The method Apple Stores use to sell BILLIONS.

The secret psychology behind Apple Stores!
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Bespoke Builds

Arun’s videos are always put together so well, you can really see the production value. Lets get him more subs than Apple


    Sorry I cant help, I’ve been a subscriber for like 7 years

    MIR Hawk

    We physically can’t I did the math


    Let’s go!


    @MIR Hawk aight lemme see ur work


Next time you go into an Apple store see if you notice these things in action! 😳
Quick correction! 76 degrees is the angle between the top half of the laptops and the table, not the angle between the base of the laptops and the top half!
For the (pretty hilarious) video of me comparing Apple vs Samsung’s customer service:

    Ranky Tev 📺

    Sure thing


    Ok I will!


    MrWhoseTheBoss never fails to us up to date with the new tech.

    Find out the car!


    PB Bob



Recently went to the Apple Store on 5th Ave NYC. Definitely had to physically adjust the screens to get a better viewing angle on the laptops. I was getting got without even knowing! Akin to how Disney was incredibly meticulous when building out the layouts of his parks. Fascinating stuff.



    Michael Lowe

    The pain




    Nyc lets go


I used to work at Apple retail, I can confirm Arun is right on all of this..during closing our manager wouldn’t let us leave until all the chairs were lined up with the shadows of the floor and the Macbooks were at exactly 76 degrees, and not a single fingerprints on any of the iPhones, iPads or MacBooks. Also the iMacs and even the Mac Pro Displays have to adhere to the same standards too!


    Can they adjust the screen for you if you were in a wheel chair?

    Sabhya Soni

    @JRbowling why couldn’t you?

    Internet User

    Owch man got hit so hard he got KOd maybe he needs to ragequit

    Jessica Blueheart

    Weird that they don’t show the price of the items. Like if someone is on a budget , they may want to know the phone price


    ​@Jessica BlueheartApple is not for people on budget

Ali Abu-Atieh

These psychological tips are actually insane by Apple wow! Thanks arun, now I know how to not spend my money at Apple 😂😂


    I’m too broke to buy a 1000$ phone anyways

    Sayantan Bose

    Finally someone who understands the marketing. Infact, this video is also a cleverly marketing for Apple. It’s not a coincidence that both this dude and MKBHD made similar videos on Apple, and both of them tried the Apple Vision pro.

    Matthew Blackbell

    @Sayantan Bose hahaha maybe they are apple’s trump cards for indirect marketing. its a win-win situation for both of them

    Kitten whispers

    ​@Chopper153 there is for sure a connection. Kinda wack honestly.

    Villager Newsletter Phone

    @Matthew Blackbell trump ? Why u hav to bring politicks into this ? Original person was talking about apple , why u being in trump and politickal stuff “?


This video goes really well alongside MKBHD’s recent video about Apple’s naming schemes – it contributes to a general language of Apple’s business strategies.


    Wait everyone’s username has an @ now

    Abby Roberts


    Level 1

    Not to sound rude , but am I the only ones that feels Arun’s become a little biased towards apple. Not to sound like an Android fanboy, you can check my comment history defending apple in almost every single comment ever. But Arun has covered marketing and psychological tricks of Apple many times, and yes, they do generate the most profits in this business but they aren’t the only successful players here. For example how and why samsung dominates the Asian market.


    @Level 1 they dont dominate because of marketing, but because of price. Most if not all “rich” or people who can afford apple in Asia tend to buy apple. Its just the cost of apple devices are more due to taxes and its base price being higher. Im saying this from seeing it first hand. Even in korea, most younger kids want apple because its just seen as more cool even tho samsung is from there.

    Anas 1220

    ​@arkeshyeah man

Da Moving MOON

To be honest, I went to an Apple Store once. And experienced that. We went to buy some phones, for relatives I’m pretty sure. I also looked at some cases for my iPad. We didn’t buy any, and when we agreed not to buy one, the employee recommended Best Buy, he literally gave us advice, and it wasn’t about his store. They are great Employees-scratch that! Specialists.


