How I lost my BFF’s trust #shorts

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Gt90 a good friend

Good job on this video I saw your fall video I really enjoyed all of them

C 123

The start of what became one of my favourite series, even if they never finished it.

Johnny N



Beautiful swaying mullet

Josh Araujo

Still waiting on you and cartoonz finishing far cry 5

Siam 2000

Still waiting for you to finish it


he was being nice then delirious says to cartoon is how the ground feel and just die lol

Pruenta Peterson

Bro this clip feels like eons ago ngl like i was watching bro every drop h20 and toonz 4 life too funnyπŸ˜‚

BootBoy BB 😘

This is the start of a vilian arc

NATHANpvz the great dinosaur

This is funny πŸ˜†


Why you showing shorts of this even though you guys never completed far cry 5

The warriors

Finish plz


I use to watch you but I think I grew up


finish it!

Notyesbetothefallssorcerer !whyme3

🀣🀣🀣🀣 they don’t have trust issues. the cycle of vengeance literally makes up at least half of their relationship. it’s even worse in games that involvement deceit, but it’s chaotic fun. we probably watch a lot of it, but due to how many videos they both either got revenge or trick each other, they’re not mad. Or they’re literally keeping it together as we love those videos for them to love. I’m sure they get a good laugh from the comments, especially the ones ship them as more than just friends.

gelly yama

deeeeeym he really said “juranimoooooo!”


Finish Farcey 5555


at least he jumped after toonz πŸ˜‚


H2O, delirious you just make my day better. Every time I watch your videos. My grandpa recently passed and you make the pain go away😊


I remember this 🀣

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