Strangest Gaming Controllers! 😳

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Jimmer Pholiom

straight up got the leatherface gaming setup.

    EVERY one sub me I sub you

    Tanks for 600 sub❤🎉❤🎉❤🎉

Toms Money Magic

Those gloves would be perfect if they can implement them well into vr games – get some haptic feedback all over the place.

    CB Magdalena

    The glove kinda gives me Thor vibes lol


    Only people who had a good childhood remembers that glove from regular show

    Your unfriendly neighborhood man

    ​@Anthonyit might be a regular show but the nostalgia is real


In alternate reality: “TOP 5 BEST SUBMARINE “CONTROLLERS”


All these controllers make the games just harder to play but damn do they look awesome, especially the katana and chainsaw.

Salah Mari

Not gonna lie the katana controller will be sick if you got 2 of them and played beat saber on vr
If that actually work that would be astronomical


“hey how did you learn to fish?”
“with my Dreamcast controller”

Tanvir Tarwani

It’s actually funny. I messed around with the controller that you’re talking about and number five at a convention and it was really weird. Even the game is weird. It was like your controlling an actual mech like I was confused as hell so I just said you know what screw it and I ejected by pushing the red button

Random guy

That eject button sends you to the backrooms if you’re wondering though


The katana one was sick

Spency McSpencer

As a battletech/mech warrior fan, steel battalion controller was so much fun. Giving the full immersive feel. Although it was super difficult to use.

Tiff Tiff💘

He really put together a gaming controller list because of the situation with the sub at the titanic.

Ashlynn Ozella

Brutal timing for this video to come out with all the gaming controlled drama with the Titanic submarine

    Nafis Lutfi



Seeing punch out in a video was amazing. I love that game and still play it to this day

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