This Bike Lock has a Built-In Alarm #shorts

The Alarmbox 2.0 from ABUS has a motion sensor built inside the bike lock. #bike #bikelover #bikelife

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Amélie Poitras


John Salazar

I bet $20 that the lock picking lawyer could open it in 15 seconds.

    Justin Eaddy

    Gimme 3 seconds and a ball peen hammer


The lock is meh but that alarm is the deterrent.

Justin Eaddy

Where you parkin that nice bike lol

Joey G

The lock seems like it can just be cut off.


There just gonna clip the alarm off and ride off with the bike lol


I use the ABUS Bordo 6000 which is the folding lock with an alarm. It’s great but can be cumbersome to lock up. How securely-attached is this to the bike?


They steal them in the middle of the day on the street with everyone watching, I doubt an alarm will deter them much.


    yes black people are fearless


LPL can unlock that in seconds and not trigger the alarm. According to what I seen of the key, it might be able to be wave raked open just as fast as having the key. Since it thinks you are using the key, the alarm never goes off. 😂😂😂

    Aefzhe Valai

    Not everyone is LPL.


As soon a cat or dog or any animal decide to touch the box and you have a headache for everyone around for no reason


That ring and the box mountig looks like a weak point.


just cut the box off 😂😂


good way to wake the dogs in the neighborhood


I doubt a “really really loud” alarm will save your bike from thieves. It’s just a waste of money. Just save your money by not leaving your bike in a public place.


Most people don’t care if they hear an alarm not my property not my problem. Also I wanna see the lock picking lawyer open that in a second lol


    LPL open that lock by looking at it, in a second.


They really need to contact the lock picking lawyer or maybe get Bosnian Bill out of retirement

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