SCP: Observer

A mix between SCP Containment Breach, I’m on Observation Duty, and even Five Nights at Freddy’s!

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Tommy Angelo

Markiplier out here saving the SCP community.


    I see you everywhere

    Joshua W56

    Mark is right about SCP having movie potential.

    Walter. E. Dodds

    LMAO!! Like it even need to be saved lol





Mors Custos

i love how the first night in this game reflects exactly what happened in fnaf 1 for mark

    Lapis Lazuli

    And Mark referenced how he was so excited for beating the first night then being surprised that there is more 😄



    F#CК MЕ! ТАP 0N MY Р1С



    I laughed at this before I even saw the clip


Watching mark play more scp is a blessing



    Fatima Pavon


    Unmustache Æ

    SCP epic moment

    Your Freindly Neighborhood Web Warriors



    Your name is really sus

Mr. AR

I really like how this game begins right when SCP: Containment breach happens, you can even see the D Class we play as run away as the camera feed to 173 shuts down


    I have a theory that the guy we play is literally the main reason why even a tech and security in containtment breach is trouble fór our D Class character. Its funny how it just add a character and human reasons to a mechanics that were supposed to just prolong player progress

𝗿𝘦 𝐝

Mark’s lovely singing made this even better.


mark entirely missing the right side door camera for the whole playthrough is the best part of this.


I like that the PTSD of the original 20×4 FNAF mode has engrained Freddy’s song into Mark so that even all these years later he remembers almost the whole thing

    AlphaDawg KIFan

    Having it sung to him in a musical probably helped, too lol


    I mean, its also a well known piece of classical music.


    @Thacobelli had never heard of it before fnaf lol

    erica iturbe

    Time stamp please and thank you


    @spoonThe specific part that freddy plays isn’t as well known as other parts of the song


I love how at the beginning you get to see the containment breach from another angle, and you get to see the character who is the protagonist of SCP Containment Breach just book it out of there from the perspective of the camera after 173 kills the other D classes

JC Customs

the fact that Mark keeps the same old outro song brings joy to my ears. Haunted by Shirk is such a banger.


    I was surprised how long this one stuck out!
    I remember when it was the compilation of his screams, then that polka sounding one.

    I mean there were a bunch but I always liked this one especially.

    Prince Polestar

    @lilthreeGamehe still uses crazy la paint! Haunted is for his horror games, which he just happens to be doing a lot of recently.

Owen Dusharm

i love how scp-173 cutscene is exactly the start of containment breach. you can even see one of the prisoners running away like it was your character

Nikol Zont

This isnt related to the video but..Thank you Mark. So much. I was having such a bad day and almost had a mental breakdown then I saw you posted and just hearing your voice made my day…thank you for all you do and never stop being your wonderful yourself <3

Hannah’s Mustangs

Just to let other watchers know, no jumpscares! At the very end one of the things run up to him but it wasnt a jumpscare. Hope thats helps someone!


    thank you! 🙂


    i hope you aren’t screwing with us 😭 but thanks anyways ❤


    @shammy don’t worry, there really are no jumpscares 🙂

    Propane Madders


Megan Ryan

Marks content has been SUPER nostalgic lately and I am living for it. Teenage me is thrilled. Truly though, It’s so comforting. Thanks, Mark

Mann of Dober

“It’s SCP FNAF, why has nobody done this already?”

*Nervously glances at SCP Endurance*


    Yeah, we need to make him play it! Eleven will be happy.


    Ah yes, a game that everyone knows…




    Bruh. SCP Endurance is another master piece like the SCP Secret Laboratory


    @IScrampad I mean, consider 1 mil views on astralspiff’s video

Ellanannette Vega

One of my favorite Markiplier things is when he says “that’s probably fine” when it’s clearly not fine 😂


I like why Markiplier always turns up the graphics to show off how good of a pc he has


This is such an amazing combo of FNAF-esque gameplay and SCP theme.

The Goblin

The fact that Mark timed the Freddy song perfectly as the “You survived” screen came on is proof that FNAF still runs in his blood

    nananana lisin

    fnaf will never not-run in his blood br o trust me


    well, after all, he is the KING ofFIvEnighTAtfrEddY’S !

Mark Davis

Mark playing anything SCP is just comfort food for me

Victoria Sullivant

Mark is playing SCP again. All is right with the world.
And, oh my God. It’s just Containment Breach. I’m so happy. I want more, please.

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