Google Pixel Tablet Review: Android Gets Dockable

This $500 Pixel feels like a return to Android tablets again, in a good way.

0:00 Intro
0:11 Dockability
1:57 Dock Mode
2:15 Tablet Mode
2:26 Performance
3:41 Price
5:05 No Other Accessories
5:57 Final Thoughts

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Google Pixel Tablet Review: Android Tablets Are Back

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Owens Report

I wish they had a 8 inch tablet. Those 10s get too heavy

Tyler Hollingsworth

I’m excited that Google is venturing out into the tablet world. It’s saturated with iPad right now and could really use a new top contender. Hopefully they see some success here.

owen ferguson

But can you see the cursor in the dark or which side is the control button in less than 2 seconds . Apart from where the camera is located to give a clue


First I’ve sub Ur channel bud😁

Mohammed Sayeed

$500 in the US, £600 in the uk, ipad air money


i just got mine. i freaking love it as a bedside device.

Brian B.

It looks nice…. in a vacuum. But, for $500, there are several other options out there with even better specs.

The A15 chipset in the Apple iPad Mini 6 blows this thing away. And, it can be found for $100 cheaper, as well…

Tony NewGuy

Looks good. Let’s hope for some discounts on this Tablet+Dock at the end of the year near the Holidays.


just need a 3rd party dock that comes with bluetooth speakers & it will be perfect

Adam Jakowenko

I really wanted this to be essentially a Hub Max that I could take on the go when needed, but it isn’t that, so I’m not keeping it. You can’t add it to Chromecast speaker groups in Google Home, you don’t have the option to set a different speaker to play audio you call up through the Pixel Tablet the way you can with Nest displays and speakers, it doesn’t support Continued Conversation, and you can’t use the camera as an additional monitoring cam like with the Hub Max. And I don’t have any faith that google will ever add any of these features. If none of those things matter to you and you just want an Android tablet you can dock, then you’d probably be happy with this. Otherwise it’s not worth the price.


Do you know if you can play Fortnite on it? I am looking for a tablet that can play that game.

Clay Mann

£600 in the UK which makes it look incredibly overpriced for such a basic tablet. A new tablet is exactly what I want but I’d really like the streaming services to do so at 4K, you’re not going to get that for your £600 here.

Greg Hinson

Im sitting here with the nexus 7. But that would be nifty to try out…


For the same price in the UK, you can buy a 64GB wifi/5G iPad Air M1 with much longer support and superior performance. Add in that the Air will have better accessories (keyboard and pencil), and similar battery life but a better display, making the Pixel Tablet a hard buy at its current pricing. I suppose it is how much the dock adds value, but its inability as a stand-alone Bluetooth device means I lost interest quickly.

Kam Ran

Does it have pass through charging when docked? So it stops charging the battery when it’s 90% and just powers the tablet and bypasses the battery? Like some Asus phones have. Thanks


600 quid in the UK makes this a huge fail. By the time you have got a case and maybe a second dock this is silly money. Could have been a great device.

The Weasal

Moral of the story just by an iPad



Cooper 109

could be cool to see amazons fire max too


The finicky nature of this thing, the price, and the fact that it seems to be a hub first, then a tablet makes this a pass for me. It’s hard to trust Google since Stadia, too.

Chris Hynes

From everything I’ve seen that dock is just a pain that isn’t necessary, cool idea u guess but still could have been better, great video!

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