Party Animals is an exciting and hilarious multiplayer game that invites you to unleash the furry mayhem as adorable yet feisty creatures. Step into the paws of playful puppies, mischievous kittens, and an array of other cuddly creatures as you engage in epic battles with your friends. Whether you prefer to team up online or gather around the couch for some local multiplayer action, Party Animals delivers hours of laughter-filled entertainment.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Gang Beasts, Party Animals combines charming visuals with a physics-based gameplay experience. Prepare to be immersed in a world where every object, surface, and interaction obeys the laws of a realistic physics engine, resulting in unpredictable and uproarious encounters. From slippery ice arenas to precarious rooftops, each level is designed to test your agility, strategy, and ability to adapt to chaotic environments.

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Your videos are hilarious H2O

Joel Luna

I can’t stop laughing. 😂😂


The best duo right here

Kev kev

Always put a smile on my face 🎉


This is definitely the best duo

    Alita Kazami

    Better than naruto and sauske😂

    That dumb Aussie TM

    Better then goku and vageta

    King Axolotl



Rocky did a roll tryna get delirious and i cant stop laughing

More Tea

Your friends are lucky to have you

Lj Mendez

Love yuh videos delirious💙

Cai Vue

Delirious and Cartoonz are best duo ever!

Will Reese

It was so fun watching you play that submarine map which you struggled so much at the first time you played on it and dominate it so thoroughly this time.

Amy Hodgeson

Yessss more ❤

Mad Max

PlayK more bro this was funny as hell 🤣😂

Mad Max

15:30 had me dead


13:06 one of the best face off moments in gaming history


    most epic rivalry in party animals history


    @Mr.JUltra! agreed

UndeadNovaKing 0

Darthduck doing parkour at the end was awesome 😂😂

Emperor Palpatine

No game can handle the unstable Duo 😆


This game is always intense, and both of you are really good. Hopefully you will upload diablo 4, it has a really good story


This is honestly one of my favorite games to watch y’all play.


18:15 this is some real Cartman energy

Дмитрий Матушкин

13:20 Finally Dart Lirious got the high ground!

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