HP Dragonfly Pro Unboxing – A New Champ?

Today we're taking a look at the HP Dragonfly Pro with a quick unboxing and first impressions. Should we give this one a full review? 🤔

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Utsab Das

I have always been intrigued by the dragonfly line by hp, too bad they don’t sell them in india 🙁


    Asus zenbook>

Destructo Disk

2:44 Im with you dude. In direct light a glossy screen is hard to see. That kinda sucks. However the alternative it a matte screen that is always hard to see 😂


Nice laptop but the dedicated chat support button is goofy

    Brian Glaze

    I disagree. With the amount of people that don’t know much about how to update or troubleshoot their device, having a button that automatically connects to help will mitigate a lot of issues. It’s a marketable feature in my opinion. In my office, Im the guy tech guy that is updating and troubleshooting everyone’s device. If they had means to address these issues themselves that they felt confident in, that would be monumental.

    Crisanto Garcia

    @Brian Glazebut you wouldn’t have a job?


7:52 Thoughts about this HP Dragonfly PRO.
=> Things I don’t like about this guy is :
1) The Screen I mean screen is good not bad but it is glossy so using in bright light areas like schools as well as College classrooms so here in this type of place there is might be a problem.
=> Things are missing is :
1) The 3.5mm Headphone MIC jack combo because every user is not a reach to have BT Headphones as well as High End Headphones with BT.
2) The Camera : Because this Laptop comes with the 5MP Camera on 1500$ price point which is very disappointing.
3) The Screen because it comes with Touch panel if screen lead is 360 Degree convert then might be a good option.
Things I like about this Laptop :
1) The Whole chassis where this laptop is build.
2) As well as the speakers are so good.


96W USB C Charger in the box is great!

Alucard Hellsing

Always add a small product description along with the price. Not a tough job to do

RoboCop Phoenix

Man I gotta say this new studio looks dope 🔥

N0 One454

Not bad really want to see how Pop_OS would run this.


Link to product isnt in description! Overall a very good video!

Kay Realist

the support button is a horrible idea HP!

Brian Glaze

Letsgo HP


All of them have to be programmable but not😞


i would love to get this laptop to the netherlands, but i called HP and it won’t be available until late 2023 :c

Randy Ragsdale

The HP Dragonfly Pro is sweet. I love how sleek it looks. I think I’m going to get the white laptop.


Mm~ This would’ve been better if it had a gigabit ethernet port, HDMI port, and a headphone jack.
Those 4 buttons on the right seem superfluous; especially since only 1 of the 4 are programmable.
Is the NVMe and RAM at least user upgradeable or are they soldered?

Moe Ceesay

New studio looks amazing, this seems like a MacBook air competitor, but the airs M2 chip and battery life might trump it. Sad there’s no headphone jack. For what it is I think it’s a bit overpriced,

Jim Kanaris

Love my XPS 9530! 🙂


I kinda hate those support buttons… I wish they were at least reprogrammable. It’s a nice looking laptop but I don’t need or want that button and it’s a big enough turn off to not get the device which I admit is a bit nitpicky

Aadith ViKi

New studio looks cool.
But I’m missing the old vibes. Dono why!!

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