Locked in Sewer: THE UPDATE

Everyone's favorite free-roam Five Nights at Freddy's fan game is BACK with the most incredible and comprehensive update you've ever known!
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prod. iconism

markiplier never fails to be alive


    He will… one day… and he’ll want it

    Fantasy Battles


    tada doterson



    Factual information

    EVERY one sub me I sub you

    Tanks for 800 sub❤❤🎉


The fact the developers actually listened to Mark’s criticism about the game before and gave it an update that completely turned it to an actual playable fnaf fan game

    Democracy Means DC Statehood

    -Adam Serwer
    “Multiracial democracy is hard and messy and sometimes rude, but it is preferable to the alternatives”
    “La democracia multirracial es dura y desordenada y a veces grosera, pero es preferible a las alternativas”


    Don’t traslate😠
    ในเวลาไม่กี่ชั่วโมง หัวใจของคุณจะเริ่มหยุดเต้น วิธีเดียวที่จะป้องกันไม่ให้สิ่งนี้คือสมัครรับข้อมูลจากช่องของฉัน

    tada doterson

    Love the bots.

    Mtn Dew

    @tada doterson mtndew…

    Concept 🏳️‍⚧️

    ​@Democracy Means DC StatehoodLook I support Washington DC getting updates in terms of representations but what on Earth does that have to do with Markiplier playing a FNAF fangame?


The fact that mark didnt remember the freeze foxy and freeze bonnie buttons is completely hilarious

    A Drifting Link

    Ah, i was looking to see if someone said something about it. Thanks.

    Blue Bull Buffalo

    You mean in the last video aswell?


    @Blue Bull Buffalo i don’t believe it was in the previous update, i remember not being able to freeze them

    Mbita Chizi

    Mark inspires me.. My parents said if I get 15k followers They’d buy me a better camera for recording..begging u guys, literally begging….


    ​@Mbita Chizino.

Cole Kiesler

FNAF: The horror game of your nightmares

Markiplier: The horror game that actually happens for real.

    Mbita Chizi

    Mark inspires me.. My parents said if I get 15k followers They’d buy me a better camera for recording..begging u guys, literally begging….

    Butter Booty

    @Mbita Chiziyou should probably say this in the comments and not the replies so people could see this

    Internet Scourge

    @Butter Booty true but people probably won’t subscribe anyway lol

    Ari A

    @Internet Scourgeik i wouldnt

    Butter Booty

    @Internet Scourge ahh well


Mark mentioning a team that doesn’t exist felt like a direct mention to the whole Kane Carter situation from a couple weeks ago lmao

    Dan Tabor

    Because it is LMAO


    And the last bit in the video too about “playing games for fun” I feel like was also directed towards that situation (even though Mark said it wasn’t targeted towards anybody, it was DEFINITELY targeted towards that guy lmao, it was a little specific not to be 😂)


    The dramatics of the intro too, I think a lot of this video was made from spite LOL

    Darkrunn Doomsday

    Just looked up Kane Carter and I see he is a FNAF fangame dev, what exactly was the drama though?


    @Darkrunn Doomsday basically mentioned mark putting down locked in sewer as ‘a nothing game’ and wailing that his game is so much better and begging mark to play his instead


Him constantly acting like he just started the video after immediately dying and Lixian leaving it all in is absolutely amazing and hilarious.


    That had me in tears


    The best thing is that the more he retry, the more he detail and the more he gets mad


    He immediately died? I didn’t see that part 🤷🏾


    he got it first try? what you mean?

    Elijah Watjen

    Most talented gamer


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate lixian and all his hard work


gotta love lixian for putting dramatic effects on each and every time whenever mark replaying the intro and nearly going insane 😂

    spiad manton

    Nah that was his first try

    Stealthy Dude



Marks absolute refusal to accept defeat, and his continual restarting of the video, is just a testament to his sheer will power and absolute markiplierness

    William Asston

    it’s the years and years of hard practice–harder than anyone else ever


    I mean, most gamers don’t give up cuz they lose once lol

    Charles Calvin

    Accept defeat? But he got it first try?


    @Charles Calvin yea!

Helio GT

always love it when lixian shows up. makes the already incredible editing a bit sweeter

Just a Person Who Comments

Watching Markiplier play this game is like witnessing a comedy of errors in a sewer. The only thing scarier than the animatronics is Mark’s hilarious commentary

Azrira Threesixty

Its been long enough since the last time a FNaF game or a game in general scared Mark’s headphones off, makes me smile.

♠ Encore ♣

Mark’s eyes going haywire after jumpscares will never get old 💀

    Akuma 🏳️‍🌈 ⃠



Mark sounds so drunk when he goes “How did my hair get like that”.
He never fails to make me laugh


Mark is the undisputed king of running a joke into the ground, and it never actually gets old.


    it does

    Awkward Ukulele

    @DragoNate nah 🥸

    Meme Fries

    I got pretty sick of the joke not gonna lie

    Jade Mccracken

    Ya it kind of does


    What joke ?

Raven Cruz

I think if every time someone gets cranky that Mark isn’t playing THEIR game, that he should just play this one again no matter what instead

Tyler Novak

So glad that Markiplier’s team has recommended him these high quality fan games.


    Man truly has the best team anyone could ask for

Arris The Round

Markiplier turning around and continuing to play Locked in Sewer after that FNAF+ thing is so, so perfect. Man is uncompromising.

    Rosebuds Storage_

    I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERED THAT- I couldn’t help but think the whole “at markiplier HQ where I have a team of hundreds.” Was poking fun at it lol


    @Rosebuds Storage_ came to the comment section to comment this lmao

    Lilly Sanchez

    I don’t get it. What is the “fnaf+ thing” about

⭕ SHDComDavid B.

Finally after all the begging, crying, screaming and falling deep into despair. Markiplier is finally playing Locked in Sewer!


Gotta love Mark for being so committed to one bit for an entire video. What a guy.


    Lixian: _😢_

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