually look pretty cool. I’d probably buy a set it I had the money to spare on something that’s largely completely pointless

BT20MEC110 Aniket Turkel

As horrifying as the umbilical cord charger is, I understand the artist’s viewpoint a tiny bit. And I am actually interested to see the other such devices that she made.

    fq eagles

    I want that charger so much 😂😂

    Internet User

    ​@Super NostalgiaAhh.. so we meet again

    DDM Gamer

    ​@Super Nostalgia

    Jay Fujiwara

    I would rock that charger lol. It looks cool


    @fq eagles may I ask why


That umbilical cord charger must be the weirdest, not to mention creepiest piece of art I have seen in my life. More than an umbilical cord, it reminds me of some alien species out of a horror movie, wriggling around in search of a victim to burrow itself into.


    is it even art at this point?


    There are plenty of creepier art than this. I have spent too much time at YouTube horror channels.


    @MegaAprilO it is lol


    ​@MegaAprilOthe definition of art is a human creation made to convey a message, so yeah its art

    Mister Cadaver

    I think it was based on movie Existenz with Jude Law

Nazuka official

He’s the only man who can make a long 25 mins video feel just like a 5 mins video, protect this man at all cost.

    Ian Westerhout

    one of the few creators on my list who makes 25 minutes of content and doesnt feel boring or repetitive, good stuff

    EG and AJ

    Fr you both

    RMG 1017


Toby Simmonds

The great thing about this channel, you get consistently millions of views per video, if you ever under perform on a video, you can just do another “cheep tech” video. Mad respect to you and your team, the effort is just out of this world!


That was brave of Arun to actually test all of it in his daily life


9:55 Receipts printed at stores and restaurants use heat sensitive paper instead of ink, and there are a LOT out there in the world. It’s a very efficient way to just print text without the cost of refilling ink cartridges. That said, printing images was never the priority with this kind of technology.


The artist that has done that charger is actually veryyy talented if she made an entire human body I would think it is an actual human with no doubts

Bishal Khan

The umbilical cord one freaked me out. Why was it so realistic? Props to the artist!

Camiel Hirschberg

Surprised no one is pointing out that the GB camera can just rotate (hence the little arrow on the shell) so you can just take a selfie without any issue 🙂


that charger and artist is awesome! i love experimental works like that, especially ones that have that much detail

chydbhs wened

this guy seriously deserves his subscribers but he seriously deserves more. the editing is always so well done and he buys all these silly items for content. i swear all of his videos and even shorts are so entertaining, keep it up arun!

    Anant Mall

    I think 15 million is more than a decent number of subscribers

    James Ayers

    I think he deserves a lot but more is a bit much

Kingdom Hearts Army

The Mutalk actually looks like a cool and useful gadget. I’d like to look into it when it releases in the US.

Alen Antonio

The cursed charger was the best tbh because she had put a lot of work in it . good job 🙂

Darth Bulldog

2:10 massive respect for saying “our video” and not “my video”. My man understands the amount of work his employees do and huge props to him

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