Only YOU can fix GPU pricing… Here’s how!

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The pricing on new graphics cards is crazy, but you can do something about it – stop buying them! Here are some tips to not get screwed buying a used GPU, and how to get MORE performance for your money.

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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:21 How to protect yourself buying used
3:13 How to find a good deal
4:27 Current “good value” options
7:02 30 Series cards are *probably* still under warranty
7:39 The GPU we bought!
8:00 Don’t pay deposits!
8:55 Benchmarking our RTX 3080 against a RTX 4060 Ti
10:07 Replacement fans are cheap!
10:24 GRAPHS




This is exactly the reason why a scrapyard wars reboot is a good idea!


    A recent WAN show they said it’s back on the table.


    @RunJun saw that, super excited

    Holo Scope



    I hope they give themselves really limited budgets (may three different tiers?) such as 250, 500 and 750$USD.

    Khalid Yusuf

    @Yvan256 People might say that 250 isn’t limited for a budget but for an average person it really is

Linus Tech Tips

Now that you have a new old GPU, why not test it out by playing Stellaris free this weekend. Check it out on steam or at starting on the 22nd.


    Stellaris is good trust me


    I’ll be playing Stellaris with my Rx 580 from Aliexpress

    sri ram

    Thanks for making it a short video


    If you connect 3 1030 cards together, you will get rtx 3090


    i personally dont need a 3080

Dat dragon from mortal kombat.

Linus : ONLY YOU can fix pricing.
Gamers : We absolutely agree, Linus.
Also gamers : Proceed to buy 4070 because it is 10$ below MSRP.

    Aqqalu R

    Don’t forget about gamers asking r/pcmr if the purchase was good AFTER they bought the product

    Adam Dobucki

    Players: You’re right.
    Graphics Card Manufacturers: We’re cutting production in half
    Players: sad pikachu noise


    Also Linus: Proceeds to hype up the next cashgrab from Nvidia.


    @Brutallica literally that’s not even what happened. and they’re always transparent if its a sponsored video – try again

Brian Barney

I hope they do another scrapyard wars. I have wanted to see them do a complete streaming setup. Get streamers involved and judge by quality of the live stream rather than just raw performance.

    Harsh La Rose

    It’ll have to be other team members though, Linus is too famous

    Iris Pettson

    It also makes sense when their company is so much bigger now. They can have some of their lesser known employees buy parts without risk getting recognized the same way as would be the case for Linus. Then Linus could be the commentator for the video / judge regarding which team that wins.

    Evann Music

    @Iris PettsonYes !


    Same, now that the absolute dark ages that was 2020-2022 is now long gone.

    Zachary Kew-Denniss

    On a recent Wan show Linus said he thinks they will soon


i’m still using a 1080ti that i got with a full machine, keyboard, and monitor for $1k, while the card alone at the time was the same price. easy deals.


    still using my 1070 👍


    1080ti team, still able to play any AAA game and VR, wont upgrade until next gen probably I am hoping for a boycot from gamers and actually drop the gpu prices


    7 years of age and it STILL is on performance charts.
    I got a 1080 just for the looks right before the 30 series launch,
    and it eventually went in my daily driver machine during covid because nothing else was available (affordable) at that time.

    Mesheck Theri

    Is it odd that card is still my goal to get? I view it as the golden boy card.

    Rafid Ahamed

    still using 1070ti that I got for $300 back then


_Important note:_ when you go searching for your ideal used card, it’s probably a good idea to _not_ buy anything _older_ than an RTX 2000 series GeForce or a 6000 series Radeon (yes 6000 not 5000). Those are the first Nvidia and AMD generations respectively to fully support DirectX 12.2 (AKA DirectX 12 Ultimate), which is the DX version implemented by the current gen consoles. That means if you have one of those cards or newer then your card is sure to support all upcoming games for a _long_ time.


    for at least 6 years sure

    TrucksR US

    5700/xt and vega 56 and 64 are amazing value for the money though, there’s nothing comparable otherwise. There’s an ebay sold listing of a vega 64 for 64$. Techpowerup relative performance has vega 64 tied with the 2060/1080. 3060 is only 20% ahead


