How To Clone Your Voice With AI

Cloning your own voice is both creepy and cool. Here’s how to create a clone of your voice using ElevenLabs’ AI text-to-speech tools.

0:00 Intro & Disclaimer
0:35 ElevenLabs walkthrough
1:02 AI Voice Design
1:26 Instant Voice Cloning
3:45 Examples of Voice Cloning in Pop Culture
4:34 How To Identify an AI Voice Clone

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James Earl Jones Is Reportedly Retiring From Voicing Darth Vader:

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Sean T

Love it


Wow. That completely tricked me. Way less robotic sounding than Apple’s new Personal Voice feature. And it needs way less training data too.


Pretty creepy, 🤯


Sir I want to post article on your website and unique article


Sweet. Time to impersonate someone!😅


Anyone could plan for a potential disease or ailment such as laryngitis or throat cancer with this technology. The possibilities are nearly infinite for good or bad uses.
Indeed, this combined with other A.I. technologies could, in essence, become you, or whomever you need it to be.



    Zeus Starfall


    Techno 4 Sagar

    For sure


👍🏻 nice

Sebastian Skaanild

I just used the free Apple Personal Voice one in the iOS17 Developer Beta. It works scarily well.


    We gotta try that one


LOVED the twist. Great video. I was just playing around with eleven labs a couple days ago, but didn’t want to shell out the money to make my own voice. Tempting though… but I’ve really got no reason to use it at this point. It would be cool if it partnered with Chat-GPT, and you could play back your conversation, with your prompts read in your voice, and ChatGPT’s responses read in a custom voice of your choosing.


    Glad you enjoyed it!

Allan Jones

That’s insane💀🔥🔥 I’m so shocked


2:00 2 minutes in, i guess the plot twist is that this is AI narration.


*gets a phone call* hey, it’s mom i’m calling to renew your car’s expired warranty 👀 scammers are going to use this like crazy

Ryan G. Osborne

Wow that fooled me. What a plot twist!

A Bachelor’s Life

I must’ve missed something because I fail to see the point of all of this. I’m going to make the computer sound like me, for what?


Every time I have tested this it has given me terrible results. There isn’t any good voice cloning tools I’ve found yet.


Nice twist on the recording there 😂

The Past Comes Alive

Oh my God! Can you imagine how they could clone voices of celebrities or even ones that have passed on? Like, for example what if they could clone with AI Elvis Presley or Donna Summer or even Selena the possibilities are endless. For example, if they had a clone AI voice of Michael Jackson and someone was having a tribute concert, the AI voice of Michael Jackson, would say something on television like, hi then he would say his name, and then say, watch ABC News for a tribute concert, full of all the best of my songs, or something like that that would be amazing nobody could tell who it is.

Smart Home Tours

What could possibly go wrong?

Carmel Brain


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