Why is Virtual Production EVERYWHERE all of the sudden??

Let's talk about VIRTUAL PRODUCTION. Thx @sonycine for the NAB 2023 invite!
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Leo Torres

Oooh! Always super exciting to be on the bleeding edge of tech like this!


This is such a great topic. Thank you. I’m learning a lot.


Just started working at a TV studio that has the older/simpler green screen Unreal engine virtual set tech, even that’s pretty cool to see in action, these LED panel sets must be a whole other level

Greg Cahill

So you’re saying you thought this whole process of digital production would save time, but it ended up being moire work than anticipated?

Great video, as always. NAB is a lot of fun. Definitely a cool place to drool over gear and feel totally inadequate lol.

    Sara Dietschy


This is Tech Today

The setup for the Mandalorian is wild. I have a few friends and old roommates working on it and there’s sooooo much going on. It’s truly incredible what they can do now.

    Mikael Siirilä

    But it does not look good. Makes everything look like a render, even the real elements in the shot – certainly so for outdoor shots.

    This is Tech Today

    @Mikael Siirilä make up your own solution then 🤷‍♂️

    Richard Stevens

    @Mikael Siirilä disagree. I think it looks really nice

Droning Harry

Someday tech like this will be available to all of us common folk. In the meantime as always , money talks.


Sara… You are the apple of the techtubers. You make me care about and want stuff I never knew i cared about or wanted before. Very cool video. Extremely informative and thought provoking.

Graham Futerfas

Some good info here and it’s a well thought-out presentation. The Mandalorian literally had a blank check with no real budget, and the luxury of lots of time to shoot things, especially for a “TV” show. I worked on a Star Wars show last year for five months… no one complained about money or time once.

Johnny Cash III

I really enjoyed this actually! Love explainer videos. Thanks Sara, especially for that last piece. I could definitely make some cool shots with my TV!


From a pro AV background, 1.5mm pitch isn’t all that small, it’s relatively common to get in the 0.8-0.9mm pixel pitch on DVLED panels. It just massively increases the price to go smaller.


The current problems with Disney’s volume are one of the reasons that Andor stood out to me so much compared to the other Star Wars series on Disney+. Seeing real sets and larger environments made it really hard to go back to Mandalorian with those predictably small rooms and the slow action that happens when they try to negotiate stunts in the limited space they have to work in.


The weird thing is, last year they had the same bike, Bolt camera arm and LED wall setup, but with a futuristic road race background that actually followed the camera movements. There was also an audio track giving instructions like “lean left”, “pump throttle” and “duck down” to help your movements match to what was happening. Not sure why the downgraded for 2023.

Ken McArthur

Great job covering a complex subject Sara!


Wow, I didn’t think I would watch this through, but you managed to make it very entertaining and interesting throughout! Well done!

Brian Fournier

Love your energy and enthusiasm!! This stuff is even happening all the way over in New Hampshire! There is a production studio called studio lab that is using this technology, it’s amazing!

Tommy Kinsey

The Bourne Stuntacular at Universal Studios is a great live example of virtual production. It’s really cool to see live. Thanks Sara!


What I’ve learned it that I need to find a job soon, so I can spend all the money on this! Nerdforge’s video about their new studio also didn’t help with that feeling xD

Jonathan Pritchard

Hi Sara; awesome video, and thanks for covering so much. I noticed at the end of the video (yes I was one of the 12 watching to the end) that there were background slots for 2 videos and the subscribe element but they hadn’t been added yet. Figured you’d like a heads up!

Richard Stevens

always love your stuff, but today struck by how you are very good at using the writing and visual language together for humor! keep it up~

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