I tried 6 Tech Toys, here are the best… and the worst

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Children’s tech tends to follow the trends of the dreams of the youth. Across the country kids are dreaming of becoming vloggers, youtubers, and twitch streamers when they grow up. Are the toys made to cater to these desires any good, or are they all just ewaste waiting to find their final resting place at the landfill?

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:00 PlanToys Vlogger Kit
2:08 KidiZoom Creator Cam
4:08 Leapster Explorer
5:56 LeapPad Academy
7:39 KidiBuzz 3
8:44 LOL Surprise Headphones
9:27 Puro Sound Labs BT2200s Headphones
10:23 Conclusion

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The Leapster Explorer looks like a submarine steering controller.

    X Y


    Josh Tabor

    Too soon

    X Y

    @Josh Tabor never too early

    Thomas Selwyn



    So they can get that experience of being consumed by t̶h̶e̶ a̶b̶y̶s̶s̶ mobile devices and social media. And a future career at the complete mercy of u̶n̶d̶e̶r̶w̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ v̶e̶h̶i̶c̶l̶e̶ youtube/twitch

Marshall Wicker

Tech toys are what made me a programmer. I remember snap circuits teaching me electrical engineering in elementary school

    Surya Kamal N D

    Yo which language? I am basically the biggest Tech Enthusiast/ Advocate alive on earth.. this love for tech is what made me take up computer science.. I’m in my 11th grade, according to the cbse (india) syllabus, I’ll be learning python which I love because I know a lot of stuff and know python or java script is best for starting.. how was your journey and life for this programming bro?

    Mr Smore

    Ah man I LOVED snap circuits, I actually still have a few sets that I get out every once in awhile just to mess around with

    Nihal Anand

    ​​​@Surya Kamal N DNot the original guy but my advice to all beginners is that programming language doesn’t matter that much to learn programming. Use python to start out with, just because it’s easier than others to look at and understand, but your focus as a beginner should be to learn principles of logic and flow control (conditionals and loops) to do what you want. Memorizing a bunch of syntax won’t really do much for you. In the end, most programming languages use the same logical operations with minor syntactical differences. To be clear, there are other differences, but those differences don’t matter for what a beginner will be using them for.

    TL;DR: Don’t fall into the trap of “learning a programming language.” Learn the principles involved, make some projects (plenty of resources online for ideas), and you’ll be good to go.

    Surya Kamal N D

    @Nihal Anand Yep! Noted I’ll definitely follow that.. I’m in 11th grade, CBSE India, and I took up pcmc, physics chemistry maths and computer science.. so, basically we are learning a lot of stuff from beginning.. they are literally teaching things like Boolean algebra, Boolean circuits, logic gates and logic gates designs, and making logic circuitry, addition of binary, binary to hexal, octal and things like that.. for the basics of computer science.. and they just started the chapter called Introduction to problem solving.. basically the pesdocode and algorithms and flowcharts and I love it so far.. next chapter is getting started with python so we’ll be going to computer lab and actually start to code.. and, I love it so far.. i behlive there’s a chapter for flow control and stuff.. so yeah it’s properly organised by the cbse board in India.. the book we are using is, Computer Science with Python by Sumita Arora class 11.. if you wanted to check the book pdf or something..


    @Surya Kamal N DThere is no “best for beginners” programming language. As a beginner, any real programming language can be learned as well as any other (you don’t have any bad habits you need to break yet). It may be preferable to learn a simple one like Go or C, but it really doesn’t matter. Learning a language like JavaScript, Python, or C is painful because of garbage tooling, no static typing (typescript isn’t typing) which means terrible static analysis (see what the problems are before you run), etc. They’re a terrible experience especially with the fractured ecosystem of bad tooling, it’s leaves a bad impression of programming as a whole (a beginner may think everything is like this). Programming in languages like Rust, Go, Zig, and Odin, gives you an LSP and proper official build tools that make development easier. In Rust, you’d see your problems at compile time (and in your LSP) instead of runtime, which is way better. When it compiles it’ll just do what it’s supposed to, no unpredictability due to mistakes the tooling couldn’t catch (C, C++, Python, JavaScript, …).

