Checking on my Investment in Person – Framework Laptop Factory Tour

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While in Taiwan for Computex, linus decided it was the perfect time to check in on his investment in Framework in person. It’s factory tour time, baby!

If you have a signed laptop show us in the forum thread:



Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 – Intro
1:05 – CableMod!
1:17 – What it takes to build more laptops
2:15 – Preproduction vs. Mass Production
3:39 – Automatic Screwing Machine
4:45 – Kitting Stations
6:00 – Assembly
8:20 – Quality Control
11:37 – Rejects
12:52 – Signing some Laptops
14:11 – CableMod!
14:56 – Outro



Adrian Z

Never thought I would watch 15 minutes of a small company making such great laptops 👌


    Factory tours are the best!
    Linus’ trip to Intel’s fab was super interesting.
    GN just did a tour of AMD, which was also cool to see.


    I had to keep repeating to myself “I don’t need it”

    Drew O.

    Face it dude…


    @ScnottakenI NEEEEEEEEEEED IT.


    The scratch and dent ones could totally be sponsored by Dbrand, make it pretty and easy sale

Azure [GD]

if companies were more open like this, I’m sure their brand trust would be much better


    This assembly line is no different than any other laptop assembly line. A company like Dell likely has their own due to vertical integration and such.

    There’s only so many ways you can build a laptop.


    What do you mean?
    Like seriously… We didn’t see anything in this video.
    You will find a video of this depth for basically every major brand.


    ​@JehtyI saw more in this video than I’ve seen from Dell or apple. Most of it was stuff that seemed like common sense, only so many ways to build a laptop, but the fact that they showed this much is still more than other companies


    @Wither_Strike have you never seen Foxconn building an iPhone?

Po Sarkar

its so great to see huge companies boosting small channels like Linus

    Javier Flores




    Gamer Guy

    what’s your definition of BIG THEN


    @Gamer Guy8 inches

    Noval Assassin

    ​@Phant0mi mean that pretty big but that’s not the point 😅


Honestly loving these “Linus checks out something he wants” kinda videos

    micko lesmana

    Yeah, it is happy to see that when Linus putting off the burden of him being CEO. Honestly it is very fresh to see


    @micko lesmana pretty sure he said on the WAN show that all these so far are filmed while he’s still been doing CEO work, a few before the decision was even fully decided and/or announced.


Linus is just going on just an Adventure now that he stepped down as a CEO. It’s a great move on what he did and now we can already see that the videos are more interesting and can show us on what he invested on Framework. The Framework CEO is chill and confident on Camera and I liked him on that.


    He’s still the CEO, pretty sure he said he steps down at the beginning of July

Clown World

So many factory tours are poping on all the tech channels right now. It’s so cool.


Someone explain logically to me why Linus can’t know their revenue generated even though he’s an investor


    Replying to follow thread

    Manuel S

    Owning stock in a company doesn’t give you immediate access to all of the finances of said company.
    There’s levels of security and discretion in order to prevent leaks.
    It’s not even about trust, it’s a standard policy.
    They will tell their investors at the end of the year or half year period, in a formal meeting with fully organized reports.
    Otherwise, if you could openly disclose company secrets with investors outside the company structure… what guarantee is there that info won’t leak to a 3rd party or somehow take advantage of/target the company?


    @Manuel S see I took the statement more as he’s not allowed to know at all. Being informed through quarterly, or yearly reports make more sense. My interpretation was off most likely

Stevie Prugar

I have so much trust in Linus’s opinion it’s kind of scary. His transparency is so transparent I forget that he has personal stake in this sometimes!

    Dani Studwell

    I wish there were more journalists like Linus in the modern era.

    O B

    @Dani Studwell we definitely need more media like Linus and friendlyjordies.

    Obinna E

    @O B who’s friendlyjordies? do they also cover tech?

    Thomas Bonus

    @Obinna E no he’s an Australian reporter who digs deep into the corruption of the government and stuff

    Obinna E

    @Thomas Bonus oh okay. very cool

Nehal Mathew

The systems with scratches and stuff should be categorised into groups/tiers depending on the severity of the damage. Then it can be sold for a discount depending on the tier.


    Dude that tiny mark? GTFO. If it is a screen defect, yes but on the inside “framework” of the laptop you will never see as a typical end user unless you are really keen to metallurgy defects… come on. It does nothing to performance and cosmetic only inside the laptop.


    ​​​@R230Tunerve worked on a PCB manufacturing as an engineer, I gotta tell you they are throwing away millions of dollars because it has a visual defect such as scratch and dent. Either we are using ISO standard or most of the time customer requirements which is absurd. ISO should control these companies because it has no impact on the functionality of the board.


    ​@R230TunerBut you still need to follow the standard of selling mint condition products. If brand new is just whatever and products could have dents etc, the standard would just get worse and worse over time. I’m thankful quality controls are these strict.


