Oh Twitch…… – WAN Show June 16, 2023

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22:00 Man I’ve never done a spittake to a WAN show joke before. Way to go Luke that Jesus line was the joke of the year

    Bip Bop

    Definitely worth a timestamp


    ​@Bip Bop you’re right. It’s done

    Super Simple 365

    A true lol moment!

    Play Core Gaming

    Totally missed that one, thanks lmfao

    lol lol

    It was the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud while listening to the wan show, not just snorted or breathed out through my nose. An excellent joke.

Quick Clips

Luke’s get in shape progress has been incredible! Shorter beard is also slimming 🤪

    Danny Mitchell

    I hope he sees this because you’re absolutely right.
    He really looks about 10 years younger, quite the strapping young lad lol.
    Linus always looked young tbf.


    100%, looks great

Salad Greens

Regarding the Cyberpunk2077 minimum system requirements; uh ya, they said 780 minimum, that was a lie. It struggled to run on a 780. Them changing the minimum requirements isn’t actually blocking anyone out it’s setting a more reasonable baseline to what it actually is so you don’t go and buy a 780 as a stopgap right before a gpu shortage.

    Burp Guy

    i think this is more about the developer misguiding and misinforming the general public about the game and how it would run on older systems. I’ll never understand why people still defend CDProjekt Red, plus these changes are coming over a year after release LOL


    The original specs seem way too low. 3rd gen i5 or 1st gen FX and a GTX 780 or RX 470 as minimum? Somehow I doubt it. But now they’re saying it needs a 12th gen i7/i9 or 7th gen ryzen 7/9? So it went from a midrange 4T/4C chip from 10 years ago to the latest and greatest 8-16 core chips with 16-24 threads? I suspect it’s related to the Phantom Liberty DLC which may make use of more powerful hardware, but that seems excessive. I’ve yet to see a game use more than like 20% of my 13700k. The GPU side seems pretty realistic though, this game *devours* GPU cycles and VRAM. It’s basically only playable with DLSS/FSR on all but the highest end hardware or the lowest graphical settings.

Infinity Master

I guess the streak is finally over. Luke hasn’t attended this show apparently and was replaced by a new host.

Spark Taylor

This was definitely one of the funniest wan shows of all time


I agree w/ Luke’s take on the Fake vs Real ads thing. I remember some sports game proposed doing something similar with real ads in the stadium, and people got up in arms about it. My response was just “Well in this day and age, especially for a game that likely maintains online multiplayer, if a company can get money to plaster their virtual sports stadium with real ads instead of fake ones, and use the money to offset prices of maintenance, development, etc… the more power to them!” It’s not like we don’t KNOW what it means when a company has a fake ad for jPhone or WcRonalds or something anyway.


    Football is inherently plastered in adverts anyway, if anything that would only make the game more realistic if strictly done in a diegetic manner.


    Real ad spots in games has happened for awhile now. Obama bought ad spots in madden 09 and burnout paradise, Saints row 2 had netflix ads, pretty much every need for speed around that time also had ads, hell the og crazy taxi had pizza hut and kfc ads. The one you’re thinking of is most likely the ea ufc attempt which was a full screen ad and not a billboard or banner.


    @DatAsuna I think PES already had that but I am not sure

    TriCore 9

    @Tagiau There were official freeware releases of Far Cry and a bunch of other games during the 00s. The catch was them rendering advertisement banners for stuff like MCdonalds. I think it was between 2005 up to around 2008.

Spark Taylor

I can’t believe the streak is over.
They replaced Luke on the Wan show

    Noor Alawad

    I did not recognized him at first LOL😂😂😂


    This comment made my day.

    Jason Allen

    They replaced Luke with a younger Luke, so I don’t think that counts.

    Chasm 95

    @Jason Allen I think they just cloned Luke so that they can have him both work for Floatplane and LTT. They made the clone younger so that it reminds us of “back in they day” when we were all younger.


I have a theory that Luke has de-aged due to finally having rested after he exhausted all that could be said about artificial intelligence.

    Bowman Media

    This was my first thought watching, he looks fantastic!


    I thought it was someone else


35:00 good on linus for doing that. When i built my first pc i had absolutely no clue and tried to put two low end graphics cards into my system and one guy who saw my order called an recommended i switch to a gtx 275. Should have been a nobrainer at the time but i was clueless.

Sam Hew

“Sex is another category we don’t peddle in”
Relax Linus, we’re nerds and gamers. There’s no market for that here anyway.

    Tanmay Panadi

    one of us

    Sam Hew

    @Tanmay Panadi One of Us, One of Us, One of Us


    You want me to give you the market Sam?

A Newb Improves

Linus and Alex should do bamboo-tube water cooling for the wooden pc.


    They also could place wooden veneer on the PC,. making it look like wood…or even better make a whole case out of wood.


    @Gucky make the cpu out of wood

    Danny Mitchell

    @Trogdor Just plant a tree, come back in 50 years and hollow it into a living PC, photosynthesize the CPU, sap cooled. Make lots of peen jokes.

    A Newb Improves

    @Gucky I would love to see a case designed to look like it’s a window into a tree trunk or something. Dyed water cooling like it’s water travelling through xylem tubes.


Noki’s fingers have fallen off trying to timestamp this Wan Show

Darryl Giors

Just want to let you know I used to skip the ads until Dennis started doing his thing. Give the guy a raise.


    I think he already got one and that is why he is doing it.


    What’s his thing?

Toaster Mon

1:22:00 I think a good addition could be an “issue tracker” to see if there’s patterns of issues, you’d also need some validation but if you have the users just fill out some basic information this could be powerful to map quality issues etc. over a longer time.


The capacitor water bottle should have RE LTTSTOR and the capacity value running up the rest of the sides in slightly bleeding font, just like actual aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Bonus points if you add electrolytic sports drink powder with the order.

    Valentino Saitz

    Yeah just having the polarity is kinda lame. At least come up with some voltage and farrad rating and maybe a brand name?

    Logan VanderWier

    @Valentino Saitz maybe temperature ratings standing in for voltage?

Bill Brown

Weird… Youtube says this aired last night but its clearly a WAN show from a good 10 years ago. Look how young Luke is!


The unthinkable day has come

Linus has a larger beard than Luke


Holy crap, I’m also so excited for Starfield. The latest trailer already looked a hundred times better than the footage they’ve shown earlier on. Can’t wait to finally play that game.


My best guess at Twitch’s new deal is they want the 70-30 split to apply to as few people as possible. I reckon the revenue range where it applies is one few streamers get to, and those that do only stay within it for a short while. Can’t find any data to back this up, it just looks to me like they tried to get the most PR for their dollar.

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