    There is no best language for beginners, just pick one. But…
    JavaScript and Python are possibly more unpleasant for beginners than other languages because of their fractured ecosystem of tooling and lack of proper static analysis.


Surprised you didn’t mention the vtech spying scandal, personally I’d never want vtech products near my kids.

    The Obsesed Anime Freaks

    I mean… Their goal clearly wasn’t sfw. I would not want any children’s toy with a camera near my child especially without my supervision

    Alattice E

    Was surprised too, the moment I heard the name it reminded me of the data breach and I’m surprised they didn’t find that while researching the video


    @The Obsesed Anime Freaks Yeah true, I’d never give any internet capable camera to my kids, so I suppose I’m not the target market. Just really surprised, especially after they talked about it on WAN show, that it’s not been mentioned here. It could enlighten some unaware parents who may actually consider buying this garbage.

    The Obsesed Anime Freaks

    @HG1 dude I wouldn’t give them a camera all. Even if it’s air gapped. Children are stupid and are often not aware of laws that do exist. Giving your children a camera exposes you and your child to risks that just are not worth it. One of the many flaws in a group of laws that were billed as protecting children, whether that is true or not is not an argument I seek here. The simple fact remains, a child with a camera means the risk of meeting Bubba at folsom, and no future for your child.


    what about their devices that don’t connect ot the internet?


Man this brings back memories, my parents got me a leapster explorer right around when it released, and I played the hell out of cars 2 on it back then. It was honestly a really good kids game console

    F&B Farming hi

    Cars 2 w game pretty sure I played it on a leapfrog

Linus Tech Tips

Unfortunately, Linus is out of focus for a significant portion of this video- to a degree that this video is below our usual standard of production quality. After weighing our options (and attempting several remedies), we decided to post it as-is. We apologize and are taking steps to mitigate this happening in the future.

Just to clarify, the sound in the background at around ~9:37 is Linus zipping the headphones case!

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Buy Puro Sound Labs BT2200s Volume Limiting Headphones: https://geni.us/JSWAI

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    carlos auditore

    There’s no cámara operator? Or how this could happen?


    Better than potato plus lol


    Thanks for posting, I thought it was just me. Did you try an AI Upscaler like waifu2x?

    Nicklas Damsgaard

    Linus say “kids, do not touch the lens!”… Adults say “Linus, do not touch the lens!”

    Juan Jozami

    Maybe he will be more focused now that he’s transcending to Chief Vision Officer.


I imagine Linus is drawn to kids tech toys since they’re literally designed to be dropped.

    Dennis Hall


    Jackson Fernandes

    Linus back to his toy review origins


    Well fffff…iretruck. Completely blanked on those toy NCIX reviews back in the day.


    It gets the kids accustomed to mobile devices, social media, MTX games, and in-home surveillance. Plus points for being durable


I must say I admire the camera operator’s commitment to keeping those plants in focus. Well Done!

    Mihkel Kukk

    out of focus Linus is what I subscribed for in 2014


    The more funny part about this is the editors commitment to not saying anything to anyone while editing the video lol


    They are very photogenic plants.

    Рябчук Андрей

    for my farsightedness looks normal 🙂


I like how daring with the Bokeh they went with this video. Innovative, inspiring and really shows that the focus should be on the plants in the background and not the talking head. MKBHD should be taking notes.


    Linus was drop testing the toys and dropped the camera. He’s just that dedicated to testing he drops everything…. Like this segway… To our sponsor.

    Akame Murasame

    DIdn’t even notice till you pointed it out. Good eye man


    @ts757arse it’s segue, not segway.