    Those kind of details Linus should be putting in his video, not that you shouldn’t meet seller at midnight by the tree

    Bip Bop

    Looks at 1660 Ti laptop I got in 2020 instead of 2060? 2080? Whelp, not much I can do about that. Another reason to look forward to a framework laptop in my future


    @Bip Bop the 1660ti is technically a 2000 series card so you are fine actually. Same way the 750 and 750ti were technically 900 series cards


I bought a 6700xt from a data center that was selling them at $300 a pop. Card hasn’t failed me at all and the improvements over my 1660 were so worth it. I got off eBay and took a bit of searching but you’re right they definitely have good deals if you find the right ones

    Max Mad

    But they go for 310$ new, was this long time ago or just bad deal?

    Addi Korn

    @Max Mad in europe they still go for 400€.
    310$ is a bargain for a 6700xt- i have one and its a Decent GPU.

Ginger Penguin

Still using my 2080 Super I bought used during the pandemic. Not a great deal by today’s standards (spent the AUD equivalent of $440USD) but at the time it was better than anything else I could see. And it’s just so disheartening seeing all the GPU releases recently that are worse value than my scalping-era deal.

    Matthew Tremain

    I’m still using a 980 ti that I have had since new.


    ​@Matthew TremainI’m still using a GT840m , you can’t beat me

    goovind narula

    ​@killkiss_soni don’t have a dedicated card. Just a i5 3rd gen mobile chip


I kindly request the production team to consider creating another installment of Scapyard Wars.

As previously mentioned, there is a promising opportunity to explore new deals and bargains.

Moreover, the inclusion of the latest generation of computer hardware, such as Ryzen and other notable advancements, would undoubtedly enhance the show’s overall appeal and captivate a wider audience.

VoidPoint Media

Just an idea and I’m not sure if ya’ll thought of this already, but what about including sound results with mark bench in the future? Some people may wanna see sound data as well to see how loud fans can get and stuff like that. Just an idea.

Eric E

One tip: Always use paypal/credit card or some sorta payment method to protect your purchase. Just ask the seller to send invoice through paypal for instance. If he complains about the 3% paypal fee. Just have him to add 3% fee and pay for it. If he refuses to do those badly, something might not be right and I’ll walk way. (Aka: There might still be fake gpu/fake orignal invoices out there).


You’re absolutely right ,but don’t forget that they also adjust the production line to always have a higher demand

Benjámin Szász-Cserey

The problem is even if the prices drop in some places around the world , a lot of us only dream to even see close enough prices to the o es shown in videos like this . Here in EU they are still pretty high and it looks like it is not gonna change anytime soon


    Yeah. You can have an RTX 3060 or a PS5 in France. Who is seriously gonna buy an RTX3060 when you can have a PS5 that is literally more powerful for the same price. ☠️ GPU market is broken, except for some AMD cards

    Swapnil Kadam

    In india the prices have gone down really good but it took a serious time for that to happen. But I now have lost all my mojo for the high end gaming thnks to this pricing fiasco. There are priorities important than gaming and i dont see any point in investing $300 $400 just for entertainment. Bought a 1650 on a decent price and m very happy. Only do casual gaming now.


    Oh they will change for sure… once China eats up Taiwan you will have to get used to 5000-7000€ cards for a while.


    @killkiss_son isn´t RTX3060 faster than a PS5? Google says, the Power of a PS5 is around a 2070.


    @Snaich I have a 3060 *ti* and it performs worse than my PS5. It can barely play any games in 4K at 60 fps , especially with high graphics settings.
    And it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the same price as a working console. You are not gonna play any games with just a 3060

Odin’s Playground

One reason why prices are kept up on the high end, of Nvidia in particular, is because smaller businesses and freelancers buy the 4090 class GPUs. It is MUCH cheaper than buying their “professional” lineup, including easier to get a hold on. (RTX 6000 ADA has double VRAM of 48GB, but cost $6800 for 4090 performance) This is why the 4090s were sold out immediately at launch.


    I saw a bunch of 4090s on ebay after launch.


