How To Set Up the Phigolf 2 Golf Simulator in Your Home

The Phigolf 2 golf simulator puts an affordable golf simulator in your home using a small USB sensor you can connect to any golf club. Here's how to set it up.

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Vivian Sobhy

This video is so heartwarming, it made my day✨

Tyler Hollingsworth

How cool is this?! I’ve never understood the whole golf thing (not fun to me) but all dads seem to love it! I think this is hilariously funny!


I can’t wait for all the TikTok’s where everybody accidentally throws the putter through the tv 😂


Just get a used Wii. You can also get other golfing and sport games.


    I think the idea is that this is closer to really golfing

    Aefzhe Valai

    Wii golfing is not accurate at all.


Just play in vr way better and have both those courses plus more


I definitely don’t have the ceilings for this lol.


Or you can tell your dad to look in the garage for moms old wii and hope the last game that was in there is Wii Sports and not Just Dance.


A lot of TV screens will be broken this father’s day

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