Why Apple Is Pushing Widgets Everywhere

Apple gives widgets a boost in the latest software for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. As CNET’s Bridget Carey learns to live with widgets, she gets some helpful perspective from mobile expert Lisa Eadicicco.

Read Lisa’s article here:

0:00 Apple Wants You To Want Widgets
0:24 Widgets Aren’t New Inventions
1:28 Apple Brings Widgets to iPads, Macs and Apple Watches
2:15 Changes to Widgets for iPhones
2:58 Bridget Fidgets with Widgets
4:27 Why Widgets? Why Now?
7:55 Will Bridget Learn to Love Widgets?

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I’m not crazy about widgets either, the only widget I use on my iPhone is the weather widget. I also have the S23U and I even have only one page of like two widgets

Luis Enrique Vlog

I have a Samsung S22 and an iPhone 13 (for work) and i love them both but the one thing that still has me loving android more is WIDGETS. Apple widgets are not useful at all. They are frustrating. They need to step up!

David Rosa

Widgets were a Is cool thing before Before voice assistance Now if you wanna check any or all of the things that widgets do? You can just ask your phone ask your watch Literally You can just ask your computer.

    Anomalous_ Explorer

    That’s more effort than just opening the Lock Screen

Halilintar itang

I think widget prepare for iphone flip on second screen 😅


umm, battery, weather, analog clock and calendar!! I think I save a few taps with these widgets. Hi Bridget! Like your vibe!


I have an iPod 8, Note 20, and Tab S7+ with Weather on home screen, and that’s it. I’m not so lazy as to avoid two extra taps to see headlines amiss of context.


Widgets are the best, you would appreciate them if Apple fixed how awful customising your Home Screen experience is.

Brobi V2

I farted

Promote Plus

You maybe made more videos i think everyone ❤️ love you, great video I’m a fan of you

Ann Fields

You’re a TECH REVIEWER!!!! What is wrong with you ??? « Hey, im a tech reviewer ! I don’t really care about using my products fully, nah! » whaaaaat! F your narrative!

Promote Plus

I’m not widgets 😅 I’m dead 😵

Ahmad Eido

The battery status widget is my favorite

    Eric Schwartz

    For me on my ninth GEN iPad and my 13 Pro Max, I use a couple of widgets: calendar widget, battery widget, Weather widget Sling TV widget Apple News widget for various topics I’m interested in, etc. Now, these are mixed between my lock screen widgets and my widget bar on my home screen but you get the idea.

    Harsha D

    That’s the only apple widget clone I use on my Windws 11 running on Intel 6th gen processor 😂😅

Rich V

Widgets are the dumbest thing ever inflicted on computers and iPhones. They are nothing more than a waste of storage space, which is at a premium these days.

Ariel Enriquez

Apple users, welcome to 2009

Andrés González

Apple wants the Windows 8 look that everyone loved.

Ashwini Kumar

In case of android widgets are interactive hence they are useful but in iOS they aren’t hence almost completely useless.


    They are able to be interacted with in ios17

Edward Hudgins

I wish CNET would do a video on how it’s impossible to create ad-free YouTube videos, which keep people like me from putting serious videos from our organizations on YouTube. Better to have a limited audience than have a video on the suffering caused by Alzheimer’s interrupted by someone screaming about a new dolphin-free floor wax that makes a great dessert topping. I can’t even PAY Youtube not to put ads in videos.


Widgets would be much more helpful on iPhone especially the iPhone Max models, if theres an option to scale the home screen a bit more cramped to fit a wide next to a small widget. So my home screen could show more information on larger screen phones.

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