The Fear Assessment

It’s time for your annual Fear Assessment. Nothing to worry about. Perfectly ordinary Mandela Catalogue stuff. You aren’t afraid are you?

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Team Scrublords

Fear Assessment: Are you scared?
Mark: *B O A R S P E A R*

    Mbita Chizi

    Guys Markiplier inspires me. My parents said if I get 15k followers They’d buy me a better camera for recording..begging u guys, literally begging….


    Answer to everything


    @Mbita Chizi aint no followers on youtube. copy paste better next time


    I’ll fix it

    Fear assessment: are you scared?
    Markiplier: not anymore you should be scared of me! Know why?
    Fear assessment: why?
    Markiplier: BOAR SPEAR!!!!!!!!
    Fear assessment: 😱😱😱


    My theory is that he or someone else uses that spear in his movie

Koren P

“Do you care for animals?”
*Mark while holding a boar spear* : “Yes”



    M M

    Remember he’s only going to stab at human height~


    I need a Cloak brand boar spear so badly 😫


    you might care for animals, but some animals do *not* care for *you* and you may have to defend yourself


    @M Mbut think of all the human sized boars 🙁


Remember guys, Markiplier is definitely not a masochist


    When your heroic fantasy involves being tortured to death.

    Dylan Riddle

    as soon as the torture question was posed i was like “here we go, maso-mark over here is in his element” xDDD


    Markiplier: I’m not a Masochist.

    Also Markiplier: Hear me out… (Not a Masochist)

    Nehemiah Pouncey

    Also carries a boar spear 😂

    Abby Normal

    Totally not a masochist 💀


Markiplier’s not a masochist he just has a massive savior complex 💀


    not a masochist he just wants to know what the pain feels like

    unconcerned Beast

    he hzve z mzn honor its just how dzre you think low of me znd then he kills or indore tutore or do it the hzrd wzy insted of supmitting


    @unconcerned Beast dawg what


    @megan “he has a man honor its just how dare you think low of me and then he kills or endures torture or does it the hard way instead of submitting”
    homie confused his z with a


    Or both, both is good


I’m sure Amy always hears weird things when Mark’s recording, but throughout this video I could just imagine her in the other room being like ??????? at all the bizarre things he’s saying 😂


    That was honestly my thought the whole time 🤣


    I’m just imagining her confusion as she sees a boar spear being repeatedly stabbed through the doorway 😂


8:00 I’m just imagining Amy walking in like, “hey Mark I made you these freshly baked cookies” and Mark’s just like “Heeeeyaah!”

    Cheyenne ross

    I was saying the same thing lol


    @Cheyenne ross 😂😂😂

    Slack O’Lantern

    Now I see Mark not stabbing Amy but using his spear to basically pick up and then flip the cookie to himself somehow.


    I thought that too 😭


    Hit them with that DMC Stinger, “HEEYAH”.


The most scariest thing of this video was the fact that mark just has a boar spear laying around

    Steve Armstrong

    You don’t?!


    hey, if you don’t own a gun you might as well have something else for self defense, a boar spear’s better than most things


    Some Americans have fire arms around mark has a bor sper lol I have swords there a weapon of a more civilized age sword combat is an art from


    nah, after the bed knife this actually seems in character for mark



B Quality Snake

The return of HEEEHOO and masochism mark in one video is astounding


    Omg i thought the same thing !!!!!


The 6 rules supposed to make Mark uncomfortable instead giving him better lighting is hilarious


    And yet I don’t understand how you’re supposed to follow them XD They’re as contradictory as talking to most teachers these days.
    No lights but have a light on for your face (so no daylight either??), and follow all the rules.
    How do I do the 2 and the 6 at the same time without… I dunno having bio-luminescent skin, would that be a workable loophole???

    Good thing it’s just a silly game, I had enough of the contradictory rules in school.


    @Roadent1241they aren’t contradictory you are just supposed to do them in order.




    I feel a demon coming inside of me.

    Toast Sandwich


Sweeper Bot

I’d love to see the perspective of someone outside of his room hearing muffled talking, a bang on the ceiling, then seeing the boar spear suddenly thrust out of the doorway multiple times


    That’ll be the most Accidentally Wes Anderson moment in the Fischbach residence in a good long while.


13:30 I really just want to see the ‘behind the scenes’ and Amy’s reaction to Mark in his room just yelling about Jesus saving you 😂😂



David Wayne

Markiplier struggling with the sheath for the boar spear and then being the genius to quote “that’s why I’m only stabbing at human height” after the “do you care for animals” question is my spirit animal. My human height spirit animal.


Mark: “You too! All visible doors must be open!”
Me: in a public bathroom stall, now sweating


    ! Emotion Breakdown Imminent !

Jacob Turner

Mark bringing in an emotional support pole arm was quite unexpected, but highly relatable. Pole arms are exceptional weapons.


    They are the worst kind of weapon for this kind of situation tho ^^

    Shadows Star

    @VeRrUeCkTeR_IWAN I mean…I imagine there are worst kinds of weapons. Like, a cannon. If it’s not pointed directly at the corner.


8:15 I like the idea of Amy being near the hallway (like in an adjoining room) watching Mark stab the spear into the hall just being like “Yeah…that’s Mark”


    I can imagine that clear as day.

Jessa Burns

Mark looking at himself in the video feed and then realizing he is especially hot with the hallway light is on him is exactly the confidence level I need when I see myself.

Grace Frederick

I always thought that those intrusive thoughts of completely unrealistic situations where I nobly withstand severe torture for heroic purposes was abnormal. Since Mark has admitted it, I no longer think it abnormal… now I KNOW it is.

    charly the cherry


    André Meyer

    I aspire to one day become as unhinged as you and Mark

    Edward Morrison

    To get serious. Intrusive thoughts are surprisingly common.

    Isabel Jarvis

    I was about to say “see! Look, normal!”

    But it seems you have condemned us to strangeness lol


0:38 can we just appreciate the editing that allows us to read each line without any impediment while not having Mark’s head zip around the screen? Lixian is doing god’s work out here.

    Chem Mong

    high tier editing!


    The editor went legendary in the editing skill and then immediately got all the perks again.

Sponge beetle

Every time I look back on old mark I’ve realised how much of a dad he’s become and how he looks so much like Keanu reeves

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