    This is why i think Apple customer service is great! they don’t pressure you or hard sell their store’s obviously expensive products, they’re just there to provide a good experience and whatever knowledge the customer needs.

    R Nathaniel Ryaan

    @Hetzerogeneous maybe my country ‘s apple store isnt that good

    Da Moving MOON

    @Hetzerogeneous true

    Da Moving MOON

    @R Nathaniel Ryaan weird.


I used to work at Apple as well, you’re 100% right, I can tell you for free that the number of people that would just aimlessly walk into Apple and then purchase what they probably didn’t need was both comical and tragic to see.


    Used to


    I mean having money is about getting what you want but don’t need






As someone who worked with customer service. The reason why we dont use words that somewhat represent negative meaning is because we practice positive scripting


    “Sorry for the wait” = “Thanks for your patience” 😅

    Martin Spedding

    Does that also explain why you never give any reasons why you should buy an Apple device rather a competitor… Very hard to have a normal interaction


Apples ability to get people obsessed and love their brand is unmatched.


    but they will always have one hater.

    cats balls

    @NoobySan_wich apple cult member alert


    There is a sucker born every minute.

    Anuj Chitale

    Well it’s a cult, so hardly unmatched!


As a former employee at Apple, there is also one more “trick” they use.
Most of their stores are designed to use natural light during the day and don’t use any artificial light.
This is supposed to keep the customers from feeling drowsy and be more attentive.

    Anas 1220


    Michael Lowe


    King Rick “RICKROLL” Astley the 69th

    its the opposite in schools in the us 😅😅


    Totally make sense even more that you want to see the products in their natural form.


    @King Rick “RICKROLL” Astley the 69th100% it’s so easy to go to sleep at schools here

Vidit Shah

Really love the fact that how Arun really likes to keep the transparency with his audience.. like just a 2 second clip in the end with the green screen did it for me!

WPXStudios Inc

Thanks, Arun for this amazing research you’ve done into building a marketing team and brand like that at Apple.


I can certainly attest that my first experience with staff was amazing. My Airpods Max had suffered “Sweaty Ears” damage before I actually was aware it was a thing. Went in, had my meetup and I asked very nicely if there was any way they could try and reduce any repair/replace costs or some sort of bill me later option. I have AC+ on them and hoped they would just do a quick onsite replace. They had to send them to an off-site repair and promised free shipping of replacement if they couldn’t repair. A few days later, old serial diappeared off my account and was replaced with a different set with a receipt saying $0 cost.


    So you pay for a service and received that service? Wild, what a GREAT company 😂


    @UnjustifiedRecs he didnt pay, it said it at the end. did you even read it??


    ​@rexacion Apple Care ain’t free. He received a “free” replacement because he spent money on Apple Care+.

Bishal Khan

Arun’s videos consistently showcase exceptional production value, reflecting the tremendous effort put into crafting each piece of content. With such attention to detail and quality, it’s no wonder his channel is thriving. Let’s continue supporting Arun’s incredible work and strive to surpass even the subscriber count of Apple!

Jerky Too

I have to say, the minimalist and airy layout of an Apple store is quite appealing. With devices displayed in an uncluttered manner and with them ready for you to touch and use, it makes it feel like less of a store and more like a place where you can just walk in and play with expensive electronics. It puts you off guard and before you know it, you’re buying a new phone. I’ve found the “Specialists” to be attentive, but not pushy.


As an interior designer student, a lot of the interior elements like the layout, lighting and the placement of products and the simplistic aesthetic all play a role in promoting their brand and it was so interesting to see when I was doing my case studies cuz they actually think a lot to push customers to purchase, and it actually works! Also living in dubai, i can assure that the apple store balcony is insanely pretty and many just enter the store to go view the fountain and then end up purchasing though they never meant to. Ive considered too like its crazy

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