Guess Wrong and Face the Consequences

Did working at NCIX teach me ANYTHING, or am I completely out of touch when it comes to modern component pricing? Come hang out while I build a computer, guess prices, and take my lumps when I’m WRONG.

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Fraser Dougall

It’d be really funny to do a hot ones style tech talk type thing. Linus hiccuping and doing tech reviews is hilarious.


    Now you have said it, I want to see Linus on Hot Ones!!!!

    Aaron Huffman

    I miss Hot Pepper Gaming!!

    Russell Humphress

    @Maverick I actually asked a question about this on WAN show recently, Linus said he wasn’t opposed to the idea if they invite him and the logistics can be worked out.


    Is it not hiccing up? 🤔


Linus: Goes home after work
Yvonne: Im in the mood for spicy wings and pie for dessert.
Linus: 🤨😑


    “Oh, and I cleaned up the kids’ Lego. Just for you, since you were working late. 😊”

    Daniel Karnole

    Lmao. We need Linus on that hot wing show. Bro is trained in the field.


    Better yet, she’s decides she wants to try hot wax (candle wax) play.

    Oagile Namoshe




Alan Green

Isn’t it JUST WONDERFUL how sadistic we LTT fans are and how much enjoyment we derive from watching Linus suffer?!?
…and then at the same time, I’m having sympathy pains for him… I LOVE Dan trying not to laugh in the background at 15:00!


    It’s one thing they hosted a roasting show before the pandemic

    It’s another thing when he suffered for a reroll in his random PC build

    With this, how far have we gone as a Linus fandom

albert theroa

When Linus steps down as CEO…
Staff: Let’s get him , we’ll do a stream!
Linus: I still own the Company!


    Step down on legos


He’s finally cracked completely. Linus is playing gameshows with himself.

    Aaron Huffman

    Where everyone wins!

    John Deaux

    @Aaron Huffman8 minutes in, it doesn’t look like Linus is winning 😂

    Josef Heller

    This reminds me of Parks and Rec when Ben loses his job and starts doing stop motion claymation.

    Dell12 16

    @Josef Hellerlmaoo


    @John Deauxaye my man’s getting paid he’s definitely winning too lol


When Linus said “I just saw $400 for an i9 13900K” I was like “W-what magical store are you buying your CPUs from??”

    Raza Haider

    Here in pakistan, I just bought an i9 11900K for 93k PKR or 325 USD. Can’t even imagine how hard a 13900K will set me back

    Tanka the Maid

    ​@Raza HaiderThe i9 13900K is a $600 CPU 💀


    ltt store


    Maybe he confused it with the 12900

chris thorney

lmfao, this must have been so much fun for the staff lol literally getting to tourture the boss haha, too funny

    Sam Levi

    Former boss. Lol. He’s not the boss man anymore, now he’s just the good ideas fairy. Lol

    Kapish T

    He left his owner and CEO post , still a big part of the company but not the boss


    technically still the ceo for a few more weeks

    Chris M

    @Kapish T He’s still the owner. Him and his wife own 100% of the company still..


    ​@Kapish THe is still the boss of the CEO – as he owns the company and therefore is – together with his wife – able to appoint and dismiss the CEO.

Chris Ladouceur

This was actually incredibly entertaining

Yiannis Morfos

Such a fun stream! I was smiling through the whole thing

Bradley Rodgers

Dan, trying to keep it together, had me in fits. Love the atmosphere at LTT!


Watching Dan die of laughter in the background is the best thing ever

    Roy Dijkshoorn

    Noticed that as well haha


I enjoyed this way more than i thought I would and will end up watching the whole thing. Appreciated seeing the rest of the team involved.

    Conor Murphy

    How could they not get involved in torturing Linus

Ark :D

As soon as Linus botched the CPU guess, I knew this was going to be an entertaining video. Thanks for the laughs LTT!

Danial Onderstal

The lengths linus goes to make a fun stream, top tier


PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE! First time in a while watching a 2+ hour video entire time I was enthralled!

Sheldon Herbert

At 1:06:00 Linus’ understanding of how people make purchasing decisions is so refreshing. It gets annoying hearing reviewers constantly say “just save more money for the next tier”. And I’ve never heard anyone articulate the reality of many people like Linus did there.


    Big disagree. If you’re at the point where you’re actually putting the money aside to build a PC then you clearly have some expendable income. And if you’re able to do so, then you’re also able to save a little more by waiting to buy that item. GPU is still a good example for this, if you already are at the point of putting aside 400 dollars for a 4060 Ti 8GB, then 25% more of that cost is not going to be much more difficult to add to it by waiting. If money is so tight that you cannot gather any more money by waiting, then your finances are so tight that you’re unable to save any money – at which point you shouldn’t be buying a computer parts at all.


    @HoboxBro what. Just because you might not be super comfortable or even wealthy doesn’t mean you should not but pc competent. Everybody uses their money in different ways and prioritize their money in different ways. Some people might like pc gaming, some might like gardening. If you have a budget you have to respect the budget. I can tell from your comment you’ve never struggled that much money wise and can have a wide budget but not everyone is so lucky. If you only got the money for 4060 ti, you only got the money for a freaking 4060 ti most people can’t just be like, “or might as well spend an extra 100 freaking dollars because I’ll get a little more fps that might not even matter that much in my scenario.” Plus people with that mindset can never appreciate what they can get and always want more. For example, you might have the budget for a 3070 but if you save a little more you can a 3070ti, but what if I saved even more to get a 3080, oh but only a little more can get me a 3080ti and next thing you know you are 300 dollars over your original budget. All I’m saying you clearly don’t know good money sense and have no idea what you are talking about. 💸💸💸😭🤡


The most informative thing in the beginning, was the absolut insane Intel CPU pricing. Not long ago a Intel 13.Gen System was cheaper then AMD. Well, not anymore by a longshot.


    The 13700K is $380 right now from Amazon, not bad at all. AMD’s doesn’t have a direct comparable CPU but you could say either the 7700X which is $289 or the 7800X3D which is $439. Would be more inclinded to compare it to the 7800X3D since the 13700K beats the 7700X handedly but loses by about 8-10% in gaming to the 7800X3D but is faster than it in productivity. You also could compare it to the 7900X which is $396. I would love to see Intel’s prices lower, but AMD aren’t doing consumers any favors either.

Marc Ziegenbein

I would have thought the top of the list for ‘bad’ computer cases that Linus had to build in would be either the Pyramid or Compensator 3.


    The Pyramid was their own doing, and Compensator III at least was rather open.

Better Life Therapies

Love this…its fun to see Linus, knowing that hes the boss, and everyone elce knowing that too, still being able to be down to earth and have fun with everyone…company owners everywhere could take notes.


Linus, the way you work product promotion in so naturally is beyond marketing, it’s just genuinely impressive at this point

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