Is it Better to BUY vs BUILD Tech?

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Razer Huntsman V2 on Amazon:
Drop CTRL Barebones:
Kailh Speed Copper Switches:
Drop MT3 Black on White Keycaps:
Krytox 205 Lube on Amazon:
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Squirtle Keycap on Etsy:
DUROCK V2 Stabilizers on Amazon:
Nuphy Halo65 on Amazon:

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 Intro
0:55 Not as Easy as it Looks
1:49 What's a "Budget"?
4:06 The Most Popular Keyboard
5:00 How Hard Could it Be?
5:49 My Keyboard Parts
7:30 Switches
8:44 Keycaps
10:32 Desk Mat
11:39 How to Lube Switches
13:09 Behold, The Build
13:59 Razer vs Custom Build
14:42 Typing Test
15:56 Is the Huntsman Better?
16:35 Enter the Nuphy
17:14 Buy vs Build?




Oh boy, keyboard content! Would you be willing to do it again and have one of the keyboard enthusiast to come on and take part?

    An Unknown Burrito

    I will put out a shameless Glarses Channel plug here 🙂




    @An Unknown Burrito Hell yeah, that collab would slap


    EXACTLYYYY. I volunteer as tribute.

Oliver A

Austin just does all of these challenges so we don’t have to. We salute you for the amount of stress you must go through just for some switches 🙂


    But isn’t that part of the fun?!

    storm breaker

    Don’t you mean money

    Brandon Tunstall

    Not sure about stress haha 😂

Jac the king

I love content like this. It’s so funny watching people who aren’t in the hobby die at the 300-dollar price when there are keyboards like the cyberboard coasting way more. Once you go custom with lubed switches. It is hard to go back.


the thing about keyboards are that you can build them in a lot of different price ranges, the razer keyboard that was $200 you could with some research build a enthusiast keyboard that would subjectively be better than the razer, but as he showed in the video a lot of keyboard stuff is on pre order or back order or group buy which could take months or YEARS to arrive. the thing i like about keyboards is that with enough trial and error you can get the perfect keyboard to your exact preference like linear/tactile/clicky, the actuation force, travel distance, sound, and feel.

Joshua Del Saraza

Monsgeek M3 – $115
Akko Tactile Cream Yellow/Blue – $10 per 45pcs
(Clacky) Aifei ABS Cherry Profile Keycaps – $17-$30 || (Thocky) MDA PBT Profile Keycaps – around $20
Approximately $235 and it will sound better than the build in this video though I understand they aren’t too deep in the hobby yet.


    Bakeneko 60 is also a great choice. I think its a better choice than the Monsgeek M3. Its one of my favorites in my collection currently and like it better than the bakeneko 65 since the 65 is a little stiffer imo. Bakeneko 60 with tx stabs and some linears would be a great combination. Also I know that they are just into the hobby, but it just sort of pisses me off that they made a video about building a keyboard without doing any research or knowing about anything. Sort of misleading I feel like since some people will take inspiration from this.

    Joshua Del Saraza

    @Q The reason why I chose the Monsgeek M3 bc of its price value and it’s tkl like they chose as the replacement. They should’ve contacted Switch and Click since she was the one who made Austin’s KBD8X a while back. But I prefer a 65 with knob or 75 but TGR x Mono or Mode Sonnet type. I currently only have one board which is the GMK67 which only costs $50 barebones in my country. KTT Darlings as my switches but swapped the 22mm long springs to 14mm springs bc I need them clack as possible and the stock springs kinda made them sound dull for me. Aifei ABS Dreamland keycaps which is only $20.


Im currently using the moonlander ergo keyboard, its expensive but not custom keyboard expensive, hotswappable keyswitches, ortholinear layout and most importantly ergonomicl which is awesome to prevent rsi


Pro Tip for Austin and friends- Dielectric grease will fix that spacebar rattle. Also clip the bottom of the stabs.