    Yeah the focus in this video was bananas


    Bokeh does not mean what you think it mean tho

Daniel Eu

you’d also want to be very careful with the brand vtech , they were the ones that failed to disclose their collection of childrens incl videos and photos and even passwords. and they also failed to encrypt the data properly. I’d stay away


    I am sure he will be careful to get paid. Nothing to worry about


Wasn’t Vtech the company that had 6.4 million kid’s data leaked, including photos that weren’t supposed to be in Vtech’s hands in the first place?


    Yes. They are that company.

    Max Dutiel

    VTech also makes crappy home phones as well. I’m not surprised.

    Austin Brown

    They make VoIP equipment as well, under the Vtech name and other names too.


    They seem trustworthy

    Officer. Pedro Álvarez

    ​@xbrunalmost every american companies seem trustworthy

Fuji Lives

I wouldn’t mind seeing more stem-based toys / robotics, between this and the robot vid, been a fun day!


    yes, this please!


The camera man’s dedication on keeping the curtains is focus is to be lauded.


Surprised it wasn’t mentioned but I guess it’s better in the comments than not at all, but just a note to anyone who might be thinking about getting anything made by the company VTECH for their kids — you should be aware that this company has had numerous VERY concerning incidents in the past with regards to user safety/security/data protection. To summarize, they were caught collecting a TON of information on all of the children who were using their devices…I’m talking photos which were taken without the knowledge of the children using the cameras on the device, audio recordings, etc. It was a huge scandal, and to make it worse they had all of this information out on a web-connected database which was not even secured with https or a password (!)


    The really scary thing is that they don’t even need to do anything with that data right now. In 20-30 years, when those kids are adults, it’s going to be incredibly valuable to have data from a person’s formative developmental years, ESPECIALLY when that data focuses on the things that the person learned through. Ad targeting is already crazy specific, imagine what it’ll be like for your kids when those companies have algorithms that have been developed for another few decades and fed all the information to know exactly how your child makes choices and how to influence them

    Loremaster Yn’Taris

    Yeah, that’s pretty spooky stuff. Definitely never touching them.


    The guy who hacked VTECH also dit some stuff for the North Korean government in the form of Red Star OS, I think…


    I think this comment needs more visibility and should be pinned. The fact that this is not mentioned in the video is actually a bigger issue to me than out of focus linus because i konda expected ltt to include something like that. Anyway, thanks @dieselbaby help viewers to be aware of those risks.

    Nathan Savage

    ​@LavaLaugh he didn’t help develop it, he leaked it. He also leaked a bunch of Nintendo source code.


This video brings me back. The gs was my parents “we have a ds at home” device and I played the hell out of it. Thanks Linus for the nostalgia and keep up the great work.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Linus is naturally attracted to tech toys because they are designed to break after the first 2 minutes of use

    iDog Hacker

    The only (currently) easy to hack LeapFrog device that breaks that fast is the Didj. You can pretty much brick one by just using it normally. The rest usually only break because they get used by children or because of battery corrosion.


    @iDog Hacker Isnt the point of these to be used by kids?
    Wouldnt you expect them to be designed for that?

    iDog Hacker

    @Vulkandrache Yeah, but most devices tend to break regardless of that because kids can find a way to break anything.


    Expecially these ones which are durable so they collect info on your kids for a long time


This is awesome. As a Dad with soon to be three kids in the house, I’m always in search of this kind of thing for them to explore! Thanks, LTT team! 💜


    I wouldn’t. Vtech have had numerous issues with customer data security in the past.


    Sorry, I suppose what I meant is, looking for the good stuff but it’s nice to have someone do the leg work, to let us know what’s crap 😅


I hope Linus feels better soon so he can return to focus on his work.

    Pate Ardealul

    His struggle to focus was really showing in this video


    His head is still fuzzy so it might be a bit


After we have seen how VTech handles security, No one should allow that trash in their home.


    They spend more on marketing apparently


I love how they made Linus out of focus to simulate a developing toddlers vision to increase viewers immersion.

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