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It might not have been what we were waiting for, but this tiny custom gaming PC from bilibili creator Xikii in his ForFun-02 Pro case is a work of art!

Discuss on the forum:

For more info on the case and motherboard:
Xikii’s BiliBili video about the case (Chinese):

APE’s video about the motherboard (Chinese):

MaxSun DIY-APE H610 KING ‘YTX’ Motherboard:



Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:

Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:47 Our First Clue
1:59 So pretty!
2:59 A new form factor?
5:39 Works better if you plug it in…
8:19 Will it Doom?
9:26 Let's tear it apart!
13:42 It's not screwed in?!
14:28 How much?
16:11 Outro



Daniel Darks

I love how it looks like a cassette player.

    F?СК МЕ. ТАP 0N МY Р1С



    Me and every old timer: Absolutely!
    All the Gen-Z :

    Liviu Bita

    Modern boom box confirmed.


    I was just about to say the same thing, 100% looks like a cassette tape


    What’s a cassette?


those power connectors are Neutrik powerCONs, iirc. they have connectors for xlr, rj-45, fiber and sdi in that same locking form factor.

    Simon Cox

    Is it just me or are they using the wrong gender?

    Despite the possibility of them sourcing white power input chassis mounts, the twist goes the wrong way for power input, meaning they’ve used an output mount for power in. Right?


    @Simon Cox you are correct the blue connector should be used for input while the white connector is used for output for daisy chaining multiple devises to one power cord. Probably did it for Aesthetic purposes.


    @Simon Cox The color problem of powerCON is actually considered to look good with the color of the Case, so the blue one is not used.


    AFAIK PowerCon, PowerTwist (aka TR1) and SpeakOn (for powered audio signal) are the only twist locking connector from Neutrik. Other connectors (XLR, RJ45 aka EtherCon, etc.) have simple latch mechanism

    Rerum Trading

    54th like

Pedro Fernandes

Wait, 350 dollars? I was 100% ready for the price of the case to be over 1000

    Gamerdweeb Entertainment

    why and how is the case even sold seperately though… :/

    F?СК МЕ. ТАP 0N МY Р1С


    Nich Citarella

    @Gamerdweeb Entertainment most likely logistics. They are coming from different manufacturers, so having to intake, assemble, repackage, store, ship, etc is just going to drive up cost and be a headache for something that is a small batch passion project.

    KY Z

    @Gamerdweeb Entertainment Aside from the choice of GPU(maybe some of the new SFF 4060s can also fit), all motherboards will be able to fit in perfectly, just the cable routing would be a pain for front I/O motherboards, that’s it. Since the extra space on the right side of the YTX motherboard would be absent for regular ITX motherboards, there should be enough room for cable management, but it just won’t be pretty.

    Some Guy

    i was betting around 5000!

Lets Goo

The increased width on the board is actually something I would like to see adopted more by mainstream board manufacturers. Since gpus are getting so much longer it makes sense to let the mobo to start using a bit of that space that case manufacturers already leave for the gpu

    Robert T

    So … like Eatx?

    Also many cases aren’t compatible with the wider motherboards but can still leave room for the gpu.

    Bush’s Baked Memes

    I always thought the Shuttle XPC motherboard format was awesome basically YTX or as I called it E-ITX


    Eitx ftw

Asheram K

Major kudos to the designer. I frankly wouldn’t mind that it isn’t upgradable. It’s an awesome little package and is ridiculously easy to move.


    Exposed fans basically nullify that “easy to move” strength of SFF. It’s cool looking. That’s about it.

    bruce preston

    ​@Mike It wouldn’t be difficult to make a small carry bag or something for it…

    Tristan TreeMan

    @Mike Literally just put it in a plastic bag or something else free of dust, and you can now move it around easily.


    @Tristan TreeMan It’s so small, you might even be able to 3d-print a protective shell for portability.


    @Mike put a grill on it


9:22 To avoid this, use “movflags=frag_keyframe+empty_moov” in the Custom Muxer settings, or use a format this is not MP4 or MOV (like MKV). MP4/MOV expect what is called a “MOOV atom” in the file, which contains all the metadata about the video, and the standard is to put it at the end of the file. If your recording gets interrupted somehow, that MOOV atom doesn’t get written, causing most players and video editing software to have a difficult time opening it. (If you ever run into this issue and really need to recover the recording, try producing another one with the exact same settings, which can then be used by software like “untrunc” to build the MOOV atom for the broken file.) Using the specified muxer settings, ffmpeg (and thus OBS) will generate “fragmented” files, which means it will regularly store the metadata along with the fragments it is writing. (Though be warned that some software doesn’t want to deal with fragmented files, but you can always re-mux them if needed and at least won’t lose the entire recording on a crash.)

