The Most Expensive MYSTERY TECH

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Z Flip Burger Case:
Adidas RPT-02 SOL Solar Headphones on Amazon:
The 3" Tungsten Cube on Amazon:
Mountain Makalu Max Mouse:

Watch the @DNKI video:

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 When Phones Bite Back
2:02 Solar Beats
5:24 The Tungsten Terror
7:33 Gamers Will Be Jealous
10:34 Super Sad Drive
11:39 Modular Madness
13:01 The Keyboard That Breaks Banks



Arnold Mbici

Mind-blowing content! Austin, you never cease to amaze us!


Okay guess Austin’s zflip is roboraptor food πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I forever love mystery tech. Love ken and matt being savage!

Carl Busani

30 seconds in and Ken just scarred Austin for life

    Ferrel Nathaniel Lilipaly

    Nah they ain’t got no chill lmao


not going to lie…………..i have just discovered Austin here, and over the last 48 hours I have watched so many of these videos its kinda crazy……………….. Keep up the good workπŸ€™πŸ€ŸπŸ€

Zen 341

Very smart sponsor spot placement, I skipped it then got hit with immediate guilt with the next item 🀣


Ken talking about the cyber board makes me happy.


You should use the cube to deal with any really really bad items you get on mystery tech.


Austin: “so this is your new keyboard”
Ken: “Our new keyboard”
**soviet anthem starts playing**


TBH worth it to sub. They put everything into their vids and spend SO MUCH MONEY on them.

    Gen Z legit sucks

    Okay content creator. Nice anonymous message.

Bri πŸ’œ

I enjoy seeing Austin freak out at the price 🀣


Don’t think we forgot about the $5000 projector you never ordered πŸ‘

Just a Person Who Comments

That foam case with realistic buns really takes cheeseburger phone case to a whole new level. I guess it’s perfect for those who want their phone to be well-dressed, but can it handle the extra lettuce

Zeshan Ajaib

I wish they made tungsten dumbbells. That would be amazing!

Comma Man

I remember how every Tech YouTuber reached out and helped Austin after his house burnt down. It was a nice and positive internet response in a tough moment.


    It was definitely wholesome, and he handled the situation (and his feelings) really well. It sure must have felt real devastating but he still is really positive about it.


    ​@ErasedPNG I mean, it’s not hard when you’re loaded. Dude is a millionaire.

    alexander crook

    @Drew he’s less of a millionaire after this episode


    @alexander crook You think they buy this stuff with their money? Austin only acts shocked for the camera.

Deon Spates

Austin will NEVER give up his Z-Flip lol!


This team’s chemistry is just so good

Miles The Peaceful Inkling

That all metal LED keyboard looks like a modern all-in-one keyboard PC from the early 80’s!

Eye Queue 9K

I haven’t laugh so hard in such a long time but when way he said we’re not returning it I got my DNA all over it let that hard laughter out of my body thank you Austin you are one of my favorite youtubers keep up the good work


For the sake of Austin’s wallet and perhaps the sake of OverClock Media as a whole, I felt it was my duty as a sub to like, comment, and watch 100% of the whole video


Haha can’t believe how long it’s been since the house fire, that was crazy, so good to see how well everything has went since then atleast!

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