“I’m not scared of making a wrong call,” GaryVee on how he makes tough decisions. #shorts

How GaryVee makes decisions.

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C3PH45 N30

Yea, i don’t trust any goofy mf that makes nfts 😂

Ho Young Won

How did you get through this whole interview Nilay

Saul Goodman

Gary looks 20 years older then he is.

VI Viper

Yikes 😬

Adam McGuinness

What about when he cheated on his wife


He’s talking a lot, but he’s not saying anything

Austin E

Less of this please

The Verge

You can watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK3nR77RBsU

Kian M

I’m not gonna allocate the attention to this necessary to judge if you interviewed him for shits and giggles or seriously but for your brain matter’s sake I hope it’s the former


Said a whole lot of nothing


who is garyvee?


How can you talk so much without saying anything.. oh yeah.. LinkedIn gurus in action.

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