Apple’s Forbidden Words

There's a few words that Apple literally never says on stage. Just something interesting I noticed

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This is spot on. But they do it so much, they’ve actually run out of words/ sub brands. “Apple Vision” used to be a monitor back in the day. And “Eyesight” (the weird CG eyes on the front of the headset) was the name of their webcam.


    I believe the latter was spelt “iSight” rather than “Eyesight” but yeah even the word “Eyesight” seems a bit weak as a name. I guess they wanted something that people can just understand immediately but it seems too generic to me.

    E On

    Apple probably think they’re bigger than the entire concept of virtual reality including ficticious depictions lol

    Háden Snodgräs

    I think it is too popular a phrase at this point. Apple might have gone a bit too hard this time, and if they push hard on this branding, people are going to laugh at them, just like those weirdos that pronounce GIF with a “J.”


    it makes sense to reuse obsolete brand language though, keeps a sense of consistency.


The WWE is notorious for this type of thing too. I always remember ‘Superstars’ (not wrestlers) always ending up at local medical facilities (not hospitals).



    Exciting Electronics!

    Hello VidIQ, what are you doing here?😅

    Amit Sunil

    Titles not belts

    Randy Bautista

    “Sports Entertainment”, not “Pro Wrestling”

    Malik Kelly

    They’re not allowed to use certain names actually

Ken Moser

I noticed that whenever Apple spokespersons discuss the dimensions of their devices they use the term “thin” and “thinness” and never “thick” or “thickness”. For example: “It’s only 17mm thin.” This stands out to me and helps draw attention to the slenderness of the profile of any given item. The word choice has a Chik-fil-a-like “my pleasure” effect – they do things slightly differently and subconsciously create positive associations.


    I was thinking this too, they foster a communication that leaves a lot of self association. Which makes you remember them/what they say more easily. Very neat and humans are so weird.

    Roland Austria

    True, it’s definitely a sort of manipulation you’d often read about in self-help books (like that “How To Win Friends” or something) which is almost in the realm of mind tricks. They definitely hire psychoanalysts and linguists for that. Perhaps the goal is to make the “numbers” more “casual” for the average consumer. Like when you’re explaining tech stuff to older people, so you use terms they can visualize.


    yeah they probably have an army of top 1% copywriters and market consultant on the back end

    Samuel Awuah

    it’s similar to when people say you’re “60 years young” instead of “60 years old” for example, to create a those positive associations. It’s an interesting psychological technique.


    ​@PtolemyInventedThePSVita saying 17mm thin feels wrong

Leonardo DaVinci

Lessons in Apple branding never go unappreciated. You do a great job Marques!

    Demon Slayer

    i am thinking….you already covered this in waveform podcast and apple vision pro video… we really need another video on this?

    Garrett Broadnax


    Ant Boogie

    @Demon Slayer I mean, you don’t HAVE to watch if you saw him cover this already.
    This is my first time hearing him talk about this 🤷🏽


    some times even worse but no one cares, for me they should brand things like “Brainwashing Pro” and “Buzzword Ultra”

    Tope Raheem

    ​@Demon Slayer Why you replying this to every comment bro?
    If anything comment this in the main comment section and besides he barely touched this in the vision pro video and only spoke about it for like 3 minutes in the podcast, this is an indepth evaluation


I think the biggest thing is not to give any shine/boost to a competitor which might be more synonomos with the tech. Like Meta with VR and Chat GPT with AI.


I’m hoping they talk about this more in other events before the public can buy them. They’re going to need to start showing off more of the app experiences and bringing partners on stage to show off how “spatial computing” (oh no definitely not VR) is going to add to the experiences of apps we already love on our Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

Daniel Trias

Definitely a look behind the curtain of Apple’s Reality Distortion Field and how/why they make such good demos (if that’s even the right word to use).

Really great video–had to watch it twice.

    Daniel G

    Psychological manipulation

    Mojo Jojo

    And now with the Vision Pro, they will literally distort your reality.

Shadow XJ

He’s absolutely right. I spent like an hour yesterday trying to figure out the power and capability of their m2 chip. I’m an android and pc user. All those chips are easy to figure out, I still don’t have any idea of just what the apple m2 chip can or can’t do.


    How do you figure out the cababilities of an intel chip though? Specs are useless, if you don’t know the bottleneck of the system and that’s hard to figure out from specs alone.
    That’s why you should compare Benchmark scores, where the same task is computed with different chips/CPUs.
    And Benchmark scores shouldn’t be too hard to find for the M2.

