My House.wad – Full Playthrough with Lui Calibre! (Doom Mod)

Check out Power Pak's amazing video on this map!

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Lui Calibre – @KingLuiCalibre

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Sir Shiza

Never expected him to play this but it’s a welcomed surprise

    Mr. DumBum

    Unexpected upload timing too…

    The DBZ_KING7

    He didn’t

    dim nik

    @Mr. DumBum what is unexpected about the upload timing?

    Obama doESn鈥檛 care #NFT 饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈饞惈

    @dim nik The video was uploaded on the 16th. That鈥檚 a pretty scary and unexpected number I think.

    S Ul

    A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

Slash Dragon 9o

Hope this video does well so we can get more of this content!

    Bobby Bush

    U haven鈥檛 even watched it yet


    @Bobby Bushdoesnt matter


    @Bobby Bushdoesn鈥檛 matter

    freddy man 64

    @Bobby Bush doesn’t matter


    @Bobby Bush doesnt matter

Another person wondering around

A 1 hour video from Vanoss is always gonna be an interesting one 馃嵖


    first time as well!


    鈥婡W.D.PLAYERactually it’s the second time


    lol yeah, i’m gonna have to definitely add this to my watchlist.

    Ice Wolf

    I just watched the video he linked the other day so I was super surprised. I鈥檓 glad they got to play this!! I鈥檓 not a Doom guy but I was so impressed by this map!!

    And I鈥檓 glad Vanoss is enjoying these types of games. I hope to see more of him playing single player games alongside someone. I quite enjoyed Wildcat and him playing the trumpet game as well as this so I hope to see more!!


I just want an hour long video with Evan, Sark, Lui, and Brian. Unhinged.




    omg sark… NTN

    Yukasbro G

    Instead of Brian put in nogla or Moo

    Ahhh you mad

    Not Brian


    @Yukasbro G nah as much as I like nogla I’d rather Brian


This was incredible. A surreal experience with Evan as the tour guide is a wild ride everyone should go through. Every moment of twists and turns was perfectly guided with Evans trolling and hints. Can鈥檛 wait to watch this with a group of friends.

    F@小袣 袦袝! 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小


    Nectazz Universe

    Is your PFP the Nostalgia Critic?


Vanoss thank you for the amount of enjoyment you’ve given all of us through our lives


This was actually an awesome video for an hour long, the jokes just kept going and going and never got old…


Now this is the type of fresh content that I’m all in for! :DDD Glad you’re having fun, Vanoss xP


Did anybody else notice how perfect Louie鈥檚 punch sound effect was at 23:59? That was immaculate

    Youtubers First Video Known



    It was so good

Ramos The Slamos

This is the first Vanoss video I have watched since 2018. Very cool to see he is trying new stuff but still has the fun crew vibe. Nostalgic but new. Nice one vanoss mate


The vibes are just two Bros chilling playing an old game getting all nostalgic, while one actually plays and the other is just telling him what to do, I love it

    F@小袣 袦袝! 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小



Even though I had already watched the video by power pak before it had started to trend and felt such disinterest in watching others playthroughs and breakdowns, this video felt so fresh to watch. I hope Vanoss make more videos like this with his friends like Lui.

User Ten

Vanoss being interested in creepy games/mods and have someone else play it is a thing of beauty lmao


Absolutely loved this video and the way Evan guided Lui through the map with his hints and jokes. Amazing video full of experiences and confusing moments, and #15 on trending at the moment!


This has to be one of my personal favorite videos that vanoss has ever uploaded. In all the years i鈥檝e been an avid watcher and a fan, this takes the cake for just being my favorite. seeing these 1 on 1 videos like the one with wildcat a while back are just my favorite, or brian and evan playing black ops 3 zombies alone.

i love you vanoss, thank you so much for being a light to the world, and especially in my world


    Don’t make a mofo cry rn bro, do NOT


haven’t watched vanoss in years. having a doom gameplay from him randomly be recommended to me is an awesome little surprise

Kai Krassin

This was great to watch. It’s always nice to hear a chill Vanoss enjoying a game and I think Lui meshes really well with his personality in just going along with what Vanoss is into.


1:10 (Welcome, to his house)
12:51 (Alright Lui, welcome, Welcome to The Backroom)
16:20 (Welcome, to the Wet Bandit room)
23:22 (Welcome….. to The Backroom)
27:09 (Welcome, 岬椺祾 岬検搬祲 岬囜祪岫溼祻食岬掅祾岬)
29:57 (Welcome to Minecraft)
30:59 (Welcome, welcome to The Backroom. For real)
33:14 (Welcome to Gmod)
36:34 (Welcome back Lui)
37:05 (……………………………………………………..Welcome, to The Backroom)
38:17 (Welcome, to the bathroom)
39:53 (饾槥饾槮饾槶饾槫饾槹饾槷饾槮 饾槩饾槪饾槹饾槩饾槼饾槬 饾樀饾槱饾槮 饾槇饾槷饾槮饾槼饾槳饾槫饾槩饾槸 饾槇饾槳饾槼饾槶饾槳饾槸饾槮饾槾 *plane noises*)
42:51 (饾槥饾槮饾槶饾槫饾槹饾槷饾槮, to The Backroom)
43:05 (oh, welcome back)
46:00 (史岬壦♂稖岬掅祼岬 岬囜祪岫溼祻~)
48:53 (Welcome, to The Backyard)
49:55 (Welcome to North Korea)
50:37 (Welcome, to The Fucking House Again!)
57:46 (Welcome to Call of Duty: Zombies)
1:02:07 (Delirious, in The Backroom)

    F@小袣 袦袝! 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小


    DanFire Flare

    This was fun to go through after finishing the vid lmao

    Youtubers First Video Known


    Force_A_Nature _KZ


Omar Shtaiwi

The thumbnail is a piece of art. Also, please do more of these if possible. The current content is good as usual, but we just want you to know that we are more than fine with these videos.


It didn鈥檛 even seem like an hour cause of how entertaining it was! I always look forward to the long videos Vanoss uploads cause they鈥檙e so damn entertaining! I loved this one, thank you!

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