    The cold truth is Nvidia owns the professional space, and even if you want to dabble, your going to be using Nvidia. Cuda comes to mind. Yes there are other things can do similar workloads, but they are at best half the speed on a comparable AMD card.
    Even in the high end hobbyist space its going to be Nvidia for the same reason. The Titans where effectively non validated professional cards, a perfect ‘budget’ option at a half or a third the price. Gee, wonder why those got killed off.
    All you have to do is look at anyone doing freelance/independent art: they can probably use 18-22GB VRAM without trying that hard. So 4090. And if your looking at animation, well 10 minutes is 18000 frames GPU#0 runs frames 1-9000, GPU#1 runs 9001-18000 and the time to combine the two is a rounding error in the render time of a single frame. So how many 4090s do you have, Ill take the lot.


    @Nickierv exactly. i simply cant use an AMD card for lack of support so i have to use the 4090 for work.

    Meme Connect

    the only reason is really because people keep buying nvidia cards


I got a 6950 XT for 700 bucks(before it was like 620) and I have absolutely no complaints. Most money in PC budget should go to GPU and trickle down for me personally but I went all in on a high tier card this time around I can use for the next few years. I know all companies have their faults Nvidia, Intel and AMD but Nvidia has gone way over my line in the sand but AMD works better on Linux 🙂 Cheers! Hope people take your advice and have a great build experience!

(it’s excrubulent)

I appreciate that Linus acknowledges his privileged position as a wealthy industry insider. It makes it a lot easier to take him seriously as someone that’s actually considered the position the rest of us are in. A lot of people in that position just stop acknowledging it because it’s awkward for them to admit that they’re not directly speaking for their audience, but when they leave it unspoken it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


    Yeah pretty rare for tech youtubers

    HappyBeezerStudios – by Lord_Mogul

    Through all the growth I never thought that he totally lost touch to his viewers. This and scrapyard wars and even both “pay for 4K” videos show that.

    I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages

    They’re not supposed to “speak for the audience” and frankly, it shouldn’t need to be said. Their job is to show us how it works, maybe provide some different perspectives to consider. Nothing more. They’re not supposed to tell us how to feel.

    David Fidler

    But it’s irrelevant. He’s right – the market determines the prices…

    The only ones to blame are the consumers.

    Getting pissed at LTT (privileged or not) for saying that would just show how spoiled/immature/entitled/karenish the person would be.

    The irony here is that LTT IS trying to change the market pricing… But not by yelling at manufacturers (which would not work). He’s educating the market.

    (it’s excrubulent)

    ​@David Fidler I’m not talking about getting pissed at anyone, I’m explaining why Linus’s attitude is helping him keep people engaged and listening to him. If he wasn’t like that I probably wouldn’t be pissed, I just wouldn’t be watching. Pretty straightforward consumer behaviour I would have thought.

    Also if market prices are anyone’s fault then that fault lands on both consumers and suppliers. It’s absurd to say that the market is only influenced by actors on one side.


The issue here is now if demand for the used GPUs goes up and increases the used prices. I’ve seen it happen across other 2nd hand products (not IT related) with much smaller audiences.


    True, but at least it lessens demand for new cards, which might force them to lower their ridiculous prices on them.

Тимофей Нгуен

Few months ago I decided to upgrade my 970 and bought 2070 for 200€. Even though it was with faulty fans which I didn’t notice during testing, I’m happy with it and eventually turned out even better: I just de-shrouded it, cleaned heat sink, changed a thermal compound and put 2x120mm case fans directly to GPU. To me for 1080p 60Hz gaming it would be enough for a few years. Hopefully when I have to upgrade GPUs won’t cost a fortune


You have to appreciate that GPU prices have gotten so absurdly bad that it takes buying the previous generation’s mid-tier second hand to start approaching what the high end retail prices used to be.


    I remember when I first built my computer in 2008. First gen i7 920 and a 4870, it was right around the fastest computer you could build with consumer grade hardware. It was 300 bucks and was a basically top of the line card, I think I even bought it before the 4890 came out.

    It’s insane that a decent video card is now more than the entire cost of my first PC, monitors, keyboard and mouse included.

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