GTA5 Online – San Andreas Mercenaries DLC & UFO Sightings!

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nice man Guy

H20 the GOAT 💪🏻💪🏻


Yaaaay another video perfect timing I was looking for more videos to watch EDIT: I always love watching Delirious play any types of games it’s genuinely fun to watch and see his reactions watched his baby in yellow gameplay and that was fun watching him shoot babyyellowlerious out of a canon


Love your content

Asura Viking

Been awhile since I seen Delirious play gta


    Whe gta6 comes out we will see alot more


    He posted a GTA video just two days ago 😂


    @KingOfAnubis23if it ever comes out since R* is focusing more on 5 than 6 it seems


    @OutSpideyhe didn’t say “it’s been a while since delirious played gta” he said been a while since hes seen him play it


I haven’t watched your videos in a long time
But you’re my childhood fam🙌definitely getting back into your videos

    Jeremiah Allen

    Is it bad I started watching when I was 6 and I’m 10 now

Marquis Martin

I love your content it’s really entertaining an funny I jus wanna say time rlly flies by bc I was watching the episode with the ultimate tomato an now this I love your content keep it up all love

moo :D

It’s always fun to watch these videos, thanks Delirious!

Silver Scorpio

Delirious has the widest variety of snigger sounds I’ve ever heard


Lui’s laugh is gold😂

Juzo Inui

Look how far we were from the “Aleeland” H20 Delirious 2023

Allison Terry

0:37 That wheeze 😂😂

Lisa Harris

U and Evan together are hilarious when ya pkat gta. Thanks sirlirious

A Rock Channel

5:46 the way lui was laughing 😂😂😂😂 delirous said shut the hell up that had me dying

Not a doge

5:32 I always love how lui can just start uncontrollably laughing at something so dumb

    Juzo Inui

    Honestly his laugh is very contagious


Im so proud how fast your channel is growing and how so many people relate to you. Sending love!


These 4 playing gta 5 is very relaxing even tho they play so chaotically!


I’m gonna take a guess that Evan hosted the CEO stuff and enabled friendly fire for more content. 😂


This video felt different, I loved it. <3


Lui’s Laugh I can’t😂


“We gotta turn friendly fire off”
NO, that’s the content machine.

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