Amnesia: The Bunker – Part 1

Amnesia is BACK! Let’s get into this new terrifying experience and find what’s lurking inside the bunker.

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Kyle Krueger

This series is about to go so hard


    Don’t translate😡
    ເຈົ້າຖືກສາບແຊ່ງເພາະວ່າມັນຖືກແປຖ້າເຈົ້າບໍ່ທໍາລາຍຄໍາສາບແຊ່ງ, ເຈົ້າຈະຕາຍວິທີດຽວທີ່ຈະທໍາລາຍຄໍາສາບແຊ່ງແມ່ນເພື່ອຈອງຊ່ອງທາງຂອງຂ້ອຍລົງ​ທະ​ບຽນ​ດຽວ​ນີ້


    The flashlight man is here

    Harry Moneypenny

    Indeed Flashlight Man

    vedi city studios

    Mhmhmh yes the flashlight man


    Indeed the flashlight man has came


“It’s the french, who knows why they do what they do…”
Easily one of my favorite markiplier quotes lol

    Fatima Pavon


    Atleast they protest the wrongdoings that happen 😎

    platinum narhwall

    Love your vids so much I always watch them also good to hear your better now❤


    @OverStrive It’s like that Erik Andre meme, shoots their kin, then contemplates life

    A true warrior

    It is kinda true because in the French language there are a lot of unnecessary rules


The fact that I can see the genuine fear on Marks face is seriously impressive. I don’t remember the last time I believed a game had scared him

    player 27O27

    I think return to the bloody nights which is from a few weeks ago did scare him though..

    Savannah S

    Lixians game almost asphyxiated him

    Daniel Woods

    He still gets scared every once in a while, its not that rare


    The Amnesia series finds one way or another to get under the skin. And then it feels as if it gets amped up even more when you figure out the particular lore.


    *Five Nights At Freddy’s Flashbacks*

Shannon Gilligan

Lixian’s power of sass without words or his animated self is amazing


    “Is the game paused?”
    **Lixians super zoom in on the top right corner**

    Mike Dice Writes

    Right. He barely has to say anything to be like “Really Mark? Really?”


    @diondotyxi read this as that part happened HAGHAAA

    Cyber Runner



The fact that Mark genuinely looks terrified makes me excited as hell for this series.

    zZOdysseus Zz

    Yes, I rarely am scared of games. The only other game of the famous horrors I have played that scared me was amnesia the dark descent. This game? This game is absolutely fucking terrifying. I have never felt so close to a heart attack in my life. I got chased by a curious emu once and I wasn’t this scared.

    Zaethen KillJoy

    It’s a sick game and the monster is gruesome




    It’s gonna be one to remember, fo sure

Patrick Lion El’ Jonson

Mark. Ever since your Amnesia The Dark Decent series, I’ve been hooked to your channel.
It’s awesome to see how far you’ve gotten since the old Cincy days.

Flamia Minu

I don’t think I’ve seen Mark this genuinely scared in years. It really tickles me.

    l23robin 21

    Gorillaz pfp

Lennier Dray

The genuine horror and stress mark is experiencing in this is something else I can tell this is going to be hella enjoyable, it’s going to get interesting when he actually comes face to face with whatever it is

Nangsanbhalang Blah

I love how in every horror game mark is the epitome of “You’re either very brave or very stupid”. Usually he’s both XD

    Confused Turtle

    Some say the difference between being brave and stupid is if you succeed or not.. and I think that checks out here as well lmao

    Howdy Partner

    ​@Confused TurtleSame fine line exists between genius and insanity IIRC.


seeing mark actually have fear in his eyes is so very exciting- it’s been so long since a horror game has got him so scared.


    he can get jumpscared like usual, but actual _chills_ as he said from anticipation and just a creepy vibe overall is more rare

Darcie Clements

I like how the best gauge of Mark’s horror is the frequency of how often he says “good”


The genuine fear Mark has in this is a testament to how scary this game actually is


It never ceases to amaze me how well Mark can Fail successfully. haha. Jokes aside Mark was spot on with the idea that the monster doesn’t show up right away so saving his fuel was an impeccable strategy. As terrifying as it is. I think this game is scarier than any previous Amnesia game. Just watching it gives me chills. I think it’s mainly because im claustrophobic and these tight corridors and being underground is adding to my overall sense of dread.

    Danny Yankee

    As soon as he gets gas it CAN show up. The game basically starts when that guy dies in the Kitchen.

Fearghus Keitz

Just last night I thought to myself “I hope Markiplier goes through the new amnesia game, it would be a nice throwback.”
So anyway thank you for doing this, and how dare you read my mind like that, it’s an invasion of privacy.


the stress mark puts himself through by panic sprinting at every sound of the creature being nearby is hilarious!


Mark spending multiple minutes trying to move the gunpowder barrel is top notch effort

Tara Johnson

watching markiplier go insane in real time is so indescribable

Basabpriyo Bhattacharjee

I love how he was completely clueless and was like “oh gas….oh” and then suddenly he realised what gas meant and was like “OH GAS!”


This is one of the most horrifying horror games of this year. Imagine being a frenchman. Sends shivers down my spine


It pains me to see Mark so casually toss aside Tiny Package Tim without even acknowledging his existence.

    Cindy Comas

    Wasn’t it Tiny Box Tim?

    Maty_ Belo

    That’s Diminute Carton Container Timothy innit?

    Sealed Vessel

    ​@Cindy Comasit was tiny box time

    Sans ation

    @Sealed Vessel no

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