Johann Ewald

Ich hope they are going to do a PC buy vs build! Great video Austin & Austin‘s team


I wanna see this video again but with going to amazon for the DIY keyboard stuff because on there you can build some pretty solid stuff that runs circles around pre-builts for like half the cost


Keychron has enthusiast grade prebuilt keyboards that are better than 90% of first attempt builders! Especially with their new Q Pro line that also features BT 5.1, and the best part, it’s all available!!!


    agreed, its a solid base, and then from there you can go as crazy as you want with switches and keycaps, but only if you want to or when you need to because a switch quit. and there are some very affordable keychron options, the Q is just the best value for an aluminum case if you ask me.

    Scott Wallace

    I was just about to say, I’ve been using a Keychron keyboard for about a year now, and loving it ever since! Definitely recommend!

    Jaroslav Mrázek

    Agreed, just got a K4v2 and some nice PBT keycaps, 100% recommend it. What is also really stand out is being able to use it bluetooth or wired in on both windows and mac.

Andrew Voorhies

I built my own custom keyboard, using mostly Amazon, and it was $100, almost on the dot. If you just take your time to research switches and boards, you can find cheap stuff that’s still good. Mine has a nice weight to it, the key caps were cheap, but they feel good and look awesome and haven’t worn out at all so far. Custom keyboard making is just fun tbh


    I used broken/ used parts and just refurbished them it cost me around $60


    Nice. However I will vouch for GMK keycaps. I know its VERY hard to justify $100 on keycaps alone especially once you learn they are ABS instead of PBT but there is something special about the way they feel, sound, and look. I’d argue that keycaps make more of a difference than anything. Switches obviously make a difference but a cheap cherry red switch versus something like tealios if they are both lubed they can both feel equally good. A cheap keycap is a cheap keycap and will almost always feel that way.


    Drop that shop list! ive been wanting to get into custom keybards but dont wanna spend 300-400 dollars on a keyboard


its better to build for your own customization. but sometimes you just don’t want to deal with anything esp with multiple setups…I admire the custom keyboard crowd though. It can get super expensive.

lIlIlIlI IlIllIIl

I think a better comparison for this would be like a wooting60he vs any actual custom that isn’t from drop.


    Looked like he was going for something bigger though. 60% boards aren’t really everyone’s cuppa, especially for work situations.

    lIlIlIlI IlIllIIl

    At the start of the video he said gaming enthusiast keyboards. I personally don’t use 60% keyboards either was just thinking of what is considered the best for gaming.

Anua Anua

tried lots of prebuilts in stores and found that the huntsman v2 was just perfect for me. i tried it and i loved everything about it. been using it since a year now and the only thing i dont like about it would be the non removable cable, otherwise i still love it.

could i have spend a lot of time to recreate the feel and sound of the huntsman v2? sure!

or i coulr just put the money on the table and walk away with it.

im not an enthusiast but i was curious about making one back then. after all these keyboard building videos ive seen from the tech youtubers i follow ive come to the conclusion that there isnt really an easy way. so i think ill stick with the prebuilts

    Quezada ケサダGenaro ヘナロ

    Hell yeah Huntsman is the besst

Mr Soupy Poopies

Gotta say, the user friendly interface for extra customization with razer is kind of another level of added value that needs to be taken into account


built a gmmk pro last year for around 300, used those durock stabs and holy pandas with some nice keycaps. Obviously not a cheap project but it was a fun project and easily the nicest feeling keyboard I’ve ever used.


Loved the video very informative for the customizable part and the do’s and don’ts. Keep it coming i want to build my pc eventually i just learned how to soder.

My Account __

I AM EXTREMELY happy with nuphy keyboards. Ordering direct from them. Wisteria switches and Air 96 is a dream to type on


Please note that the Durock v2 screw in stabilizers will not work in the drop ctrl keyboard. The ctrl uses plate mount stabs, which can become acceptable if you clip, lube, and bandaid mod them 🙂

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