    Nicolai Weitkemper

    I love the level of detail in this comment.

    MJ Devlog

    bro, thank you for this comment. No one can explains better. I’ll try to recover my old broken videos.

    Kas b

    That’s why I always record in MKV. just incase of some sort of crash or failure, it won’t ruin my recording.

    Iain Cole

    Yeah, super good comment. mkv is my goto


    I’ve used untrunc to recover footage off a friends drone. It’s not surefire but it’s worth a shot.


So if this ultra compact form factor is a YTX, is the form factor of a motherboard/case that’s been dropped on the floor an LTX?


    Ba dum tsss

Nathaniel Hawkins

As I’m sure many have said before that’s a white powerCON connector and the appropriate one should be blue. It’s mainly inferred but I haven’t seen anyone state it, they included the “appropriate” power cable which is effectively a male to male power cable or a “suicide cable”. If this cable is plugged into the wrong thing (like the output of a light on the white end) it creates exposed live contacts that one can potentially electrocute themselves on!

Edit: To fix this electrical safety costs around £10 GBP (Per unit) depending on suppliers as well as aesthetics


    I immediately cringed when I saw the grey ‘outlet’ powercon used for the inlet.

    Robert Hintner

    ​@aonomus Beeing a lighting guy, i was shaking seeing this…


    I appreciate finding this comment, I had the exact same reaction to the white powerCON, while I understand the aesthetic choice it does fall outside of the standard setout by Neutrik when designing the connecter. Still disapointed no PowerCON True1

Robert Highwind

I love how retro-futuristic it looks! Looks like a PC that belongs on a small personal spaceship. I’d love to have one!


The engineering on that thing is amazing. Hats off to the designer, really excellent work.

    Mad Man Productions

    Agreed! For the amount of R&D and effort and custom manufacturing that had to go into that design, as well as the beefy and precision-machined parts, I think the price point is very reasonable. Very impressive little unit unlike anything I’ve seen with that hybrid open-air design and seemingly using the case itself as a heat sink for some passive cooling a bit like the CompuLab Airtops. Hopefully we see similar but more modular/upgradeable designs follow.

    Mr. ElectronX

    100% CAD


I love the concept. I would buy a water-cooled version of this. Perhaps the radiators being (or being at) the top and bottom of this case with the tubing outside.


with the amount of engineering, designing and machining…350 is basically a steal. i would not have been surprised if the case would have been double that.
holy moly those tight fitments and tolerances. absolute respect.


    The problem is definitely availability not price lol😊

Carl Peters

The motherboard reminds me a lot of what Shuttle used to put into their SFF cases – basically a longer ITX. I loved that motherboard form factor.


I would actually love to see a duct modded system done by you guys! Maybe let Alex go all-out and design a case specifically for it. I run an NHD15 on a 13900K with no fans on the heatsink itself. There is a duct from my 140mm intake fan and a 90mm exhaust fan that are in a solid duct to it. The GPU also gets an airflow guide from the other front 140mm fan.

Javier O. Cordero Pérez

Tech Tip: If you record in MKV format, the OBS recording won’t be corrupted on shut down and you’ll be able to convert it to MP4 using OBS’s integrated MP4 conversion tool.

    Lancer Lann

    bro thank you so much for this


    OBS even warns about this when selecting MP4 as the recording format, so it’s on them for not reading.

    Sona White

    ​@TheAnoniemoagreed. Didnt know however OBS had its oen conversion tool so thats good to know

    Lancer Lann

    @TheAnoniemo my brain only make me read the first one that told it’s not recoverable. i feel so dumb after idk how many years now lol.

    Mohenjo Daro

    I’m honestly surprised how many people still use MP4 when MKV is so much safer when recording

Kas b

This is an impressively engineered case. Everything fits together so perfectly and looks so well integrated together. The price honestly isn’t crazy considering the low volume and high level of machining needed to make each case.


Man that custom motherboard form factor makes so much sense. Hope we see more of those in the future.


I love everything about this.
I love it so much.
I’m so glad he sent you this.
I literally tinker with my stuff so much that semi-open or open air has always made more sense for me so this is just so fun to see.
I see this in my future. Thanks for featuring this.

Fox Populi

This is an absolutely beautiful and brilliant product!
I would have to insist on having some sort of protective grille across the fans (and perhaps a mesh filter for dust) but beyond that I’m extremely impressed.

Harry Higgins

This case is absolutely stunning. It looked like each case panel was single block aluminium. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had the spare cash.

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