5 web-based AI tools you should know about

Currently, the most sought-after application of AI video technology is text-to-video AI. The idea is anyone will be able to type a prompt into a text field and within seconds, or more likely minutes, a video will be created using an AI model. As a creator, the idea of my job so quickly being replaced by AI is terrifying, but as a tech nerd, I am intrigued. So I wanted to see how close we are to being able to simply type text into a website and receive polished video. In the latest episode of my YouTube series Full Frame, I tested five AI video creation tools, Gen-2, Kaiber, Deep Nostalgia, Synthesia, and Unboring, to see what the limits of our AI video creation technology currently are.

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0:00 The current end goal of video AI tools
1:17 Runway’s Gen-2
2:12 Kaiber
3:54 Things you should know before using AI tools
5:15 My Heritage’s Deep Nostoligia
6:03 Synthesia
6:50 Reface’s Unboring
7:46 Where I stand on AI video tools

Gen 2:
Deep Nostalgia:

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The Verge

What programs did I miss?


great to point out the privacy right and copyright issues. 🎉

Tristan Burgener

Great video. I just used Facetune AI for some fun pictures of my kids. They looked like queens!!!

Henrique Oliveira

Spooky to say the least


I don’t want videos talking about AI and how to use it considering it steals from thousands of artists.

Игорь Коновалов 2

AI won’t replace creative creators

Dave O’Brien

How about a video on the best free AI tools? AI is still incredibly new to me and as a 42 year old fairly tech savvy guy. AI is kind of making me feel like my parents using a basic computer or cell phone. 😂

Chris Lindhartsen

The question I’m beginning to have is how much does this cheapen creativity. Depending on how much this all improves year over year how many creative folks will be nudged aside as business people see this as a cheaper “good enough” option.


The Verge…Thanks Much !…….

Michael Coley

This is a great video, but I think the title and thumbnail are a bit misleading. I was expecting general AI tools not just AI video tools. It’s still great content of course, but it wasn’t what I was expecting based on the title and thumbnail.

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