NEW Amazon Fire Max 11 – Unboxing & First Impressions!

Amazon just dropped their new 11 inch tablet and accessories. How tempting is that price tag?

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Recon_ DX

Love your videos a lot man can’t wait to see more

Spandan Jadhav

Loving the setup !

Clarence Linear

Love the new setup!

Ron P.

Wow. It looks great. I may use it for color e-reading and a backup to my IPAD! 😎

    Brandon 0159

    I have 2 and the app support sucks compared to iPad it’s not Google or android either so it’s limited fire os sucks


UAC videos always hit me in my cozy spot. Today was a stressful day, you really helped me tone down. Thank you.


I have an older generation Amazon Fire tablet and I felt limited by being locked into the Amazon app store instead of the full Android app store.


    *Typing from an older generation Amazon Fire tablet with the full Android app store sideloaded*


    @Slappysan I tried the whole sideloading thing and didn’t get great results.


    @bonanzabrandon I did it twice with zero problems. Perhaps you didn’t take enough time to find reliable directions. It was time well spent for me.

Caden Churchill

I would love to see more cheaper tablets!

Lunar Mooner

Nice video. Been waiting for this to drop. Picture in Picture? Or just split screen with video streaming on one side?

The Joker

The issues I’ve had with Fire tablets is the app store and some of the older model specs were horrible


Amazon could put the best of the best components in their tablet, better than even the iPad 12.9’s ones, but as long as they insist on using “their own” o.s. (with the relative store, which has one thousandth of the apps available elsewhere) instead of Android all Amazon Fire tablets will always be crap.


    You’re absolutely right. That Fire OS is total garbage. Should be called Dumpster Fire OS


Really good for kids, else it has got terrible specs for 2023. But great price point. Will definitely consider this for the kids

    Ulrich Brossmann

    Maybe better get the HD8 kids version for much less $$$

Navodth Bhanuka

Their tablets are awesome tho. Only downside is no Google app store 😢 I’m still using one I bought in 2013 and still doing great. The hardware is next level. Hope the OS has improved


    They where this one is overpriced and strangely specced it includes an excellent CPU but will still be laggy as Amazon thought it would be a good idea to not include enough ram so it will still be laggy.


Like that none keyboard case 👍🏻 definitely picking one of these.

Mr. Guillotine

I’m poor so I always love seeing more budget oriented tech. I really like when some creators go out their way to really dig into the budget options, compare them to higher end ones, and just make the effort to find the absolute best budget tech that sometimes gets you close to the same performance of the much more expensive stuff. For instance, there are a lot of budget headphones out there in the world, many of them are even made at the same factories as more expensive name brands, so it’s not unheard of for some $50 (or less) headphones to give you sound quality that would expect from a more premium brand.

    Louis Dega

    Listen my friend, people that buy iPhones might be poorer that you, standing with their expensive tech without friends, living behind a screen and trying to feel happy by faking in social media. I was thirty earning several thousands per month and used a Huawei phone until they gifted me an iPhone so believe me, you must not pay too much attention in these things.

    Ulrich Brossmann

    Sorry, this device will definitely suck for its price class. The smaller, cheap fire tabs seem ok as kindle and media players or for kids entertainment. Poor hardware, crippled OS and app store. I am not happy with my Fire HD 10.

Jeremy Tanudtanud

There needs to be more tablet options since its so limited just like smartphone choices since smartphone choices have shrank drastically. There are more bluetooth headphones and even bluetooth speakers than tablet and smartphone choices combined. Its hard to find choices when looking for particular features that were removed on newer devices compared to the older generation of products. Its gotten to the point of smartphone and tablet options that its gotten smaller and smaller portions like going out to eat like fast food for example but with higher price tags but the portions are shrinking so much. The portions and packages of food when buying groceries have gotten smaller unless you buy in bulk like costco and the same thing is happening with tech, limited options with limited features unless you buy more to get more unlike how it used to be when you buy stuff, you get so much for what you pay for. The best bang for the buck is starting to become an anomaly. Micro transactions does not help since not everyone an afford to pay for more and get less due to the price increases.

The Advisor Files

This is pretty dope. I use my fire 10inch pretty often. With hopes the screen is better because everyone I know who has that 10 inch has a blue article problem.


I’m interested to see how much this will be in Canada. I’m guessing $450 or so…

Benjamin Lee

Hearing good things about the Amazon Fire Max 11. Can anyone share their thoughts on the Mediatek processor’s performance and speed?

Oliver Smith

Fire Max 11 is Amazon’s best tablet yet. It is packed with premium features and a cool mediatek SoC, making it an incredible value for its price.

Chelsea Michelle

I have an older fire tablet and I love it for a kindle but I didn’t like the Amazon only App Store, I’d have loved a full android store. If money wasn’t an issue I’d love and iPad but this could be a more affordable option. I’ll have a look into it

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