The Heilwald Loophole

The Heilwald Loophole is a great scary game but I'm sick so just trust me on this one.

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I remember Pastra covering this game and thinking to myself “I’d love to see markiplier play through this”
Here we are

    Islay Bastin

    I thought it looked familiar! I was wracking my brain, trying to think if I saw pastra play it or john wolfe!

    It’s-A Me Lizzie

    I was trying to figure out where I’d seen this before

    Isaac Bussey

    The exact same thing happened to me!! I wanted mark to play it to make this game blow up

    Yeet Gunderson

    ​@Isaac Bussey almost the exact same except for with 8-bitryan

    Jonathan Herring

    Pastra got me into both Heilwald and No one lives under the lighthouse. good to see Mark picking up one of the two!


The fact that Mark STILL remembers Presentable Liberty to this day is a testament to how good that game was.

    Daniel Burger

    Right? I rewatch it every couple of years, it was the video of marks that made me subscribe back in the day


    I will never forget that video and game

    Freia M

    I’m still so sad about what happened to that games creator :((


    I’d love for him to come back to it some time down the line. I know it’s a very singular experience, but at least in memory of its creator it would be nice to see him go through it again.


    It was weird hearing about it after all this time, I might play it soon.

Cole Kiesler

Markiplier: Gets chased by the doctor.

Also Mark: “Well even though I don’t have a degree on being a doctor but I do have a degree on making ambulance sounds.”

    Mckenzie Brouer

    No, he has “a trash pedigree” 🤣

    Fatima Pavon


    Metalhead Dude

    Mark was a Surgeon once, he didn’t kill all his patients just most of them


    Na he turned into patrick star


    ​@HungieBoi This guy gets it. It’s a SpongeBob reference.


Coming out of the loophole honestly sounded like the most painful Taco Bell diarrhea ever

    Fatima Pavon



    Not the honesty we wanted, but the honesty we deserved



    Kagemusha Shien

    Nah, the toilet with blood is.

    Justice Marlon

    Thanks to this comment I just instinctually laugh every time I hear it now. First time watching this playthrough and I can’t stop laughing

Marcel Craig

this game is way better than i thought it would be. I didn’t understand “both funny and scary” at the same time but now i get it.

Larva Tuba Show

Love how Mark just keeps saying “wee woo” while the doctor is chasing him like he’s some sort of scared ambulance

    Nehemiah Pouncey

    Just like the minions.

    Nerun Smarts

    i’d like to assume he does it in reference to Patrick

CJ O’Neill

the sound design on that doctor is terrifying. even when i knew it was coming it mad me jump

    Nehemiah Pouncey

    Now I’m afraid of asian doctors.😱

Isaac E

I’m surprised Mark didn’t make any comments about the “power” of the tall nurse Anne.
With an incredibly energized voice, and a truly shocking show of strength, she really showed those doors who’s boss.

    Ashes_ and_F1re

    pointing out this possible pun, cause it made me giggle
    a *shocking* show of strength

    Isaac E

    ​@Ashes_ and_F1revery intentional

    Quite the electrifying personality nurse Anne has.

    Nehemiah Pouncey

    She kick them doors in
    LIKE A BOSS!!!!🎶🎶


    Those kicks were electrifying to see


I love how mark screamed even more while he was hiding in the stall because of whatever was coming out of the toilet 😂

    Juan Benavidez

    Right???? Me af


I hope Markiplier sees this game all the way through. It’s definitely an interesting experience! I saw a full playthrough not to long ago by another YouTuber and I love to see each individual persons’ reactions to the game.


I love how Mark is such a youtube veteran and so loved that even with no effort millions flock to his videos just because he’s so cool


    💯 agree. I’m one of them, LoL 🤣


    I mean how could you not want to laugh and get so scared you fall off your bed with that face!

Dante Lesiewicz

Markiplier running for his life while making ambulance noises is my favorite thing ever

    Nehemiah Pouncey

    Just like Patrick on SpongeBob
    Or the minions.😂

Chicho Claymations

That “wHeRe ArE yOu GoInG” makes me tense up and since you know he’s coming it’s just so intense 😂

    Nehemiah Pouncey

    So the dude takes your liver while
    The chick straight up shocks the hell
    Outta you.
    The patient chasing you just knocks
    You down.

J e s s i P e p p e r m i n t z

The way Anne kicks down every door she encounters is a feeling in of itself.


It’s kinda funny how Mark’s understanding of “follow me” is to stand completely still, stare through his soul, then slowly back away

Sydney Kleckner

The “WHERE ARE YOU GOING” gives me major anxiety and I cannot be the only one


    Same here kinda reminds me of getting caught by a teacher when you’re going somewhere you’re not supposed to


    @depression_cabinet Nah, he said it more playfully.


the sound design is so so uncomfortable… like, its really putting me on edge, I love it. play more please


Markiplier still remembering Presentable Liberty fills my heart and soul.


Electric nurse: I’ll be back shortly for your electric shock therapy
Mark: *Waits patiently*
This game is the most terrifying and hilarious combination I’ve ever seen. It perfectly fits to Mark. Please more!

    Nehemiah Pouncey

    Then she stalks him😂

André Meyer

I love how Nurse Anne just casually kicks doors into oblivion to open them and we don’t even begin to question it lol.

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