Beyond Driverless Trucks: Building Autonomous EV Systems

A Sweden-based transportation company called Einride aims to make autonomous, electric vehicles the future of shipping.

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Be Low Below

They will go at any length to eliminate the costs human labour and oversight for profit.

Ronny Mcdonald

Electric trucks are a dream, theyre too heavy to be viable lol

    Nelly X

    Only if they need to be long range.

    If they can figure out self driving trucks they could have one that only adds 200 miles of range in a 15 minute charge and and still have it drive more miles than a human driver in a diesel truck in a day.

    Ronny Mcdonald

    @Nelly X Anything bigger than a car becomes progressively useless if powered by current battery technology due to the weight to voltage output – And we not even talking about how dirty the process is of manufacturing EVs … It’s a HUGE scam and either synthetic fuel or hydrogen are the only realistic alternatives to oil going forward.

    Nelly X

    @Ronny Mcdonald Weight to voltage output? You can design a battery system be pretty much any voltage you want.

    Weight is simply a question of range. Today’s batteries can’t offer the same range as diesel for the same weight but there’s plenty of use cases that don’t need all that range.

    Hydrogen is a way less efficient energy carrier than batteries but will have it’s place probably mostly in aircraft and perhaps shipping.

    Synthetic fuel is even less efficient but might be the only option for long range aircraft. I don’t see how it becomes economically viable though outside of renewable energy prices falling to near zero.

Sam G

How about using rails for long hauls and then smaller vehicles for “the last mile” far more efficient, safer for the roads and other drivers

Kedar Padhye

Just have trains. This will never happen, almost everyone has been pulling out money from autonomous vehicles.


You will have to redo the full infrastructure to make this relatively possible.


    As in, building out charging spaces along each route from the central hub onwards? Or are you thinking of something beyond charging?

    Robert Lee

    Start with the Shipping Ports to Warehouses then to Wholesale Warehouses. Or only to the 1st Warehouses we shouldn’t leave out the Truckers they need the business and a livelyhood. Would this tech work with the US POST SERVICES?


    @Robert Lee I’ve never been convinced by the argument that we should stick with outdated technology and workflows so that people can still do the outdated jobs. We’ll always find new types of jobs when the previous types become obsolete.

Natacia MARIN

Super neat👏🏽🔥🔥🔥


It’s hard to know for sure if that technology would ever be worldwide.
On one hand the companies could embrace it if it’ll save them money.
On the other hand, the truck drivers themselves will go ballistic and proceed to support politicians who promise not to allow that electric vehicle technology to be used in their countries.

Tyler Hollingsworth

The future of AI is very exciting. It seems every day we become closer to becoming completely autonomous… I’m excited to see what this brings for the future for both people as well as the effects it has on the workplace.


    Extinction 😂

Stock Analysts

This is unbelievable I can’t imagine a day with out technology. My how far we have come, with the the help of A.I I believe they will be able to implement a new way for mapping the the world and creating a new Augmented Realty world for their systems to navigate.

Abhijeet Dey

Work from home for truckers?




America needs it, but the tech is not ready and American infrastructure is definitely not ready. Last 20 miles would have to be human driven electric vehicles, especially here in Atlanta.


Autonomous and electric are two separate things. Both have hurdles to overcome to completely replace gas-powered or human-driven trucking. As more human drivers adopt non-gas vehicles, and as ai continues to develop, it’s likely both will eventually become the norm. In fact, the explosive growth in AI the last year or so, despite being unrelated to autonomous driving, is a very encouraging sign that self-driving vehicles will continue to grow in popularity. I don’t know if battery technology will improve as rapidly, but fingers crossed. I’m happy with any clean, non-gas option – hydrogen or whatever… but hope it takes off quickly!

Robert Grant

Will they be Held Legally accountable?
Like Uber in Phenix?


Can you imagine how easy it will be to highjack an autonomous truck? It will stop if you get in front of it and slow down. Then just jack it. And guess who will have to pay for the losses?

The Transformation Channel

I like to see how it does in heavy traffic and how far it can travel in range.


Why they don’t have other vehicles on testing track? Won’t it make sense to test these with other vehicles.

Ng Roy

Wonder how it handles merge. Truck drivers are often very nice and switches lane, allowing me to accelerate to highway speed. Although it’s not necessary, but it is nice not having to slow down or quickly accelerate to safely merge (often in those L shaped merges during tradfic hours). Wonder how will the robot react to the merges on highway. Or, will the be smart enough to make room for emergency vehicles.

    Zorba Kaput

    If the pundits are accurate in saying AI will be smarter than humans within 18 months I suggest it won’t be a problem because inattention and emotion will be the first to go out of the driving behaviour.

Jeff Y


kilgore farms

i didn’t hear why autonomous-ness was a good thing. Why not have a driver, even if the truck is electric? Is it just the cost of the driver we’re concerned about? As with many things, this seems like progress for the sake of progress without much benefit.

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