LG C3 OLED TV Review: Hits All the Right High-End Notes

With superb picture quality and features, and price hundreds less than flagship OLED TVs, the C3 remains a top choice.

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Samsung S95C –
LG G3 –
Sony A80L –
LG G2 –
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00:00 LG C3 OLED TV
00:28 Design
01:39 Interface
02:20 Connectivity
02:45 Gaming
03:21 The Competition
04:14 A Strong Choice

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LG OLED C3 Review: Sets the Standard for High-End TV Picture Quality

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Cole Fellner

It’s a bummer that we don’t get 120hz bfi….😢

Steve Muller

Does the 83 inch uses the same material as the smaller versions? I remember last year’s 83 inch model was heavier.

Danke Place

I was wondering if I should get 2 83 inch for my VR, they might be a bit heavy on my head, but I am pretty stronk!!!


I got the c2 last year but the new c2 os is so much better I wish I waited


I bought my LG OLED TV in 2018, and it seems like the biggest thing I’m missing with it is the 120hz refresh rate, and maybe some brightness improvements.

Randy Phillips

I have the LG GX and the C2 and both are 120hz. I think the G3 is 120hz as well.


1:21 The race is on! The only thing I find disappointing about this review is this discussion of the remote control, knowing and experiencing history, both prior to remotes and after their invention.
The first remote controls had slightly fewer buttons than a Roku remote, because the analog TV tuners were rotary dials.
It was the invention of the digital tuner that enabled users to access channels without having to go through every station to get to the channel they wanted. This rapid access tuning system enabled users to quickly and conveniently get to the programming they wanted without having to go through the 13 VHF and 83 UHF (due to spectrum reallocation, it’s only 69 UHF now) channels to get what they wanted.
Today’s remotes, like today’s education system, seek to dumb down the public and have you once again go through every station to get to what you want, just like the old analog TVs of yesteryear. It was options combined with educated simplicity (numeric keypad) that made them great. Reverting back to arrows to control the TV, even with multiple menus, is a step backwards. Voice activated remotes have potential only so long as you can remember and speak your preference clearly, and then only if you can afford them.

Tyler Hollingsworth

LG has always made beautiful TVs, decent utilities, and terrible mobile phones. (Excluding the flip phones, they did good there). I worked at a reseller for local dealer of LG, Samsung, Sharp, and Vizio. LGs seem to have be returned due to manufacturing faults 4 or 5 times more than the other brands. Looks awesome. Comment if you have one and what your experience was.


The C3 and G3 will be taking TV of the year awards hands down. QD OLED is great but still 1 more year away or so from taking the throne


    As someone who owns both, that’s not true at all. QD oled still looks better.


    @2jyeti909  that’s your opinion. I highly disagree (and so do many of TV reviewing experts as well) but it’s ok you’re entitled to your opinion!

    J Frank

    @NSD You’re 100% incorrect, S95C is the best current tv in the world, last year in the states A95K was the best and this is QD-Oled.

    Panasonic now for 2023 has QD-Oled as well.

    C3 is a good mid tier tv, surpassed by any QD-Oled.

    G3 is better with MLA, but still lacks color only possible with Quantum Dot.

    Please educate yourself every single professional review 2022 have the crown to Sony A95K and so far this year Samsung S95C is best.


    @tears2040  you’re wrong again and all I hear is crying from you which makes sense because your name has “tears” in it 🤣🤣 everyone who is a reputable reviewer has already stated that without Dolby vision and with Samsungs oversaturated colors that the G3 takes the crown once again. Nice try though Samsung fanboy!


    Most incorrect statement on YT. I have a G2 and an S95C… QDOLED is far and away the superior technology.

Michael Beckerman

The image processing on Sony’s XR Cognitive Processor is still far superior. That’s why anyone other than a hard-core gamer will always choose the Sony A80L, regardless of the type of viewer they are.


It’s sad how irrelevant cnet’s tv coverage has become, this review is probably 2 months later than every YouTube enthusiasts’ and less detailed. Step it up!

    Nathan Merritt

    That explains the length of the video. It’s pretty much just an afterthought for them.


    Stop this dude is a legend in the tv world. Been following his reviews since around 2006

J Frank

S90C is your friend , better in 99%

Ahmed Faraz


I do not like OLEDs because of the subpixel layout regardless of the other drawbacks. There have been improvements this generation to a better subpixel layout but the “wasted” space inbetween pixels is still too much. Perhaps it is due to exposure to very high quality high dpi IPS displays.

    Peter Winnell

    has 105-108 PPI its fine

Ben Mitchell

Why didn’t you say the price?


All the features you mentioned exist on older models. I would have loved to see more focus on what’s new.

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Karim Sumar

I’ve got the older 65″
LG OLED 65B9PLA and it’s rocking with a superb picture.
Bought in Oct 2019.
Almost 4️⃣ years! Why change 🤔?
Also if you screen mirror a PDF from phone 📱 👈 you can scroll 📜 👆 and 👇 using the repute pointer. No other TV 📺 can do that!

Michael Wyckoff

Excellent all around full of features OLED TV. C series tried and true for years

Dave Jackson

No MLA=No thanks.

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