Santanu Biswas

Right now the naming everything thing is getting kind of hilarious. Like Dynamic island is just too much for me. 😂
I think this is one of the reasons they just record the keynotes and play the presentation because audiences give a funny reaction. I remember when they announced the price of the ProDisplay XDR and mentioned that the stand comes in a $999, the crowd was actually laughing and John Ternus choked up while speaking.

    Sleep and Relaxation

    Ironically, those funny ones are the most memorable and people keep bringing it back up years after the actual product might already be obsolete. 🤭


    Well, I think dynamic island is much better than “interactive camera display cut” or whatever. Just to be clear, dynamic island is not just the hole in the display, it’s mainly the software solution to make it interactive.

    mark lawton

    Unfortunately, every time I hear “Dynamic Island” I now think Jeffrey Epstein.

    Da Chosen



    What should they name it then? Anything technical will sound boring and not as catchy. You don’t get the point of naming stuff that makes it catchy. Guess what you will always remember “Dynamic island” because it’s something no other company would have named.

Name Pending

I love the part when the guy broke down and said AI non-stop as the crowd went crazy.

Bharat Maru

They are clever to choose words and their script writers are top tier

    Gopal D

    Except the branding ‘EyeSight’ XD, everything else works.


    Clever to those _gullible_ to fall for it!

    Lars Ingerman Haenschke

    It’s called Hypnotic Marketing and Apple has mastered the art. It works quite well as you can see. I call it BS marketing, because that’s what it basically is.


    Top tier BS artists. The fact so many “followers” of theirs eat it up is sad.

Toby Foot

“Retina” is always one that was very noticeable to me. To me it was just a silly buzzword for an HD display, but I’ve heard people commenting that an Android phone doesn’t have “Retina” even though the resolution might be better, so it obviously works.


    Rather than the resolution of the screen Retina was referring to the pixel density. But that was years ago, I might be wrong about that.

    Trio LOL Gamers

    @SekirDelyn yeah, but it was still confusing because you are not talking about a spec, you are naming something to give the impression that it is a new Tech… It is like “i don’t want to play dodgebal, i want to play MY dodgebal, that is dodgebal but i change some rules with the same rules but different names”


    @Trio LOL Gamers Totally agree. I just corrected a technicality. For the record: I don’t like apple.

    Trio LOL Gamers

    @SekirDelyn same, but as a tech enthusiast (I’m also studying coding) i have to give credit to Apple when they do something good and destroy when they do something awful… 😅


    @Trio LOL Gamers Fair enough! Personally, I’m pretty far away mobile tech, not that closer to laptops, but anyway, I never took the time to decipher apple’s newspeak or watch 3rd party stuff (like Marques here) to understand the specs. Mainly because I’m not there target audience. I build my own PC, select a mobile phone which they don’t supply, not interested in smartwatches (though, I have one) and not wealthy enough to have (useless) gadgets like VR goggles.

Onyx Lee

One very interesting thing I noticed in the vision pro announcement was, they don’t even compare M2 and R2 chips with snap dragon XR 2 chip, desktop powerhouse vs mobile chip.

Silvio Gullì

“Pay attention to the words” best advise ever, so far some % better than any other advise provided (in MKBHD videos)

sang samuel

This is one of those videos that once you watch you can’t unsee it. I can’t help but notice all those things now on all the keynotes and presentations moving forward and even going back. Good job MKBHD 👏👏👏👏 your contents never disappoints.


This is an incredible marketing lesson! Never expected to watch one of your videos and leave with actionable* considerations for marketing enterprise software. Thank you, Marques.

    Johnny Doesn’t Reply


Ksp The man

I really enjoy these videos, where he just sits in front of the camera and talks about a topic he likes


This is incredibly effective too. Recently saw my teammates talking about apple’s new vr headset and they all were behaving as if AR and VR is happening for the 1st time in this industry. None of them were interested in what HTC, Valve, Facebook/Meta been doing in this space.


    Well, it’s like comparing a Mercedes to a Renault though. Yes, maybe the Renault has similar functionality (brings you to same places with same cargo space) but the user experience is totally different. It’s hard to put in numbers that’s why most people wont understand without trying.


    @PfropfNo1 Um, no. Look, it’s VR. It’s been around for decades. And Meta is doing some pretty incredible stuff, and MUCH cheaper.

    Rutger Richard

    @scottdpt12You completely lost his point. Read it again and delete your comment.

Brandon Carson

I used to work at Apple. There were words not spoken as a part of the lexicon. When MacBooks were having a bit of a trying time with heat, we could never refer to them as “laptops”. We always referred to them as “notebooks”. And our training team reported to Marketing so that messaging was unified across from customer to employee.

Yaniel Mendez

I love videos like these. Gives us a more in-depth, inside view for this sort of stuff. Thank you Marques.

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