    @GuitarSolos That is not “scratch and dent” sir. Scratch and dent means a consumer handled it before and may have damaged it cosmetically whether the consumer was a real consumer or the store itself purchasing it for display purposes. That tiny speck on the frame is not “scratch and dent” and nor is it a defect of manufacturing because it does not inhibit harm the usage of said product. Try again.


    @GuitarSolos So Teslas then


Framework is actually the first laptop brand where i am legit excited to see what comes next, either a LTT video or like the 16″ modular keyboard laptop or what ever they come up with next. My next Laptop is definitly going to be a Framework when they finally get a dedicated gpu inside of them, also wouldnt it be funny if they tried making a laptop with desktop chips so that you can swap the cpus? :p (tho that would probably be really hard to implement well with long battery live, good and little powerconsuption and stuff like that)

    Максим Белов

    To be fair, you probably can engineer a socket for the Intel’s laptop BGA SoCs, but i doubt it will work well, and would probably be a huge complications in terms of the BIOS and such

    luciano bestia

    There are professionals that would love desktop performance in a thick laptop. And they dont care about battery. It is for office and home use only, but portable.

    Christian Seidel

    As an avid trackpoint user, I’d really love to see such a part.

    But in actual fact I’m looking forward to the GPU option(s) more. Including buying the 16″ model first, then buy a GPU later.


I really hope Framework shows other companies how it could also be done.


I love how friendly the CEO is and basically humors Linus’ Shenaningans/jokes.


    And throws in some sick burns when needed! xD


    Helps he paid a Quarter Mill, I think, lol


    Dude is a significant shareholder, businesses will do whatever they can to humour shareholders.


    @Dale  did he get shares, or did he just invest?

    Gab M.

    ​@baseballjustin5 what do you mean by get shares or just invest? Buying shares = investing. In the case of framework it’s publicly traded so only certified investors (aka people who are rich enough to face the higher risk of losing when investing in risky companies)can buy shares so I guess it’s more complicated then just buying shares but I’m a little confused by your question.

Alexander F

Framework should absolutely have an “ugly vegetable” type of option for units with scratches. There are plenty of people who don’t care about every square millimeter of the finish being perfect.


    I was thinking 2 or 3 different categories for different levels of damaged to make selling easier. No specific pictures just a general idea of what will be wrong with it.


    @Drcool52Also maybe a little 1-2 sentences saying the type of damage and location. Like “scratch on bottom panel” or “dent on top panel”


    That’s what the second hand market is for lol

    Yo Kun

    ​@bennygsecond hand implies that someone already used the product the first time


    ​@Drcool52 Usually for this kind of stuff you’d sell “B-stock”, A stock being normal units that passed qc while B stock has minor cosmetic issues


The fact that they are modular I would also imagine helps a lot with reducing production waste. If a normal fully integrated MoBo with RAM and SSD failed because one RAM chip or the SSD was faulty I don’t imagine most manufacturers would de-solder the faulty component to try and save the board, but with Framework they easily just swap out the faulty component and retest the system. Awesome!!

Stanimir Nikolov

It’s cool they let Linus and his team film there, by default those assembly environments are tightly controlled and you have to follow set protocols to minimise contamination.


    this is not a clean room though so the risk is minimal that 2 people filming there make any difference.


    It’s a laptop they sell as a kit for customer to assemble. I don’t think contamination is of any worry here.


    @Scarfmonster Not all of them are kits. They sell them pre-built too, which Linus did clarify in the video. Only a portion of them get disassembled after QA.


    Guess I’d do exactly the same. Being open to customers can only become an advantage.


    @San_ I never said they don’t sell assembled

Kieran Brown

It’s a win win scenario here… Linus’s channel can drive sales, and that will make his investment better.
I do fully support what this company is doing though. About time this happened, a laptop is essentially a desktop with innovative cooling solutions for a small space after all, at least in my mind it is… And yes, of course power limiting etc is also a thing to consider.


Honestly the framework videos are super entertaining to watch. Framework succeeding as a brand is one of the best things for modern technology, since it has the potential to make other brands follow it’s example and overall be better for the consumer. Also, the idea of giving little hints to the consumers inside of their pc’s (on a laptop that’s all modular) is pretty amazing!

Karl Rock

These behind the scenes video are awesome.

    shivraj roy

    our indian pewdiepie is here lmao


    What’s up I love u



    Caesar Ho Houin

    Big fan of your videos mate

lost in a box

Nirav seems like such a cool dude, I really hope Framework is successful not just because I think it’s a great idea but I also think Nirav deserves the success based on his overall vision, we need more people pushing for cool sustainable ideas like this.

sorin clinci

As a manufacturing engineer I can appreciate the small design changes to facilitate the installation and improve takt time. You can definitely tell the process is not optimised for full production and there are a lot of tweeks that can be done. I would love to see more content like this! Especially related to your products or even LTT labs processes.

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